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Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to Christianity in India and its history. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions. It is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. The goal of this WikiProject is to improve the quality and quantity of information about Christianity in India available on Wikipedia.

We are Christianity in India work group of WikiProject Christianity and Christianity in India work group of WikiProject India. As a group, we do not prefer any particular tradition or denominination of Christianity, but see to it that all Christian traditions are fairly and accurately represented.

{{Portal|Indian Christianity}}

If you'd like to join and become a part of this project, Please add your name as a member below on the membership page...


  • These are lots of things you can do to improve the quality of Wikipedia coverage of Christianity in India and this project :-
    • Place the WPChristianity banner {{ChristianityWikiProject|class=|importance=|indian-work-group=yes|indian-importance=}} on the head of Talk Pages of relevant articles.
    • Help and contribute to Christianity in India related Articles.
    • Identify and Add Categories to All related articles.
    • Work on requested articles.
    • Look over the recent changes list for recent improvements to articles, other changes, and vandalism.
    • Attract interested Wikipedians in Christianity in India,its history and other related topics. Welcome New Members.
    • Improve the WPChristianity banner that goes at the head of Talk Pages to handle tags for unreferenced, copyedit needed, cleanup needed, expansion needed, and POV warning.
    • Article Review, for articles nominated by members for wider review. In this case the new ones go at the top and sink as new ones are added.(see here).
    • Add more reward templates (barnstars), and have people in the task force actually watching logs and rewarding key contributors to the project.
    • Help in Assessment of relevant articles.
    • Give help on Open tasks
    • Watch Talk page for related discussions.
    • To write as many Did you know articles as possible related to Christianity in India.
    • To produce as many Featured Articles and Good articles as possible related to Christianity in India.
    • Join and help the main project of WikiProject Christianity and WikiProject India.
    • Build and contribute to parent portals Portal:Christianity and Portal:India..
    • Build and contribute to our Portal:Christianity in India.

Article assessments

Listing of Articles by Quality and Importance

Any articles that are within the scope of this project should be tagged with the project banners of WikiProject Christianity. You may also find {{ChristianityWikiProject}} useful. To each of these banners, you should add indian-work-group=yes as this will automatically put the page in the appropriate categories, such as Category:Indian Christianity work group articles.

Recognized content

  • None yet. You can definitely help !!

GA Good articles

DYKs (Did You Know)s

See what was the DYK featured...

Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team release version selections

Formerly recognized content

  • None.

Former good articles

  • None.


For the full list of categories, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject Indian Christianity/Categories.


The following templates can be used on pages in Wikipedia to associate them with the Christianity in India WikiProject.

Main templates

  • {{WikiProject Christianity|class=|importance=|indian-work-group=yes|indian-importance=}}Template to add to TALK pages of all Christianity in India-related articles
  • {{User WikiProject IndianChristianity}}Userbox for members to advertise our Christianity in India Wiki project!
  • {{subst:Invitation2WP-IC}} — Invitation msg to Interested Users
  • {{subst:Welcome2WP-IC}} — Welcome msg to New Members
  • {{Portal|Christianity in India}} — Template to add to MAIN pages of ALL Christianity in India related articles
  • {{Indian Christianity}}Sidebar template to add to MAIN pages of important Christianity in India related articles

Stub templates

Christianity in India Star

If you notice someone making outstanding contributions to this project or any of the descendant WikiProjects or the Christianity in India related articles , please feel free to give them the following barnstar.

Syntax: {{subst:The IC Star|message ~~~~}} . It will produce:

Star of 'Christianity in India' Articles
your message here ~~~~

See Previous Recipients The IC Star Recipients

Find more templates here

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WikiProject India
This project is a workgroup of WikiProject India, which aims to improve Wikipedia's coverage of India and India-related topics. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page.


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