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The Last Supper by Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

WikiProject Christianity

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Greetings! WikiProject Christianity was formed in 2006 to better organize information in articles related to Christianity. This page and its sub-pages contain links and information about the project. This project's goal is to help focus and coordinate the efforts of Wikipedians on Christianity related topics, and increase article quality and coverage.

As a group, we do not prefer any particular tradition or denomination of Christianity, but endeavor that all Christian traditions are fairly and accurately represented. The project now includes a wide range of articles on multiple denominations.

The project noticeboard can be used to make suggestions to, or seek the help and opinion of other project members. Adding it to your watchlist will keep you informed of Christianity related events. If you'd like to join and become a part of this project, simply sign the Membership Page. To receive our Ichthus newsletter, just add your name to the list here.

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Ten reasons why you should join WikiProject Christianity:

  1. Obtain answers to your questions about Christianity on the noticeboard (watch)
  2. Enter the exciting and fun-filled WikiGrail contest and win valuable prizes
  3. Work side by side with friendly and welcoming editors who are passionate about Christianity
  4. Free subscription to our informative newsletter
  5. Explore Christianity in depth with one of our 30 specialty groups
  6. Get recognition for your hard work and valuable contributions
  7. Find out how to get your article promoted Featured class at the Peer Review Department
  8. Choose from a collection of over 55,000 articles to improve
  9. Monitor recent changes and fight vandalism of Christianity articles
  10. Become part of the leadership team

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Article assessments

Creating a New Article

11 easy steps to producing at least a B article
Starting from scratch and want to know how to take it from "0 to 60"? Follow these helpful tips! Some parts are also useful for already-existing articles.

Type a title:
and click "Create page"

  1. Create a new page.
  2. Create an outline for the article you started:
  3. Add the appropriate infobox.
  4. Add the {{Christianityportal}} to the article and the {{WikiProject Christianity}} template to the Talk page.
  5. Populate your article with images such as obtained from Wikimedia Commons, image list, or by posting a request for an image from other Wikipedians.
  6. Add the appropriate categories.
    • Since categories at the bottom of the articles interwiki linked in your article may be appropriate to place in your article, go through each interwiki link in your article and review the categories at the bottom of the linked article for inclusion in your article.
  7. Confirm that the interwiki links, footnotes, and external (non-wiki) links in your article go where you want them to go.
  8. Post an article request at Wikipedia:Requested articles for each broken (red) interwiki link in your article OR remove the double brackets around the broken interwiki link OR write that article as well (these are your only three choices).
  9. Publicize your article by ...
  10. Request peer review of your article ONLY after you believe that you completed all the above steps.
  11. Relax! and take a break if you reached this point. You deserve it!

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To display all subcategories click on the "►":
Christianity(19 C, 10 P)
Christians(32 C, 10 P)
Christianity-related lists(18 C, 17 P)
Christian apologetics(13 C, 26 P)
Christianity in culture(5 C, 1 P)
Christian education(12 C, 17 P)
History of Christianity(11 C, 4 P)
Christian libraries(1 C, 5 P)
Christian organizations(29 C, 5 P, 2 F)
Christianity and society(23 C, 18 P)
Christianity studies(8 C, 8 P)
Christian terminology(9 C, 1,083 P)
Christianity stubs(9 C, 589 P)
Christianity templates(8 C, 54 P)

Naming conventions

Naming conventions

  • For people: [[John Calvin]], unless others by that name exist, in which case the activity for which the individual is best known should be bracketed, e.g., [[John Calvin (reformer)]] (not [[John Calvin (scholar)]], [[John Calvin (theologian)]], etc.)
    • For clergy: (minister), (deacon), (priest), (bishop)
    • For scholars: (theologian), (philosopher)
    • Other possibilities: (author), (martyr), (missionary), (religious)
  • For other subjects: The simpler the title the better, with redirects or disambiguation pages, as necessary.


The following templates can be used on pages in Wikipedia to associate them with the Christianity WikiProject. Click on a template's title to see a sample of what it produces when included on a page. For a full list of Christianity templates see the main template page.

Main templates

Stub templates

Christianity Portals