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Welcome to WikiProject Occult!

Welcome to WikiProject Occult. This is a project to improve articles related to the Occult. This page and its subpages contain our suggestions and guidelines. If you would like to help, please be bold and join in.

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Scope & Goals

This project is a combined effort of interested Wikipedia editors to categorize, expand, and create articles relating to the occult. Please join our discussions on the project talk. WikiProject Occult covers topics, such as:

Magic (Magick)
Various supernatural and mystical practices, such as folk magic or the form of ceremonial magic popularized by Aleister Crowley; included are forms of practice known as black and white magic, brujeria, stregeria, hoodoo, and sorcery.
Secret organizations
Societies, groups, and organizations that conceal their activities from outsiders.
Secret fraternal orders
Those groups and organizations called "secret societies" and esoteric orders.
Mystery religions
Societies, groups, and organizations with a belief system based around a mystery.
Occultic rituals and theurgy
Rituals and rites which are a part of a ceremony, often composed of long, elaborate, and "hidden" set of actions.
Occult terminology
Terms describing practices encountered in esoteric practices, including (but not limited to) supplication or prayers, conjurations, spells, incantations, and cantrips.
Occultic knowledge
Arcane knowledge, which includes knowledge that is esoteric or obscure or has deliberately been veiled from common discussion.
Occult authors
Writers whose works deal directly rather than sociologically with occult topics, who present instructive or theoretical knowledge that has been "hidden", or who take as their theme a spiritual or magical reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences.
Occult books and pamphlets
Books describing magical beliefs and practices, such as Grimoires, instructions in spell-craft, and Thelemite texts.
Representative symbols that carry interpreted meanings in addition to or apart from their use as literal representations of concepts; such symbols may be figurative or they may consist of symbolic meanings applied to common natural objcts, colors, scents, and numbers.

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