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Welcome to WikiProject Judaism. Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. Place comments and discussions on the Talk page.

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WikiProject Judaism

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This WikiProject aims to standardize Wikipedia articles and improve other Wikimedia Foundation learning resources on Jews, Jewish culture, Judaism, Halakha ("Jewish law" and tradition), or any subject related to Jewish identity.

Please add requests for comments to the talk page.

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Joining is really easy. Simply click here and add your name (in alphabetical order, please) to the list.


There are a series of standard templates used by WikiProject Judaism listed here.

To do

There are thousands of articles to be written and thousands more to be expanded, wikified, cleaned up, etc. Want to help? Here is a good place to start.

Manual of Style

Because of the many perspectives to Jewish thought, as well as unique and different transliterations of Jewish terminology, articles on Judaism and Jews follow a standard manual of style.

Jewish Resources

WikiProject Judaism maintains a list of good Jewish resources on the Internet where you can get additional information.

Jewish Categories

There are many categories that all Jewish articles can fit into. Categories help organize articles and allow us to better maintain them.

Article Assessment

Judaism article rating and assessment scheme
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Daily log of status changes
Current Statistics


WikiProject Judaism's frequently updated portal. You can help make this the best portal on Wikipedia. Look at the talk page to see how you can help.

Wikiversity: School of Jewish Studies

The School of Jewish studies, part of the new open content university, Wikiversity. You can help make this the most active school in Wikiversity.

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