Acer hyrcanum

Acer hyrcanum is a maple species sometimes referred to as Balkan maple.[1] It grows in southeastern Europe and western Asia.[2]

Acer hyrcanum
Acer hyrcanum subsp. tauricolum.jpg
Taurus maple (Acer hyrcanum subsp. tauricolum) in Autumn, Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve, Lebanon.
Acer hyrcanum - Hillier Gardens - Romsey, Hampshire, England - DSC04299.jpg
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Rosids
Order: Sapindales
Family: Sapindaceae
Genus: Acer
Section: Acer sect. Acer
Series: Acer ser. Monspessulana
A. hyrcanum
Binomial name
Acer hyrcanum
  • Acer amaliae Orph. ex Boiss.
  • Acer hyrcanum var. paradoxum Bornm. & Sint.
  • Acer italum var. hyrcanum (Fisch. & C.A.Mey.) Pax
  • Acer italum subsp. hyrcanum (Fisch. & C.A.Mey.) Pax
  • Acer italum var. serbicum Pax
  • Acer italum f. serbicum (Pax) Schwer.
  • Acer monspessulanum var. lycicum Bornm.
  • Acer opalus subsp. hyrcanum (Fisch. & C.A.Mey.) A.E.Murray
  • Acer opalus var. paradoxum (Bornm. & Sint.) A.E.Murray
  • Acer intermedium Pančić
  • Acer keckianum (Asch. & Sint. ex Pax) Asch. & Sint. ex Pojark.
  • Acer reginae-amaliae Orph. ex Boiss.
  • Acer stevenii Pojark.
  • Acer libani Pojark.
  • Acer reygassei Boiss. & Blanche
  • Acer tauricolum Boiss. & Balansa

Acer hyrcanum is a deciduous tree up to 15 meters (50 feet) tall. Leaves are up to 4 cm (1.6 inches) across, usually 5-lobed but occasionally with only 3 lobes, dark green on top, lighter green underneath because of a layer of wax.[3]

  • Acer hyrcanum subsp. hyrcanum - Armenia; Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran
  • Acer hyrcanum subsp. intermedium (Pančić) Palam. - Albania; Bulgaria; Former Yugoslavia; Greece
  • Acer hyrcanum subsp. keckianum (Asch. & Sint. ex Pax) Yalt. - Turkey
  • Acer hyrcanum subsp. reginae-amaliae (Orph. ex Boiss.) E.Murray - Greece
  • Acer hyrcanum subsp. sphaerocaryum Yalt. - Turkey
  • Acer hyrcanum subsp. stevenii (Pojark.) E.Murray - Crimea
  • Acer hyrcanum subsp. tauricolum (Boiss. & Balansa) Yalt. - Lebanon; Syria; Turkey


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