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Welcome to the Evangelical Christianity work group of the Christianity WikiProject! This task force seeks to create, improve, maintain, and provide a standard of consistency for articles about Evangelical Christianity, as well as create a forum in which interested editors can work together to improve articles.

The Evangelical Christianity project is about Evangelical churches and related topics. Despite the nuances in the various evangelical movements, there is a similar set of beliefs for movements adhering to the doctrine of the Believers' Church, the main ones being Anabaptism, Baptists and Pentecostalism, which can be found in the confessions of faith adopted by the Evangelical Christian denominations. Other groups include churches that sprung out of the Restoration Movement and Adventists.


Contributions should include:

  • Varied global sources and perspectives for articles with international scope, to include international cultural diversity (see Wikipedia:Systemic bias). This is not to avoid talking about a specific country, but to include only information that has a major influence on other countries or that is representative of a general trend. It is about making an international synthesis of knowledge.

New articles should include:

  • At least 2 quality secondary sources centered (book, newspaper, magazine or television program) and spaced at least 2 years apart or a mention in a tertiary source (encyclopedia or encyclopedic dictionary) to be present on Wikipedia (Wikipedia:Notability).


  • Tag articles
  • Collaborate and join the discussions. If you know things, teach. (If you don't know things, ask.)
  • Add new articles, there are plenty of Evangelical Christianity related articles still unaccounted for.
  • Expand articles (or merge if appropriate). All of these stubs would welcome further care and attention.
  • Start looking for featured articles and lists while getting familiar with and helping with assessment of Evangelical Christianity articles. Then add an "Articles" section to this project page.
  • Check these articles for recent changes function.
  • The Evangelical Christianity Portal requires regular input and is always seeking volunteers. Help us keep this portal at Featured portal status.
  • Help address any issues regarding possible inappropriate categorization of either articles or categories.

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