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Active membersEdit

Please feel free to add your name to this list if you would like to join the project; you are also encouraged to participate in any of our task forces that might interest you. There is also a separate list of inactive members that includes those contributors who have not edited for at least 365 days. If you have returned after a long absence and can't find your name below, it may have been moved there; please feel free to move it back.

  1. User talk:*Treker (Ranks, branches, media portrayals)
  2. User talk:.marc. (Ancient history, antiquity, wars & battles)
  3. User talk:20DKB03 (World History; European History; Medieval European History)
  4. User talk:23 editor (the Balkans in WWI and WW2, Yugoslav Wars)
  5. User talk:2Q (Soviet, Hungarian and ex-Yugoslavian air forces, Russian/Soviet aircraft and air-launched ordnance, and related.)
  6. User talk:3family6 (Anything, really, but particularly medieval and classical era)
  7. User talk:47thPennVols (U.S. Civil War, WWII, and Pennsylvania history)
  8. User talk:489thCorsica (WWII Aviation History)
  9. User talk:82redleg (Most US Army unit lineage and history)
  10. User talk:A 10 fireplane Mostly US battleships/destroyers/aircraft carriers
  11. User talk:AP1787 (20th Century American)
  12. User talk:Abattoir666 (Ancient and Medieval, some Renaissance and Pike and Shotte, plenty of Modern Age, others)
  13. User talk:Aberjack2 (Early modern, Scottish military history, naval history, privateering, Dutch military history, Thirty Years War)
  14. User talk:Abhisheks 91 (Indian Armed Forces)
  15. User talk:Abraham, B.S. (Mainly work on biographies of Australian and British military personnel, also military orders, decorations, medals and their recipients)
  16. User talk:Acroterion (1870's on, mainly fortifications, ships and Cold War issues)
  17. User talk:Adam Bishop (mostly Crusades, some Byzantine and other medieval stuff)
  18. User talk:Adamdaley (American Civil War, World War II, Cold War)
  19. User talk:Adityavagarwal
  20. User talk:Admrboltz
  21. User talk:Aeengath (French military history, WW I, Balkan history, Napoleonic Wars)
  22. User talk:Aeonx (World War II, US, Pacific and Australian Military Biographies)
  23. User talk:Al Ameer son (Early Muslim military history, Middle Eastern military history)
  24. User talk:Alanlemagne (Jordanian and American military. T.E. Lawrence. WWI and WWII Levantine history)
  25. User talk:Alansplodge (British Army and Royal Navy - 18th to 20th centuries, also anything to do with fortification))
  26. User talk:Alansplodge (Mainly British Napoleonic and World Wars, especially maritime and fortifications)
  27. User talk:Albert777MAX
  28. User talk:Albrecht
  29. User talk:Alcherin
  30. User talk:Aldaron
  31. User talk:Aldux (mainly Africa)
  32. User talk:Alex Shih (Sino-Japanese Wars, Chinese Civil War)
  33. User talk:Alexf (South-American wars of Independence)
  34. User talk:Alsd2 (Headquarters Air Force, tradition and protocol, aerial surveillance)
  35. User talk:Amatheur (Ancient warfare, Caliphate military history, Middle Eastern history, cryptography)
  36. User talk:America69 (Mainly modern day conflicts, WW2)
  37. User talk:AmesJussellR (Landing Craft; Second World War. Mostly RN and USN)
  38. User talk:Amir85 (Persian wars in general and Sassanid wars in particular)
  39. User talk:Anasaitis
  40. User talk:Andber08(Norwegian Army)
  41. User talk:Andonic (Anywhere, any time.)
  42. User talk:Andries (WWII esp. East Front)
  43. User talk:Aneah (US Military history in general, USMC bases, Guantanamo Bay, Modern weaponry, Vietnam, Cold War, Intelligence)
  44. User talk:Anir1uph (India, South Asia, modern weaponry)
  45. User talk:Anonymous Dissident (See my articles on Unterseeboots, please expand them if possible!)
  46. User talk:Anonyymimies
  47. User talk:Anthony Bradbury (Maritime warfare)
  48. User talk:Anthony Staunton (Victoria Cross, George Cross, US Medal of Honor)
  49. User talk:Antidiskriminator (Medieval and modern military history of the Balkans)
  50. User talk:Antonioism (Modern military history, Italian Military History, the Italian Fascist period. Mind you, I like all military history.)
  51. User talk:AntonyZ (Biographies of USMC General officers)
  52. User talk:Anubhab91
  53. User talk:AquilaFasciata (World War I & II, weaponry of the 20th and 21st century, Military Aviation)
  54. User talk:Aramis1250 (Greco-Persian Wars, Spartan military, Macedonian military, US Military History Civil War-present)
  55. User talk:Arius1998
  56. User talk:ArmTheInsane (Dutch military history and European)
  57. User talk:Arman Cagle (US history, Civil War, Virginian Theatre)
  58. User talk:Arnoutf (Mainly Dutch Military history - Middle Ages until World War 2)
  59. User talk:ArsenalAtletico2017 (Contemporary history, World War 2, Military history of Georgia)
  60. User talk:Arthurcurrie (World War 1, World War 2, Contemporary history, Canadian military history)
  61. User talk:Asarelah (Women in war)
  62. User talk:AshLin (About Indian Army in general and Sappers in particular. Also WWII and British Indian Army history)
  63. User talk:Ashashyou (Castles, forts, fortifications of Egypt)
  64. User talk:Asiaticus (working on orbat for battles and military, of the Second Sino-Japanese war)
  65. User talk:Askari Mark (Mainly military aviation, but also WWI German East African campaign)
  66. User talk:Astrosalad (Classifying unclassed articles, and other general cleanup)
  67. User talk:AtTheAbyss (Jack of all wars, master of none from WWI onward. General knowledge of weapons and vehicles in the timeframe as well.)
  68. User talk:AttackHelicopter51 (Roman, American, European, and Military History)
  69. User talk:Attilios (various, but I feel more expert in Condottieri and other Italian stuff)
  70. User talk:AugusteBlanqui (United States military history, World War II, French Revolution and Napoleon)
  71. User talk:Auntieruth55 (war and society, Revolutionary Era, French Revolution, Rhineland)
  72. User talk:AusTerrapin (Australian and British military history)
  73. User talk:AustralianRupert
  74. User talk:Autarch
  75. User talk:Awiseman (American revolution, American civil war, Europe, etc)
  76. User talk:AyodeleA1 (Military units, Military holidays, Military tradition)
  77. User talk:AzfarShams
  78. User talk:Azx2 (WWII; Cold War)
  79. User talk:BLyda97112
  80. User talk:Bedford (American Revolution thru War Between The States)
  81. User talk:Bellhalla (WW I and WW II maritime)
  82. User talk:Benhpark (Focus on F-22, F-35 and other contemporary USAF aircraft)
  83. User talk:Benlisquare (Chinese military history, modern military history)
  84. User talk:Berean Hunter (longtime Milhist project stalker, interested in all military history but enjoy American Civil War history the best)
  85. User talk:Biblioworm (Mainly interested in medieval history and the European front of WWII, but I take a general interest in most areas.)
  86. User talk:Bigdaddy1204 (Medieval and Byzantine history, Byzantine Emperors)
  87. User talk:Bigroger27509 (American History, US Navy History)
  88. User talk:Bilhartz (Armored-mililtary vehicles, armor/tank units, World War II, esp. Europe, translations to/from English, German, French, others)
  89. User talk:Binksternet (World War II)
  90. User talk:Biruitorul
  91. User talk:BlackEagle17 (WWI, and WWII, and general history)
  92. User talk:Bless sins (primarily critical battles in which Muslims participated, including Ghazwahs)
  93. User talk:Blorper234
  94. User talk:Bluelake (Korean military history)
  95. User talk:Blyndblitz (roman stuff)
  96. User talk:Bobrayner (Balkan history, and the Ottomans; more recently, humanitarian interventions and military procurement)
  97. User talk:Boneyard90 (various topics in American military history; Japanese military history)
  98. User talk:BoonDock (Mainly South Africa related)
  99. User talk:Borgarde
  100. User talk:Boris Barowski (Infantry weapons and ammunition. Also interested in aviation. Mostly the technical aspects though)
  101. User talk:Brendandh (Conflicts of the peoples of the British Isles from year zero to 1745)
  102. User talk:Brian0918 (American Civil War: Battleboxes, Categories, etc.)
  103. User talk:Brigade Piron (Korean War and Belgium)
  104. User talk:British (Medieval warfare)
  105. User talk:Broichmore (American Civil, War, English Civil War, Shipping, British Bengal Army, General topics)#
  106. User talk:Brucelipe
  107. User talk:Btphelps (U.S. 32nd Division which fought in Papua New Guinea and the Phillipines, and the Hungarian Second Army.)
  108. User talk:Buckshot06 (Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, British Army, other modern forces)
  109. User talk:Buffs Aviation-related matters; Feel free to ask me anything about the B-52 and/or T-43
  110. User talk:Buggie111 (European engagements after Rome and before the Renaissance. Ottomans. Modern Era (1700-2009) wars. Basically anything.)
  111. User talk:Buistr (Byzantine, 18th, 19th & early 20th century armies, colonial warfare, military uniforms)
  112. User talk:Bullmoosebell (United States military history, Medal of Honor (United States), Iraq War, War on Terrorism, Infantry, Medic, individual military units, military vehicles, War films)
  113. User talk:Bullseye30 most Military and Naval history and the people connected.
  114. User talk:Bunnyman78 (Royal Navy/Royal Marines and generic British military history, modern.)
  115. User talk:Buster40004 (World War II Naval and Aviation related history)
  116. User talk:BusterD ACW, 19th century military biography
  117. User talk:Bwcajp (Wars of the French Revolution, other 18th Century conflicts)
  118. User talk:Bzuk (Canadian aviation history, other subjects related to aviation and aviators)
  119. User talk:CAPTAIN RAJU (Italian Military, British Military)
  120. User talk:CPA-5 (any conflict in the 19th, 20th and 21th Centuries)
  121. User talk:CSvBibra (Fortifications)
  122. User talk:CWH Chinese military history
  123. User talk:Calendar5 (American Civil War, World War II, Armored Vehicle Design.)
  124. User talk:Calidum American/European
  125. User talk:Callanecc
  126. User talk:CanAerospace99 (Well versed in Military history, specifically that of the Canadian Armed Forces - also have extensive engineering knowledge of aircraft and ships)
  127. User talk:Canglesea (Military Aviation)
  128. User talk:Canute (American Revolutionary War)
  129. User talk:Capitalismojo
  130. User talk:CaptainFugu (Romanian history, 20th century wars, especially the World Wars)
  131. User talk:Caracal Rooikat (South African Border War) (Breton War of Succession)
  132. User talk:Caranorn (from the Greek City States to the 1950's (AD))
  133. User talk:Carcharoth (Currently WW1, but also other periods of history as well)
  134. User talk:Carlo71201
  135. User talk:Carlofantom (Military memoirs of WWI and WW2)
  136. User talk:Carlstak (Military and Naval history, ancient and modern)
  137. User talk:Carom (WWI Western front, post WWI Britain, British Naval History, War Memorials)
  138. User talk:Carptrash (Has a history degree in a trunk, somewhere, that's older than most of the New Mexico history that he studies)|
  139. User talk:Castles99uk (Medieval Military Historian, M.Phil and author specialising in Britain 1000-1300)
  140. User talk:Catalan (I have an interest in all military history; current project is the Second Battle of Kharkov.)
  141. User talk:Catlemur
  142. User talk:Catmando999
  143. User talk:Catrìona (mainly WWII, especially the Holocaust and aviation)
  144. User talk:Catsmeat (Airships and flying boats; age-of-sail Royal Navy; United Kingdom in the World Wars with a focus on oddball technologies developed during wartime).
  145. User talk:Cavalryman V31 (Including but not limited to AFVs, artillery, military aircraft, military history, small arms & naval ships)
  146. User talk:Cdjp1
  147. User talk:Cdtew (I have an interest in the wars and quasi-wars of Colonial North America and the American Revolutionary War)
  148. User talk:Cefaro (Military biography, military intelligence)
  149. User talk:Cerdic (Interested primarily in the development of arms and armour from early antiquity to the medieval period, currently seeking to increase my knowledge of castles and siege weapons.)
  150. User talk:Cerebellum (Korean military history)
  151. User talk:Chad.hutchins (Military Meteorology)
  152. User talk:Chaosdruid
  153. User talk:Charlie Landships (World War 1, artillery, armour)
  154. User talk:Charliebsu (Kosovo War, aviation)
  155. User talk:Chetsford
  156. User talk:Choy4311 (World War 2, wars and battles involving Philippines, Korean War, etc.)
  157. User talk:Chris.w.braun (Russo-Japanese War, Imperial Japanese Army – incl. units, weapons and persons)
  158. User talk:Chrislk02 (American Civil War)
  159. User talk:Christian Ankerstjerne (World War II armour)
  160. User talk:Cjgauthier (Crusades, Byzantine, Medieval warfare generally)
  161. User talk:ClarkSui (Medieval Spanish History, Roman History, Everything)
  162. User talk:Cleveland Todd (US Civil War, World War II, US Naval history)
  163. User talk:Clikity (Give me anything.)
  164. User talk:Clinkerbuilt (Roman warfare, America Revolution, Military Science, post-1980 conflicts, Terrorism, COIN, logistics, post-WW2 weapons, vehicles and tactics)
  165. User talk:Cloptonson (friendly fire incidents, last surviving veterans, World Wars, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, British regiments etc. Also add military service details to biographies.)
  166. User talk:CluelessEditoroverhere (Whatever.)
  167. User talk:Cocytus (Medieval, specifically Vikings, the Crusades, and the British Isles)
  168. User talk:Codrinb (Ancient military history in Dacia and surroundings; Medieval and modern military history of Romania)
  169. User talk:Comnavchaos (Electronic Warfare related US aircraft)
  170. User talk:Compassionate727
  171. User talk:Connormah (Images, American Air Force/Army/Navy/Coast Guard personnel)
  172. User talk:Cplakidas (Byzantine, modern Greek history, World War
  173. User talk:Cricketts19(Ancient Chinese history, Three Kingdoms, Warring states, Chu-Han contention etc)
  174. User talk:Crisco 1492 (Indonesian military articles, as they catch my fancy)
  175. User talk:CsikosLo (American Civil War)
  176. User talk:CsikosLo (US, CSA, German, Byzantine, medieval military history)
  177. User talk:Ctatkinson (African military history, World War II)
  178. User talk:Cthomas3 (WWI, WWII especially, but enjoy researching all)
  179. User talk:Cullub (Civil Air Patrol (USAF Aux.))
  180. User talk:Cuprum17 (Vietnam War. U. S. Coast Guard history)
  181. User talk:Cvalin (American Revolution, Royal Navy and naval warfare during the Age of Sail)
  182. User talk:Cyclopaedic (WW2, medieval English warfare, artillery, warplanes, tactics, behaviour of men under fire, dabbling)
  183. User talk:D2306
  184. User talk:DENAMAX
  185. User talk:DENAMAX Maxim Stoyalov (WWI, WWII, Europe)
  186. User talk:DJ Clayworth (mostly WWII)
  187. User talk:DPdH (Tech Preferences: Air warfare, Armoured warfare, Artillery, Infantry weapons, Naval warfare, Missiles. Historical Periods most interested: WW2, Cold War, Falklands/Malvinas war, current. I consider myself at an "educated enthusiast" level, please note I'm not a historian/scholar nor a military doctrine/technology professional/expert.)
  188. User talk:DagosNavy (South American military history)
  189. User talk:Dahn (moderately active on this project; Romanian military history, mainly World War I)
  190. User talk:Dainomite (Crusades, Medieval warfare, Modern warfare, Special Operations, U.S. Military, Awards and Decorations and more, just ask)
  191. User talk:Damon.cluck(Arkansas National Guard)
  192. User talk:Dan D. Ric (Aviation; U.S. Civil War; Vietnam War)
  193. User talk:DanieB52 (Military Aircraft, vehicles, weapons, Second World War, South African Military History)
  194. User talk:Dank (Ships, North Carolina history, WWII, Airborne and Special Ops ... and a little bit of everything)
  195. User talk:Dapi89 ( Second World War - Luftwaffe - Organisation, Aces Equipment)
  196. User talk:Darkstar949 (United States Air Force, US awards and decorations, US military badges)
  197. User talk:Darthkenobi0 (various things as my whims take me)
  198. User talk:Dashiellx (I personally like to follow the trends within history and have a soft spot for the Coincidence Factor)
  199. User talk:Dave1185 (Republic of Singapore Air Force, random interest of related pages.)
  200. User talk:David Biddulph (Royal Navy and British forces)
  201. User talk:David O. Johnson (Syrian Civil War)
  202. User talk:David Underdown (using resources such as the London Gazette and ODNB to improve referencing, this tends to limit my participation to British/Commonwealth individuals)
  203. User talk:David.cormier (Medieval, Colonial New World, US, Modern Europe)
  204. User talk:Daysleeper47 (emphasis on American Civil War and modern United States Navy)
  205. User talk:Dead Mary (WWI, WWII, Europe)
  206. User talk:Deathlibrarian (Mainly writing articles on Australian Military History, which in some cases still needs attention in Wikipedia. Also have interests in Living History, particularly 1420 - 1510 and The War of 1812)
  207. User talk:Dellant Obscure military history and campaigns, ordnance, personal weapons, small arms, and aircraft
  208. User talk:DemonicInfluence (Medieval stuff)
  209. User talk:Desertpilot (Aviation)
  210. User talk:Dhatfield (Military technology, tanks primarily)
  211. User talk:Dhpage (Military Aviation)
  212. User talk:Diannaa (Nazi Germany and World War II)
  213. User talk:Dicklyon (misc. nits, such as grammar and style, plus odd topics)
  214. User talk:DimaY2K
  215. User talk:Dipa1965 (Greek Classic/Roman/Byzantine military history)
  216. User talk:DiplomatTesterMan (Indian military history, memorials in India, JK military history related)
  217. User talk:Divad500 (WWII, Aircraft and tanks in general)
  218. User talk:Djmaschek (Battles of the Napoleonic Wars)
  219. User talk:Dmanrock29 (Order of Battle graphics)
  220. User talk:Dodger67 (Modern African military history and technology, particularly South Africa and neighbouring countries)
  221. User talk:Dogface (mostly Scottish Regiments and US Civil War)
  222. User talk:Don.H.40 (Military medical history, especially 20th century United States Army)
  223. User talk:Doncram (mostly American historic sites)
  224. User talk:Donner60 (mostly US Wars through Korea, especially American Civil War, American Revolution; biographies)
  225. User talk:Dormskirk (Chiefs of the Imperial General Staff, of the General Staff and of the Air Staff; First Sea Lords)
  226. User talk:Dorromikhal (I like everything between the French Revolution and the end of WWII)
  227. User talk:Double Plus Ungood (Royal Canadian Army Cadets - of which I am part of, WWII and military history of the Roman Empire)
  228. User talk:DrStrangelove64 (American Revolution)
  229. User talk:Drieakko (medieval or earlier Swedish-Russian-Finnish)
  230. User talk:Drrcs15 (WWII and American Civil War)
  231. User talk:Dudley Miles (Mainly Anglo-Saxon)
  232. User talk:Dumelow (British and French colonial history)
  233. User talk:Dziban303 (WWII; Naval warfare; Aircraft; Artillery; Armored Vehicles; WW2 video games)
  234. User talk:EH101 (Roman military history and Italian military history and military aviation history)
  235. User talk:ERcheck (US Marine Corps)
  236. User talk:EagerToddler39 (Spain and Latin-American history)
  237. User talk:Ebaben3 (Military weather)
  238. User talk:Eclipsefc (Can research battles major/minor)
  239. User talk:Ed! (US Army Military Formations)
  240. User talk:Eddie891
  241. User talk:EdisonLin27 (WWI, WWII, Aircraft, Naval & European History)
  242. User talk:Editorofthewiki (Concentraing mostly on African & Asian military)
  243. User talk:EdwardFlanagan44 (Europe in the Napoleonic Wars to WW2)
  244. User talk:EfsunAskeri (Turkish military history and weaponary)
  245. User talk:EggOfReason
  246. User talk:Elonka (Medieval warfare)
  247. User talk:Emeraude (Fortifications)
  248. User talk:Emoscopes (British 20th C. naval history and weaponry)
  249. User talk:Emperor Deathsaur (Japanese history)
  250. User talk:EnigmaMcmxc (Mainly the North African Campaign and the fighting in North West Europe, also dabble in the other fronts of World War Two.)
  251. User talk:EninE (WWI, WWII, and the Cold War.)
  252. User talk:Epipelagic (Naval)
  253. User talk:Eplack (Modern US Army Reserve stuff and ROTC.)
  254. User talk:EpsilonEditor Mostly USN & IJN WW2, some knowledge on WW2-era tanks
  255. User talk:EricSerge
  256. User talk:ErikTheBikeMan (Anything I can help out with.)
  257. User talk:Erinhayden (Current and former US Army installations and operations. I'll just try to plug in information where I can.)
  258. User talk:Eupator (Primarily Armenia related articles but also the Eastern Roman Empire)
  259. User talk:Euripides ψ (Ancient, Medieval, early modern and World War II military history of Albania and neighboring countries)
  260. User talk:Eurocopter (European History, European Armies (especially Romanian) and Russian Armed Forces)
  261. User talk:Euryalus (Naval history)
  262. User talk:Ewulp
  263. User talk:EyeTruth (WWII Eastern Front and military history in general)
  264. User talk:F McGady (French and Indian War, American Revolution, American Civil War, First World War, Second World War)
  265. User talk:FLJuJitsu (Fmr Air Force Staff Sargent & Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran)
  266. User talk:FTC Gerry (Old retired Fire Control Technician)
  267. User talk:Factotem (British auxiliary forces, 20th century wars, Roman history, general military history)
  268. User talk:FayssalF (African military history, Baltic states military history, Early Muslim military history, Fortifications, Ottoman military history, Romanian military history, Spanish military history)
  269. User talk:Fdewaele (Napoleonic era)
  270. User talk:Fdsdh1 (Occupation of Jersey, fortifications and British history)
  271. User talk:Fdutil (North American and European military history from the 16th century on with a special interest in phaleristics)
  272. User talk:FiendYT (American World War II History)
  273. User talk:FiendYT {Medal of Honor recipients, American military history}
  274. User talk:Filiep (Spanish Empire, World Wars)
  275. User talk:FitzColinGerald (World War II operations, strategies, and tanks)
  276. User talk:Flaviusvulso Ancient Roman military history.
  277. User talk:FloNight (Broad interests, but main focus is people & sites related to American Civil War & American Civil War)
  278. User talk:FloridaPete (US Military history primarily, secondary focus on ancient/classical era warfare)
  279. User talk:FlyingPanzer German/Finnish/Russian Aircraft, Watercraft, Armored Vehicle Historian
  280. User talk:Fnlayson (US and some International aircraft from ~1960 to present, No newsletters)
  281. User talk:FockeWulf FW 190 ( WW2 aviation and Uboats.)
  282. User talk:Foxsch (World War II)
  283. User talk:FrederickII (Mainly European and American warfare)
  284. User talk:FriyMan (WW2, air vehicles, Cold War)
  285. User talk:Froid
  286. User talk:Funandtrvl (range of interests, from European to S. Pacific & geography)
  287. User talk:FunkyCanute
  288. User talk:FwdObserver (NZ, NWF India, Belgium, North Russia 1918-9, Roman Britain, medals, heraldry)
  289. User talk:G.W. (Wherever it touches on my interests. Currently the Later Roman Empire)
  290. User talk:G._Moore (North Carolina Revolutionary War history)
  291. User talk:GELongstreet (18th-20th century; America and Europe)
  292. User talk:GMan552 (Small arms, primarily WW2 and later)
  293. User talk:Gaarmyvet (Mostly WW II Europe into modern age)
  294. User talk:Gaia Octavia Agrippa
  295. User talk:Gaius Cornelius (Roman military plus British invasion crisis period (1940-1941))
  296. User talk:Ganpati23 (World War I - causes and consequences, World War II causes and build-up)
  297. User talk:Garuda28 (Post World War II, Armed Forces of the world, Air Forces)
  298. User talk:Gavbadger (Royal Air Force, World War II, Cold War, Falklands War)
  299. User talk:Gcal1971 (American Civil War, U.S. Navy)
  300. User talk:GenQuest Medieval World, Early American, Civil War
  301. User talk:GeneralPoxter
  302. User talk:GeneralizationsAreBad (World War II, Korean War)
  303. User talk:Gentgeen (primarily North America, adding battleboxes to anything I find)
  304. User talk:Georgewilliamherbert (Modern military analysis, various historical)
  305. User talk:Geraldk
  306. User talk:GermanJoe (Ancient and Medieval history and warfare, Napoleonic era)
  307. User talk:Gfcan777 (Australian military history)
  308. User talk:Ginsengbomb (Primarily anything related to the Punic Wars or the American Civil War)
  309. User talk:Gligan (Military history of Bulgaria since 7th century)
  310. User talk:Gnangarra (Australian military history)
  311. User talk:Gog the Mild (European and European influenced military history with an emphasis on Britain)
  312. User talk:Goodtiming8871 (USA, China, Russia, South and North Korea military history)
  313. User talk:Gr8opinionater (Generally interested in Anything to do with the Military History of the world but especially interested in World Wars 1 and 2, Conflicts during the Cold war, Conflicts Involving The breakup of Yugoslavia, Wars involving the United Kingdom, and The troubles In Ulster and the fight for independence in Ireland)
  314. User talk:Grahamdubya (World Wars I and II, the Soviet and Russian militaries, American military, modern French military)
  315. User talk:Grant65 (World War II/Australian military history)
  316. User talk:Grayghost01 (American Civil War Southern battles, raids and specialty topics; military History of Virginia)
  317. User talk:Greenshed (Royal Air Force and other air forces)
  318. User talk:GregRog (Austria-Hungary in WWI for now..)
  319. User talk:GreyPage (World War II/Military Technology (civil war to present day))
  320. User talk:Grimhelm (My interests are mostly in ancient and medieval history, and I have already written several articles on those topics; I may also be able to contribute on Vauban fortifications)
  321. User talk:Grko3
  322. User talk:Gsmgm (Cold War, Romans)
  323. User talk:Gwillhickers {Early American naval history covering famous commanders and ships}
  324. User talk:HJ Mitchell (biographies in general, post-WWII British officers in particular)
  325. User talk:HKFlash (Land Combat, General European Military History, Portuguese Armed Forces)
  326. User talk:HLGallon (English Civil War, War of 1812, Revolutionary/Napoleonic Wars, Victorian Era, WW2 South-East Asian theatre)
  327. User talk:Habap (19th & 20th century, plus general editing. Prefers scotch as payment)
  328. User talk:HamOnt (Balkan & Canadian military history)
  329. User talk:Hammer5000 (Russian military)
  330. User talk:Hammon27 (Military heraldry)
  331. User talk:HantsAV (Postwar Royal Navy, UK Auxiliary Forces)
  332. User talk:Harland1 (WWII esp. North Africa)
  333. User talk:Harry Stockwell (19th Century and 20th Century Battles, Operations and Conflicts)
  334. User talk:Hauling_Rags (Currently interested in Victorian Era British conflicts, although my interests migrate the more I learn)
  335. User talk:Hawkeye7 (WWI, WWII, Australian Involvement)
  336. User talk:Hcobb (Seems to be a missing core article on American amphibious doctrine that a bunch of current articles could be referenced from)
  337. User talk:Hello32020 (Middle East conflicts, plan to contribute to American modern military history)
  338. User talk:Hemlock Martinis (Japanese military history)
  339. User talk:HerodotusTheFraud (Britain Colonial Era, WWI, WWII)
  340. User talk:Hirohisat (Fortifications)
  341. User talk:Hispanicultur (Spanish and Portuguese Military History)
  342. User talk:Hobbamock (Connecticut Military History - Adjutant Generals, Notable people, National Guard units, State Armed Forces)
  343. User talk:Hohenloh (Irish regiments, WW1, Anglo-Boer War, German history)
  344. User talk:Hohum (WWII - Modern, primarily AFV's)
  345. User talk:Howicus (Naval, WWII, especially Naval WWII)
  346. User talk:Hudavendigar (Ottoman and Turkish military and history, WWI, Middle East, Caucus and Palestine fronts, Balkan Wars, Crimean War, Cyprus conflicts, WWI and WWII aircraft and aces, Gallipoli and Turkish War of Independence)
  347. User talk:Hugo999 (Boer War, Cryptography WWI/II, New Zealand Wars)
  348. User talk:Hutcher, WWII
  349. User talk:IHeartHistory (Anything 20th century to today worldwide, or 1776 to today for USA)
  350. User talk:IZAK (Military history of Biblical times; the Middle East; Europe; The Holocaust; Southern Africa)
  351. User talk:Ian Pitchford (Generalist, colonialism)
  352. User talk:Ian Rose (Australian military history)
  353. User talk:Ias2008
  354. User talk:Iazyges Maritime, mostly 20th century ships.
  355. User talk:Icewhiz (Modern conflicts, equipment, and an assortment of touches to other topics)
  356. User talk:Ifrit (World War II European Theater, Norwegian World War II occupation resistance, Norwegian military history)
  357. User talk:Inbody (American Revolution, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, Cold War conflicts, U. S. Navy, Amphibious Operations)
  358. User talk:Incognito1980 (Bangladesh Army)
  359. User talk:Indonesia124 (World War II in Indonesia)
  360. User talk:Inkbug (Middle-east, tagging and assessment)
  361. User talk:Innotata
  362. User talk:Irondome (Generalist, WW2, AFV's, air and naval subjects, radar, anything that piques my attention)
  363. User talk:IvoShandor (Black Hawk War (1832))
  364. User talk:J Costello (Canadian mil history, Signal Corps history)
  365. User talk:JKBrooks85 (Focusing on Wikiproject College Football now)
  366. User talk:JMOprof (U.S. submarine campaign against the Japanese Empire)
  367. User talk:JWilliamCupp (Cold War (I'm a U.S. Naval Officer who retired in 1997), also interest in WWII period)
  368. User talk:Jack1956 (Victorian military campaigns)
  369. User talk:Jack90s15 (pre 1939 World War II and post 1945)
  370. User talk:JackTheBestBoss (World War II, Cold War, and vehicles and weapons of war, I focus primarily on things American)
  371. User talk:Jackfork
  372. User talk:Jackyd101 (British military history, particularly naval)
  373. User talk:Jafnharr
  374. User talk:Jak474 (Fighters and bombers, SAC and TAC aircraft)
  375. User talk:JanderVK (Antiquity military history, War films)
  376. User talk:Janet1983
  377. User talk:Janweh64 (African military history, biographies)
  378. User talk:Javert2113
  379. User talk:Jay Starz (Mostly World War I and II, and Civil War, and Several Revolutions)
  380. User talk:Jbaer50 (WW2, WW1, American history, European history, imperialism)
  381. User talk:Jcforge (Historical editing and tweaking across a broad range)
  382. User talk:Jcm261 (Australian military history, Royal Australian Air Force, New Zealand military history, WW2 in the Pacific)
  383. User talk:JeBonSer (Europa!)
  384. User talk:Jebcubed (American Armor, post-Cold War in particular)
  385. User talk:Jehorn
  386. User talk:Jemr69 (Military aviation)
  387. User talk:Jezarnold (British Army - especially the Royal Artillery)
  388. User talk:Jfromstate
  389. User talk:Jimfbleak
  390. User talk:Jin Panganiban (Philippine Military History)
  391. User talk:Jionunez (WWII & GWOT)
  392. User talk:Jll (World War One, Maritime warfare)
  393. User talk:Jmcgowan2
  394. User talk:Jno (Russian and Soviet military history)
  395. User talk:Joep01 (World War II Air warfare, Luftwaffe History (1933-1945) and WWII Luftwaffe single-engine and jet fighter pilots' biographies.)
  396. User talk:Johan Elisson (Mostly editing Swedish military history articles, although my interest is much broader)
  397. User talk:John "Hannibal" Smith (US Army Infantry, Air Assault operations, 101st Airborne Division, Special Forces, Army Rangers, the War in Afghanistan, and anything post 9/11)
  398. User talk:John K (Italian military history)
  399. User talk:Johnvr4 (US Military history, Cold war, WMDs, Okinawa history, Florida history, electronic music hisory, North Carolina, and anything that catches my interest)
  400. User talk:Johnxxx9 (Indian military history)
  401. User talk:John (20th and 21st century wars; sea and air more than land)
  402. User talk:Jojhutton (American Civil War)
  403. User talk:Joshbaumgartner (Categorization, article cleanup, and reference tools)
  404. User talk:JoshuaKuo (World War I,II, Medieval war, battle strategy)
  405. User talk:Jpbrenna (Anciented, medieval & modern military history; esp. WWII & history of the U.S, Greek, Polish & UK militaries)
  406. User talk:Jrt989 (All aspects of military history, but a special focus in naval history.)
  407. User talk:Juliancolton (Copyediting)
  408. User talk:Julthep
  409. User talk:Jurryaany (Modern military equipment, military procurement, copyediting)
  410. User talk:Jwillbur (American history anything)
  411. User talk:K.e.coffman (WWII, especially as it relates to the Soviet Union)
  412. User talk:K72ndst (WWI & WWII, USMC, New York State in American Revolution)
  413. User talk:KGyST (Military aviation since the World War II, mainly soviet)
  414. User talk:KJP1 (Fortifications)
  415. User talk:KMJKWhite (U.S. Marine Corps & WWII)
  416. User talk:Kahastok
  417. User talk:Kallemax (pretty much everything from WWI and onwards, especially maritime warfare)
  418. User talk:Kansas Bear (Early Muslim military history)
  419. User talk:Karanacs (military history of pre-Civil War Texas)
  420. User talk:Karl Dickman (Wikipedia:WikiProject Aircraft; most United States bombers right now)
  421. User talk:Kcdlp (Polish history, Hungarian history, Lithuanian history)
  422. User talk:Keallu (WWI, WWII, especially U-boats, and modern military history)
  423. User talk:KeeperOfThePeace (Han dynasty and Three Kingdoms. Assessment work too.}}
  424. User talk:Keith Johnston (WW1 Origins)
  425. User talk:Keith-264 (Europe's C20th)
  426. User talk:Kenmore (Napoleon's retreat from Russia, general Russian military history)
  427. User talk:Kevin Myers (American Revolution, Ohio Valley frontier warfare)
  428. User talk:KevinNinja (World War 2 and all the major engagements there-forth.)
  429. User talk:Kges1901 (Wars from 1800)
  430. User talk:Khalid Nezami (Afghanistan related military topics)
  431. User talk:Kieran4 (American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, WWII, Colonial History, French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars)
  432. User talk:Kierzek (Nazi Germany era, NSDAP history, Schutzstaffel (SS), Japanese Tanks (AFV) and weapons, German Panzers (AFV) and weapons, World War II)
  433. User talk:Kim Dent-Brown (British military history, Yeomanry and TA units)
  434. User talk:KingPenguin (any Italian history)
  435. User talk:Kirill Lokshin (15th–18th century Europe and general organization)
  436. User talk:Kirk! (Military Ranks)
  437. User talk:Klemen Kocjancic (20th century, battles and biographies)
  438. User talk:Koopinator (Second Libyan Civil War and Yemeni Civil War)
  439. User talk:Kornjaca
  440. User talk:KrakatoaKatie (American military history and biographies, but willing to pitch in just about anywhere)
  441. User talk:Kralizec! (naval history, especially the pre-Dreadnought era through WWII)
  442. User talk:Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (Indian Military History and Indian Armed Forces Articles Contributed)
  443. User talk:Ktrimi991 (Mainly The Balkan and Yugoslav wars)
  444. User talk:L293D (WW2 Battleships)
  445. User talk:L3eater (World War I & II, Trench Warfare, Canadian Military, WWII War Machines)
  446. User talk:La Pianista (Misc. copyediting, articles that fall under MilHist and WikiProject Classical)
  447. User talk:Labattblueboy (World War I, Canadian Corps)
  448. User talk:Lacrimosus
  449. User talk:LanceBarber (Air bases, fields, silos, aviation archaeology, crash sites, Colo history)
  450. User talk:Lantonov (Military history of Bulgaria)
  451. User talk:LeadSongDog
  452. User talk:Legoboyvdlp WW2 and WW1, mainly airplanes and navy
  453. User talk:Legotech (US and UK Navy, Naval Aviation)
  454. User talk:Leifern (Norwegian military history, Arab-Israeli conflicts, New Jersey military events, some American Revolutionary War)
  455. User talk:Leithp (20th century wars, but mostly WWII)
  456. User talk:LightandDark2000 (World Wars, modern wars, War on Terror)
  457. User talk:Lilipo25 (French and Indian War)
  458. User talk:Lineagegeek (Organizational History of USAF and predecessors)
  459. User talk:Lisapollison (Late Roman Republic, Sparta, Carthage, American Civil War, Viet Nam war, WWI, ..and much more)
  460. User talk:Llywrch (Currently working on battles fought in/by/around Ethiopia)
  461. User talk:Lmcelhiney (Lived in Benelux countries for 3 years. Siege of Maastricht, Vauban Fortification and Siegecraft and WWII Ardennes Offensive are specialties.)
  462. User talk:Lmessenger (War for Independence, Civil War)
  463. User talk:Loesorion (Chinese, Korea, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Russia military history, WWI, WWI, Balkan Wars, armored vehicles, artillery systems, aircraft, logistics, organization, strategies, special forces)
  464. User talk:Looper5920 (USMC and US Military History)
  465. User talk:Lord Ics (Venetian Navy, Italian Military in WWI, Italian Navy, Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy)
  466. User talk:LordAmeth (Japanese history, particularly pre-Meiji)
  467. User talk:LordHarris (British Military history, Royal Navy, First Sea Lords)
  468. User talk:LordHello1 (Anything post-WW2)
  469. User talk:Lovkal (Know stuff about the Swedish Armed Forces, interested in World War II, WW2 military tech, also politics...)
  470. User talk:Lozleader (British & Irish)
  471. User talk:LuK3 (World War II and Cold War)
  472. User talk:LuciusHistoricus (Roman Republican Military History 133-44 BC)
  473. User talk:LuckyWiki26 (US Civil War, general interest)
  474. User talk:Luis Santos24 (U.S. Navy, 1940-post war)
  475. User talk:Lunarshadow246
  476. User talk:Lynbarn (Royal Air Force: mainly post-WW2, esp. Thor missiles in Britain, 1959-63)
  477. User talk:Lyndaship (Mostly minor warships)
  478. User talk:M.O.X (Both World Wars, Sino-Japanese Wars, Chinese Civil War and American Revolution)
  479. User talk:MBlaze Lightning
  480. User talk:MChew (Japanese military, especially IJN)
  481. User talk:MagicManLeFlurr (American Nuclear Weapons)
  482. User talk:Magicpiano (American Revolutionary War)
  483. User talk:Magus732 (World War II, primarily American and Japanese navies and aircraft)
  484. User talk:Maile66
  485. User talk:Malik Shabazz (Middle Eastern military history)
  486. User talk:Mandrake079 (Naval history, especially Royal Navy 19th and 20th Centuries)
  487. User talk:Marcus Qwertyus
  488. User talk:Marek69 (World War II, Poland)
  489. User talk:Mark Miller Beginning to start expanding on Hawaiian Military from the Kingdom and before, including the major battles of Kamehameha and to begin articles on the Kings Own, the main military force of the Kingdom of Hawaii as well as the volunteer forces that accompanied them. Any and all content on Hawaiian military including forts and the eventual illegal overthrow that went against US treaties. These subjects are poorly covered at the moment.
  490. User talk:Mark Sublette (20th Century warfare with focus on the hardware, but not limited to this area)
  491. User talk:Markworthen - Veterans PTSD benefits
  492. User talk:Martocticvs (mainly 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries Royal Navy)
  493. User talk:MassiveEartha
  494. User talk:Master&Expert (jack-of-all-trades, master of none (despite my Username))
  495. User talk:MasterOfHisOwnDomain (primarily Crusades)
  496. User talk:Mathijsvs (World Wars, Belgium, Flanders)
  497. User talk:Matthewethanchowtoy (Canadian military)
  498. User talk:McMuff (Canadian military history)
  499. User talk:Mcb133aco (USN Iwo Jima)
  500. User talk:Mech1949 (Military Installations, primarily Canadian)
  501. User talk:Melbguy05 (Australian military units, Oceania/Southwest Pacific, special forces/special operations)
  502. User talk:Mentatus (Romanian military history, American Civil War, First World War)
  503. User talk:Merbabu (Southeast Asian military history)
  504. User talk:MerlinVtwelve (General interest)
  505. User talk:Mervyn (General interest)
  506. User talk:Mhhossein (Middle East related articles, related Books and Novels)
  507. User talk:Mike McGregor (Can) (Canadian Mil-history, great lakes military history, French & indian wars, wwI and wwII)
  508. User talk:Mike Searson (USMC history, US Military Weaponry, Irish Military History, ammunition and rifles)
  509. User talk:MikeLynch (Indian History)
  510. User talk:MilborneOne (Generally military aviation and particularly Royal Air Force)
  511. User talk:Minipup (I'm busy at university now, but I will re-activate when the opportunity arises)
  512. User talk:Miracle dream (World War,Chinese Military history)
  513. User talk:Miszatomic
  514. User talk:Miyagawa (General interest)
  515. User talk:Mkamat (Primarily work on battles in Ancient India, also 14th - 19th century battles in and around the Indian Ocean)
  516. User talk:Mladifilozof (Balkan Wars, World War II in Yugoslavia, Yugoslav Wars)
  517. User talk:Mm40 (Clean-up, copy-editing, gnoming)
  518. User talk:Mmx1 (U.S. naval and Marine aviation, late 20th century conflicts with a focus on low-intensity conflicts)
  519. User talk:MoRsE (WW2, military equipment, military intelligence)
  520. User talk:Mojoworker (American Civil War, Fortifications)
  521. User talk:Molestash (Firearms, and fortifications of France)
  522. User talk:Mongoosander (WW2 and immediate aftermath, Cold War, Vietnam, equipment/technology, battlefield archaeology)
  523. User talk:Monsieurdl (Any historical military articles, with emphasis on WWII Eastern Front)
  524. User talk:Monstrelet (Mainly western medieval history, especially 14th. to early 16th. centuries)
  525. User talk:Moshe Constantine Hassan Al-Silverburg (Primarily the classical period to late antiquity)
  526. User talk:Mr rnddude
  527. User talk:MrDolomite (US, WWII, WikiGnomish about lists, links, succession boxes, etc)
  528. User talk:MrGRA (Naval warfare and general military history)
  529. User talk:Mrkoww (U.S. Army, American Infantry, Military Equipment, Law Enforcement)
  530. User talk:Mvittone (Aviation Survival Technician, USCG)
  531. User talk:Mws77 (American Civil War)
  532. User talk:N0TABENE (American Civil War, World War II particularly ETO, armored divisions)
  533. User talk:NWFrontier (20th Century British Indian Army)
  534. User talk:NYyankees51 Mostly American; WWI, WWII
  535. User talk:Nakamura2828 (WWII era, especially the Japanese Theatre naval engagements)
  536. User talk:Narky Blert (Improving articles on VC and other medal winners, especially finding London Gazette entries. Also, miscellaneous stuff from any period in history I come across and happen to know about.)
  537. User talk:Nathan121212
  538. User talk:NativeForeigner (Korea, planes, and ships.)
  539. User talk:Navops47 (Administrative histories of the Admiralty and successors from 1409 to 1970's, operational history of the English Navy, Navy Royal, Royal Navy 13th to 19th century, WWI and WWII)
  540. User talk:Ncohistory (US Army Noncommissioned Officers and Specialists)
  541. User talk:NetrualEditor (American Civil War, Japan, and Vikings)
  542. User talk:Neutrality (Battle Boxes, American battles)
  543. User talk:Nevanderson (Australian Military History. Wherever I can be of assistance)
  544. User talk:Newm30 (WWII Australian Military Aviation & Airfields)
  545. User talk:Nford24 (WW1, WW2 etc. Australian Department of Defence and the Australian Navy Cadets)
  546. User talk:Nfutvol (United Sates Military History, World War 2, Military Aviation, Armor)
  547. User talk:Nguyen QuocTrung (Albanian Armed Force, Croatian Armed Force, Armored Vehicle)
  548. User talk:NiD.29 (Aviation History, all aspects of pre-20c history)
  549. User talk:Nick Thorne (Naval Aviation, especially the Fleet Air Arms of the RN & RAN)
  550. User talk:Nick-D (Australian military units and military history)
  551. User talk:Nihonjoe (Japan)
  552. User talk:Nikkimaria (Mainly Canada)
  553. User talk:Niklas Feurstein (Medieval European History, Japanese History)
  554. User talk:Ninety3rd (Napoleonic Wars, War of 1812, Texas Revolution, Indian Mutiny, Crimean War, Scottish History, Highland Regiments)
  555. User talk:Nishkid64 (All around interest, specialized in Asia and American Civil War)
  556. User talk:Niteshift36
  557. User talk:Nobs01 (19th Century Central European; 20th Century global; diplomatic & espionage)
  558. User talk:Noclador (Italian Army, Alpini, WWI Alpine Front and OrBat Graphics like this)
  559. User talk:Nogburt (generalist with a primary interest in Ancient History)
  560. User talk:Noha307 (WWII to present, especally vehicles)
  561. User talk:Nohomers48 (20th and 21st century conflicts and militaries in general, with particular interest in the Soviet, Russian, and Chinese militaries)
  562. User talk:North Shoreman (American Revolution through the Civil War)
  563. User talk:Nostalgia of Iran (Muslim military history, Iran, Spain, Crusades, Ottomans, Mongols, Timur)
  564. User talk:Noswall59 (biographies of minor British officers, etc. - added name on 4 August 2014)
  565. User talk:Nsaum75 (Middle Eastern military history)
  566. User talk:Nthep (Mostly British esp post Napoleonic but also ECW)
  567. User talk:Nug (Baltic states military history)
  568. User talk:Nwinther (Germany, World War II, Denmark (All-Round military history on Denmark)
  569. User talk:Nyth83 (United States Navy ships primarily, Royal Navy ships somewhat)
  570. User talk:Obenritter (Ancient to Modern Germany, Modern Europe, WW1 and WW2, warfare, Germanic Tribes, The Crusades, Great Britain)
  571. User talk:OccultZone Interested in all type of military events.
  572. User talk:OhKayeSierra Happy to copy-edit whenever needed. No preference on subjects.
  573. User talk:Oldbubblehead (Japanese Military History, World War II, Submarines, Middle east)
  574. User talk:Ominae (Japanese military history)
  575. User talk:OnBeyondZebrax (Copyediting, style editing, removing POV and unsourced claims in military history articles....Also interested in writing an essay for the WikiProject on whether Wikipedia should include "counterfactual" historical speculation in its military history articles (e.g., "If the Germans had done an amphibious and glider assault on the UK in WW II, would it have succeeded?"); I argue that this speculation may be inappropriate for an encyclopedia.)
  576. User talk:Openskye (World War II, for starters. My grandfather fought in the Battle of the Bulge)
  577. User talk:Orange2000(Dutch military history)
  578. User talk:Orionist (Middle East Wars, ancient and modern)
  579. User talk:Otr500 (General military history including US history, especially the ACW, and biographies.)
  580. User talk:Ouvrard World War I - VC
  581. User talk:Oz Cro (Military, naval and aviation history, World War II to present. Balkan campaigns, WWII to present)
  582. User talk:P.Marlow
  583. User talk:PINTofCARLING (military conflicts in the 20th century)
  584. User talk:Palindromedairy
  585. User talk:Palmeira (General WW II, ships, Army ships, Cold War)
  586. User talk:Panzer71 (British naval and army uniforms 1980 to Present)
  587. User talk:Parsecboy (Mostly German Navy, WWII, and US Army)
  588. User talk:Patar knight (mostly world war II, Canadian military history)
  589. User talk:Paulwharton (Modern Military small arms,Prefer to research obscure models)
  590. User talk:Peacekeeper 1234 (US Revolutionary war, US Civil War, the lesser known wars on US soil such as Aroostook war. Plus any artical I stumble upon military related I do some fact checking against.)
  591. User talk:Peacemaker67 (WW2 in general, Yugoslavia and Germany in particular, Balkan Wars 92-95, Australian military history in general, WW1 specifically)
  592. User talk:Pedro MacDonald (Late 19th Century and early 21st Century military history, small wars)
  593. User talk:Pendright (World War II history of US military service organizations)
  594. User talk:Pennsy22 (WWII US Navy and WWII German U-boats)
  595. User talk:Perkins49thovi (U.S. Civil War, predominantly Western Theater and Army of the Cumberland)
  596. User talk:Perseus71 (Predominantly WWII Period. Specifically Military Aviation and Naval units.)
  597. User talk:Pete71 (Anything, from ancient times to modern warfare, strategies, tactics, and equipment)
  598. User talk:Petebutt (Military Aviation in particular, and modern military in general, some interest in earlier military era)
  599. User talk:Petercorless (Medieval Warfare in the British Isles and Europe, Roman and Sub-Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, Crusades, Byzantine empire, World War II, Somali Civil War, West Balkans/Former Yugoslav republics)
  600. User talk:Phichanad (mainly modern military conflicts and weapons)
  601. User talk:Philby NZ (Jagdwaffe-German WW2 fighterpilots, classical, Napoleonic, WW2, New Zealand)
  602. User talk:Pietje96 (Age of Sail, WWI WWII)
  603. User talk:Pietrus69 (Military vehicles and equipment)
  604. User talk:Piotrus (primarily, Poland-related, secondary, sociology of military)
  605. User talk:PrEDRiSing (Interested in all wars that the USA participated in from WW2 to present, tanks, planes,and military trucks like Oshkosh M1070
  606. User talk:Pratyya Ghosh (Indian Subcontinent's Military history)
  607. User talk:Presidentman (US history)
  608. User talk:Primergrey (Copyediting)
  609. User talk:Prioryman (20th Century military history)
  610. User talk:Puddleglum2.0 (mainly cleaning up typos, etc.)
  611. User talk:Pudeo (WWII, Soviet-Finnish battles and templates to articles that need them)
  612. User talk:Pyrodney (WWII)
  613. User talk:Qiushufang (Chinese military history)
  614. User talk:QueenofBattle (WWII to present day warfare; Infantry tactics; special operations)
  615. User talk:QuintusPetillius (Interested in Scottish military history of the medieval and middle ages periods, civil wars and clan warfare)
  616. User talk:R9tgokunks (German military history)
  617. User talk:RGFI (Civil War, World War 2, Vietnam War, military aircraft, anything Navy related)
  618. User talk:RP459
  619. User talk:RTO Trainer (US Military History)
  620. User talk:Raavimohantydelhi (Article contributed Bharat Ke Veer on military, paramilitary, brave soldiers martyrs' family welfare by govt. & civilians, working on Indian Military history uncovered stories of 1971 and bio of the warriors, also about social responsibilities)
  621. User talk:Ragd5
  622. User talk:Randomness74 (Tanks, Vietnam War, and Gulf War)
  623. User talk:Ranger Steve (Fairly wide ranging, but mostly WWII. Knows a lot about the Battle of Arnhem and related events, and knows a fair bit about ancient and modern uses of Salisbury Plain.)
  624. User talk:Raoulduke47 (19th and 20th century wars, mostly WWII)
  625. User talk:RashBold (WWII, Espionage)
  626. User talk:Reaper Eternal (Who doesn't like a bigger boom every so often?)
  627. User talk:Reb1981 (American Civil War, Naval Warfare, WWII Pacific War, Military Aviation)
  628. User talk:ReeseMcClain (US Wars WW2 and after excluding Korea. Focus is the US side of WW2 and Vietnam and military aviation.)
  629. User talk:Reid Kirby (Chemical Biological Radiological Warfare)
  630. User talk:RekonDog (United States Marine Corps: its history, philosophy, and science)
  631. User talk:Rereward (Venetian, Ottoman, and Albanian military history in the 15th-16th centuries)
  632. User talk:Researcher1944 (WWII biographies, mainly British & German military, aerial & naval warfare)
  633. User talk:Resident Mario (General Military History, with a focus on Ancient, Medival, and Psuedo-Modern History)
  634. User talk:Resnjari (Ottoman period -with a focus on revolutions and Balkan Wars, WWI and WWII in the Balkans, Balkan Wars of the 1990s and early 2000s)
  635. User talk:Riddley (Modern era small arms)
  636. User talk:RightCowLeftCoast
  637. User talk:Rjensen (American military; WW1, WW2; Vietnam; historiography; home fronts; economics of war; mobilization)
  638. User talk:Ro4444 (Military articles related to the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates)
  639. User talk:RobDuch (US Navy, US seacoast fortifications)
  640. User talk:Robinvp11 (European warfare 1638-1759, WWI Eastern Front, WWII South-East Asia and Burma)
  641. User talk:Robotam (African-American and USMC military history)
  642. User talk:Roger Davies (Spanish Civil War, Hundred Years War, Ottomans, World War One - Western Front, Middle East, Mesopotamia)
  643. User talk:Rogerd (Pre- U.S. Civil War conficts (including American Revolution), World War II, Military Aircraft of any period)
  644. User talk:RogueAlfa (Anything)
  645. User talk:Roniius (Early Modern East Asia)
  646. User talk:Rosiestep (biographies)
  647. User talk:SEDieter (Great War/First World War, Second World War, Canadian Military History, Aviation History, Naval History)
  648. User talk:SFGiants (Anything)
  649. User talk:SOCL (Punic Wars, Hannibal Barca, post-Marius Roman army, U.S. Army...)
  650. User talk:Sa.vakilian (Early Muslim military history task force )
  651. User talk:Sabre ball
  652. User talk:Sabrebd (All topics, particularly medieval and early modern)
  653. User talk:Sadads (British and American, pre 19th century)
  654. User talk:Sakralamn (British military units and characters from 19th Century onwards; also Omani armed forces)
  655. User talk:Salociin (Primarily 20th Century Wartime Leaders, Generals and Commanders, World War I, Interwar Era, World War II, Cold War Era)
  656. User talk:SamHolt6 (19th and 20th century warfare, terminology, and military theory.)
  657. User talk:Samf4u (World War II)
  658. User talk:Sandstig
  659. User talk:SantiLak (Modern conflicts involving US, mostly interventions against ISIS so far)
  660. User talk:Sasuke Sarutobi (template creation and updates, including Wikidata integration; articles mostly 20th- and 21st-century British and NATO topics, especially RAF and/or technology, but pretty much anything really)
  661. User talk:Saxum (mainly Croatia and ex-Yugoslavia related topics)
  662. User talk:Scoop100 (UK 1st WW Aviation related, RAF squadrons)
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  664. User talk:Secretlondon (Russia/Soviet space/technical/geopolitical things)
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  673. User talk:Signaleer (Modern Warfare/Weaponary/Equipment, 20th Century Warfare, Vietnam War, World War II, World War II Aviation Aircraft/Aviation People/Aviation Equipment, Military Biographies...slowly starting to add on to other topics as well)
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  675. User talk:Simon Harley (General First and Second World War, specifically Royal Navy)
  676. User talk:Sinnistrall(British Military History, particularly history of Lancashire Regiments)
  677. User talk:Sioraf (1600-1865 mostly)
  678. User talk:SirGents (Modern War, ethics and theory, and technology)
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  682. User talk:Skapur (United States military with emphasis on US Coast Guard)
  683. User talk:Skinny87 (Airborne warfare, World War II, British Army, Eighteenth & Nineteenth Century Warfare)
  684. User talk:Skittles the hog
  685. User talk:Skjoldbro (Danish Military History, World War II, badges, uniforms, and other such areas)
  686. User talk:SkoreKeep (Nuclear physics, nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons history, engineering)
  687. User talk:Slatersteven (WW1, WW2, colonial, Plains wars, and passing interest in a lot more)
  688. User talk:Sm8900 (some history, categorization, etc.)
  689. User talk:Smmurphy (turn of the 21st century West Africa, pre-WWII US)
  690. User talk:Smsarmad (major interest in Military of Pakistan and its history)
  691. User talk:Snapper five (RAF History)
  692. User talk:Sodacan (Thailand and Burmese-Siamese conflicts)
  693. User talk:SonofSetanta (Currently working to update Ulster Defence Regiment and individual battalion articles of the regiment)
  694. User talk:Sp33dyphil (Aircraft, including fighters and bombers)
  695. User talk:SpartaN (Classical Greece and early Roman Empire, but mostly Rome)
  696. User talk:Spinster300 (Happy to help on any and every topic, particularly article creations and translations; feel free to reach out!)
  697. User talk:SpoolWhippets (Australian military history, esp. biographies, recreating maps)
  698. User talk:Squatch347 (Classical warfare, American Civil War, Contemporary Military History, Irish military history)
  699. User talk:SqueakBox (South American military history)
  700. User talk:Srich32977 (general editing, US focused, history and contemporary military topics)
  701. User talk:Srnec (Medieval Era, First World War, Military history of Spain, a few other areas)
  702. User talk:Staxringold (minor stuff, working on Battle of Amiens right now)
  703. User talk:Sticks66 (Australian military history)
  704. User talk:Storye book (Workhorse attached to Alexandrov Ensemble and Evgeny Belyaev pages re: Soviet army)
  705. User talk:Strike Eagle (Naval history, modern weaponry and Indian Armed Forces)
  706. User talk:Sturmgewehr88 (US military 1775-present; German military 1914-1945; Russian/Soviet military 1914-present; Japanese military 1592-present; Ryūkyūan military 1320-1609; castles (gusuku), weapons, vehicles, aircraft, warships, and JROTC/ROTC)
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  712. User talk:Swatjester (US Army infantry/recon/SF stuff. Mainly modern era things in the past 20 years. )
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  715. User talk:TParis (Unreferenced BLPs)
  716. User talk:TadgStirkland401 (American military history primarily in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, with a focus on Civil War and Military Aircraft. Also a keen interest in airborne reconnaissance.)
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  718. User talk:Takvaal (pre WWI, mostly British military and naval history)
  719. User talk:Tartarus (WW2, and current organisations)
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  721. User talk:Tedmarynicz (WW2 Polish contributions, WW2 intelligence, WW2 Royal Navy)
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  724. User talk:Termer (Baltic Military History)
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  726. User talk:Tetsou TheIronman (mostly 20th conflicts)
  727. User talk:TeunSpaans (Period from after Roman Empire up to but not including WW2)
  728. User talk:The Bushranger (Mostly aircraft and their weapons)
  729. User talk:The Founders Intent (Army aviation technology acquisition process, rotary wing platforms and related technology development history)
  730. User talk:The Gnome (Middle Eastern military history)
  731. User talk:The Land (WWII, naval history from 1830, currently working on Destroyer)
  732. User talk:The ed17 (maritime history, WP:OMT)
  733. User talk:The howling cow (U.S. Army 1900-1945)
  734. User talk:TheBestEditorInEngland (Mainly British military history but also chip in with random, British unrelated military history articles too - history is history)
  735. User talk:TheFuturePolitician (WWII, nuclear weapons, modern American warfare)
  736. User talk:TheMightyGeneral (Antiquity, Middle Ages, Napoleonic Wars, World Wars, Current conflicts, all Georgia related conflicts)
  737. User talk:ThePointblank (World War II, Cold War, Naval warships, military aircraft, I also have a focus on recent Chinese military developments)
  738. User talk:TheSandDoctor
  739. User talk:TheTiksiBranch (European especially)
  740. User talk:TheVirginiaHistorian (American Civil War, WWII)
  741. User talk:Thelovelyconch (modern military history with some medieval and greco-Roman interests; like chronicling modern conflicts and current events to sound as historical and balanced as possible)
  742. User talk:Thetalkingheads (World War I, The Arab Revolt)
  743. User talk:Thewellman (Battle of the Atlantic (1939–1945) specifically )
  744. User talk:Thine Antique Pen
  745. User talk:Thom430 (American Revolution to today, small arms, small unit tactics)
  746. User talk:Thx811 (British airfields and other military establishments - focus on RAF)
  747. User talk:Timothyjosephwood (20th Century)
  748. User talk:Tiniestkid
  749. User talk:Tinucherian
  750. User talk:Tirronan (interested in Napolonic era Military History eastern European)
  751. User talk:Tjlynnjr (Select military and naval subjects that I have a connexion with)
  752. User talk:Toddy1 (currently trying to do some improvements in coverage of mid-19th century warships, their designs, designers, officers, etc.)
  753. User talk:TodorBozhinov (Bulgarian military history from the 7th century onwards)
  754. User talk:Tom29739
  755. User talk:TomStar81 (Mostly focused on wars from the US Revolution to the present, huge fan of WWII)
  756. User talk:Tomas e (Contemporary military thinking, strategy, military theory, strategic planning, military operational analysis, defence-related aspects of EU, Sweden-related subjects)
  757. User talk:Tomh903 (French and Irish Military history mainly but also interested in every thing else as well)
  758. User talk:TommyBoy (Created several articles on U.S. Coast Guard Commandants)
  759. User talk:Toreightyone (Major events between Napoleonic Wars - Present, WWII, and Canadian Military History)
  760. User talk:TorpetLegionary (General passion within military history but a special relation with ancient history)
  761. User talk:Tpower
  762. User talk:TravisMunson1993
  763. User talk:Trekphiler (mainly WW2 to present, with special focus on USN WW2 subs & intelligence, but interested in almost anything)
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  765. User talk:Trevor MacInnis (Canadian military history)
  766. User talk:Trfasulo (almost anything I happen to be reading, but mostly WW II and the American Civil War)
  767. User talk:TrueRavin (WW1, WW2, and proxy wars fought mainly during the Cold War)
  768. User talk:Trumpkinius (European mediaeval military history)
  769. User talk:TsaristAlvin (Russian history, Baltic history (Baltic German), WW1, German history)
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  776. User talk:URTh (World War I small vessels, especially from GB, Germany, Russia and France)
  777. User talk:US-UKR Army equipment of countries
  778. User talk:UberCryxic (Napoleonic warfare)
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  780. User talk:Vaibhavafro (Indian Military, Indian Nuclear weapons programme)
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  782. User talk:Valentinian (Danish / Scandinavian history)
  783. User talk:Valkyrie Red (American Civil War, United States involvement in WW2, Trojan War, Napoleon's Russian Campaign)
  784. User talk:Vami_IV
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  786. User talk:Vepton (European military history)
  787. User talk:Vermont (Vermont military History, mostly in the Civil War)
  788. User talk:Victor falk (French military history)
  789. User talk:Viper32007 (Millitary History, Defense Equipment, Defense Tech, Rocket, Missile)
  790. User talk:Visviva (Janitorial duties only, focused on Korea-related topics)
  791. User talk:VoidWanderer (Russian military intervention in Ukraine)
  792. User talk:Vojvodaen
  793. User talk:VolatileChemical
  794. User talk:Vuurkillertje ((Dutch) WW2 history)
  795. User talk:WTGDMan1986 (fan of the 1942 series of games by Capcom, always wanted to learn about WWII since age 12 (Attack on Pearl Harbor), will work on WWII-related articles and clean up vandalism (if any).)
  796. User talk:Walker in the Mist (Roman military history, WWI military history)
  797. User talk:Wallie (Holocaust, WW2 Pacific and Europe, ACW, anything else)
  798. User talk:Wegates (WW2 european theater, some vietnam, some ECW. I have extensive GWOT knowledge, but will be holding back somewhat on this as I am currently an active soldier and wish to avoid conflict of interest.)
  799. User talk:Welsh (Royal Navy ship classes and individual ships)
  800. User talk:WerWil (German military history)
  801. User talk:White Shadows (World War II, U-boats, and Austro-Hungarian naval history)
  802. User talk:Whoop whoop pull up (Anything military)
  803. User talk:Whoosis (WW2 Joint Air Training Scheme in South Africa)
  804. User talk:Wikiacc (Mostly battleboxes)
  805. User talk:Wikimandia WWI buff, general interest in medals and honours. Current project is updating British honours lists.
  806. User talk:Wikipedian1234 (American Revolutionary War)
  807. User talk:Wilhelm Klave (WW2 and Modern Armies of the world)
  808. User talk:Williamborg (Nordic wars & fortresses)
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  810. User talk:Wonx2150 (General History, World War II is my strong point.)
  811. User talk:Woody (Navy articles, all articles related to the Victoria Cross)
  812. User talk:Woogie10w (World War I)
  813. User talk:Wreck Smurfy (WWII Red Army rifle divisions, other WWII Red Army formations, 18th Cent. British regiments that served in Nova Scotia)
  814. User talk:XPTO
  815. User talk:Xenomorph_001 (Specialty in World War 1 African Campaigns, the Korean War, the War of Austrian Succession, the War of the Fourth Coalition, German Military History, and the Eastern Front in both World Wars, but knowledgeable in all eras from post Medieval to the Fall of the Soviet Union{sorry if this was really long}.)
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  817. User talk:Xufanc (Spanish Civil War)
  818. User talk:Xyzspaniel (Various)
  819. User talk:YEPPOON (Australian Military)
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  822. User talk:Yannismarou (mostly ancient Greek military history)
  823. User talk:Yosy
  824. User talk:YuRegi (crusade history, roman army, late roman army, logistics of the crusades)
  825. User talk:Yulun5566 (WWI,WWII,Korean War, Vietnam War, Chinese History)
  826. User talk:YuriNikolai (Translating milhist content to the portuguese wiki)
  827. User talk:Yuriybrisk (Russian SAM systems. Weaponry task force)
  828. User talk:ZLEA (I'm a fan of all forms of aviation)
  829. User talk:Zanhe (Chinese history, military biographies)
  830. User talk:Zawed (WWI, WWII, Korean War, New Zealand history)
  831. User talk:Zer0thenumber (1900 onwards, Roman warfare, Irish warfare)
  832. User talk:Zeromonk (Military psychology & psychiatry, selection methods)
  833. User talk:Zharmad (Michigan Army National Guard and Armor subjects)
  834. User talk:Zwerubae {Indian Military History, Ranks, Indian Armed Forces History}
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  838. User talk:clpo13
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  841. User talk:imonoz (Northern Wars, Swedish history)
  842. User talk:intothatdarkness (American Indian Wars, Vietnam)
  843. User talk:jakesyl (Antiquities, World wars)
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  845. User talk:markus1423 (WWII mostly)
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  848. User talk:oldpersonUSMC Pacific theater,Korea. Special operation forces all branches & periods
  849. User talk:permareperwiki1664 (Royal Marines, HM Armed Forces, Ranks and Insignia and British Armed Forces Biographies)
  850. User talk:ryan.opel World War II through Cold War
  851. User talk:wbfergus (Mainly the Joint Security Area and related topics)
  852. User talk:Векочел
  853. User talk:MHist01 (British Army, United States Army, Imperial Russian Army, and American theatre European Wars)
  854. OCdt C. D. Southcott Esq. (talk) 17:35, 19 November 2019 (UTC) Royal Navy officer
  855. User talk:Fritzmann2002 (Copyediting and assessment, military units)
  856. User talk:KatzeKampfwagen (U-boat warfare)
  857. Moranmdtwnct (talk) 00:16, 3 December 2019 (UTC) Descendant of U.S. Civil War and WWII Veterans. Also nephew of Vietnam War Veteran.