List of trees and shrubs by taxonomic family

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The following is a list of widely known trees and shrubs. Taxonomic families for the following trees and shrubs are listed in alphabetical order, likewise the genera and closely related species. The list currently includes 1351 species.



Araucariaceae: monkey-puzzle familyEdit

Cupressaceae: cypress familyEdit

Pinaceae: pine familyEdit

Podocarpaceae: podocarp familyEdit

Sciadopityaceae: umbrella pine familyEdit

Taxaceae: yew familyEdit


Cycadaceae: cycad familyEdit

Maidenhair treesEdit

Ginkgoaceae: maidenhair familyEdit



Aceraceae: maple familyEdit

Agavaceae: agave familyEdit

Anacardiaceae: cashew familyEdit

Annonaceae: custard apple familyEdit

Apocynaceae: dogbane familyEdit

Aquifoliaceae: holly familyEdit

Araliaceae: ginseng familyEdit

Arecaceae: palm familyEdit

Asphodelaceae: asphodel familyEdit

Asteraceae: composite familyEdit

Berberidaceae: barberry familyEdit

Betulaceae: birch familyEdit

Bignoniaceae: trumpet creeper familyEdit

Bombacaceae: bombax familyEdit

Boraginaceae: borage familyEdit

Burseraceae: bursera familyEdit

Buxaceae: box familyEdit

Canellaceae: wild cinnamon familyEdit

Cannabaceae: hemp familyEdit

Capparidaceae: caper familyEdit

Caprifoliaceae: honeysuckle familyEdit

Caricaceae: papaya familyEdit

Casuarinaceae: casuarina familyEdit

Celastraceae: bittersweet familyEdit

Cercidiphyllaceae: katsura familyEdit

Chrysobalanaceae: coco plum familyEdit

Clusiaceae: St. John’s wort familyEdit

Combretaceae: combretum familyEdit

Cornaceae: dogwood familyEdit

Cyrillaceae: titi familyEdit

Davidsoniaceae: Davidson’s plum familyEdit

Ebenaceae: ebony familyEdit

Elaeagnaceae: oleaster familyEdit

Ericaceae: heath familyEdit

Euphorbiaceae: spurge familyEdit

Fabaceae: legume family (peas)Edit

Fagaceae: beech familyEdit

Grossulariaceae: gooseberry familyEdit

Hamamelidaceae: witch hazel familyEdit

Hippocastanaceae: buckeye familyEdit

Illiciaceae: anise-tree familyEdit

Juglandaceae: walnut familyEdit

Lauraceae: laurel familyEdit

Lecythidaceae: lecythis familyEdit

Lythraceae: loosestrife familyEdit

Magnoliaceae: magnolia familyEdit

Malpighiaceae: malpighia familyEdit

Malvaceae: mallow familyEdit

Melastomataceae: melastome familyEdit

Meliaceae: mahogany familyEdit

Moraceae: mulberry familyEdit

Moringaceae: moringa familyEdit

Muntingiaceae: strawberry-tree familyEdit

Myoporaceae: myoporum familyEdit

Myricaceae: bayberry familyEdit

Myrsinaceae: myrsine familyEdit

Myrtaceae: myrtle familyEdit

Nothofagaceae: southern beech familyEdit

Nyctaginaceae: four o’clock familyEdit

Nyssaceae: sourgum familyEdit

Olacaceae: olax familyEdit

Oleaceae: olive familyEdit

Oxalidaceae: wood sorrel familyEdit

Pandanaceae: screwpine familyEdit

Papaveraceae: poppy familyEdit

Phyllanthaceae: gooseberry tree familyEdit

Pittosporaceae: pittosporum familyEdit

Platanaceae: sycamore familyEdit

Poaceae: grass familyEdit

Polygonaceae: knotweed familyEdit

Proteaceae: protea familyEdit

Punicaceae: pomegranate familyEdit

Rhamnaceae: buckthorn familyEdit

Rhizophoraceae: mangrove familyEdit

Rosaceae: rose familyEdit

Rubiaceae: madder familyEdit

Rutaceae: citrus familyEdit

Salicaceae: willow familyEdit

Sapindaceae: soapberry familyEdit

Sapotaceae: sapodilla familyEdit

Simaroubaceae: quassia familyEdit

Solanaceae: nightshade familyEdit

Staphyleaceae: bladdernut familyEdit

Sterculiaceae: sterculia familyEdit

Strelitziaceae: bird-of-paradise familyEdit

Styracaceae: storax familyEdit

Surianaceae: bay cedar familyEdit

Symplocaceae: sweetleaf familyEdit

Tamaricaceae: tamarisk familyEdit

Theaceae: tea familyEdit

Theophrastaceae: theophrasta familyEdit

thymelaeaceae: mezereum familyEdit

Tiliaceae: basswood familyEdit

Ulmaceae: elm familyEdit

Verbenaceae: verbena familyEdit