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This is the page for the Astrology WikiProject. The purpose of this WikiProject is to help organize the improvement of astrology articles on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, add your name to list of participants. Also, be sure to check out the discussion page area for some of the latest discussions about what is going on here. If you would like to post a comment or have a discussion then please do it on the talk page.

Inceptional horoscope for WikiProject Astrology, dated 10 June 2006.

Purpose and goalsEdit

This project focuses on creating, improving and organizing content related to the subject of astrology in Wikipedia. Our goals include the improvement of articles on historical, technical, philosophical and theoretical issues involving astrology in different cultures and traditions, as well as its relation to other fields. The project will also work on improving the categorization of astrology-related articles. Some general tasks:

  • Identify unmarked astrology-related stubs and expand them into full articles. See Articles in need of expansion below.
  • Improve and refine existing astrology articles by drawing on reliable sources and academic works and citing them as sources. A good starting point is articles associated with the list of astrologers page.
  • Identify and create missing astrology articles.
  • Improve this page and make it more useful for potential astrology editors and project members.
  • Invite active editors who write for astrology-related articles, history of science articles, or other applicable fields to join the project.
  • Add all articles within the scope of this project to the Wikipedia:WikiProject Astrology/Articles page by category. See Templates.
  • Improve the categorization and organization of astrological material.
  • Gather interest and participation in an astrological community within Wikipedia.
  • Watch articles within this project's recent changes, including improvements, vandalism, and other changes.
  • Wikipedia: Monitor the broad astrology categories and keep them clean by replacing overly broad categories with more specific ones.
  • Commons: Ensure that astrology related images are properly categorized, especially in relevant subcategories.
  • Wikisource: Upload public domain content related to astrology and ensure that existing content is properly categorized.

Become a memberEdit

You can become a member of this project by adding your name to the WikiProject Astrology member list.

Members are welcome to add the WikiProject Astrology userbox to their userpage. Just use this code:

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This is a manually compiled list. If you have constructively participated in this project, feel free to add yourself. You may also wish to list your specific interests or areas in which you would like to participate. Participants with no edits to pages within scope within the last year or who are inactive for 6 months may be removed from the list of active members.

  • Melissa040106 (talk · contribs) - Academic research and personal interest
  • Peanutcase (talk · contribs) -An astrology learner since last 18 years,expertise in Western,Indian and Numerology
  • Junosoon (talk · contribs)I am a Masters of Technology by degree but,Vedic(Indian) Astrologer and celebrity data collector of astrology interest,since 2008.I am a researcher on various combinations of world famous people and related professions.I focus on role of planets and birth chart to excel my research.Helping the society of astrologers with correct data is my aim.Other forms of astrological studies I do are,numerology,Tarot and Western Zodiac
  • Jdecuffa (talk · contribs)- Graduate student in psychology with an interest in reseach methods and statistics. I am also interested in the philosophy of science, as well as the history and theories of astrology.
  • Alex Shih (talk · contribs) - Chinese astrology
  • AxelHarvey (talk · contribs) - Have been a French<>English translator (areas mainly anthropology, arts, mathematics) since 1954 at age 14, now retired; also an astrologer but only since age 27.
  • NaySay (talk · contribs) Western astrology and Jyotish. History, esp. Hellenistic.
  • UtDicitur (talk · contribs) - General article and project maintenance
  • Terrymacro (talk · contribs) - Terry MacKinnell - My research speciality is the astrological ages and I am widely published on the subject. I also interface with acheoastronomers on the subject. I have been seriously editing the Astrological Ages and Age of Aquarius topics.
  • Yworo (talk · contribs) History and practice of astrology.
  • MakeSense64 (talk · contribs) — A skeptic -> turned astrologer -> turned skeptic again. Scientific/engineering background.
  • Dwayne (talk · contribs) I've always had a strong interest in Astrology.
  • Robertcurrey (talk · contribs) — interested in astrology in relation to psychology, science & history.
  • Ken_McRitchie (talk · contribs) - Technical writer interested in the philosophy and theory of astrology (mathematical models, taxonomy, psychological mechanisms) and the scientific investigation of astrology.
  • bobrayner (talk · contribs) - working on neutral coverage of pseudoscience and other fringe topics.
  • Byrappa (talk · contribs)
  • IRWolfie- (talk · contribs) - Always interested in improving the articles on pseudoscience
  • Matticusmadness (talk · contribs) Dunno what good i'm gonna be since all my knowledge on Astrology comes from one website but you can call on me for help from a Libra, i'm very into this stuff.
  • Macalves (talk · contribs) — Interest in Astrology dates back to 1990. Aim to improve articles on the subject.
  • Starcartographer (talk · contribs) 23:54, 4 December 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Logical 1 (talk · contribs) Tropical psychological astrology expert, Professional Member of the American Federation of Astrologers (PMAFA), Consulting, counseling, metaphysics, self-actualization astrology/psychology, research papers in astrology/psychology/history, studio artist/astrology history, Mundane astrology, return charts, solar arcs, Placidus house system, dispositorships, delineation
  • stevetuf (talk · contribs) — interested in astrology in relation to psychology, mythology, philosophy, science & history. I have been studying astrology since the 70s and 80s.
  • Tento2 (talk · contribs) — my knowledge of astrology is mainly historical and based on its role in the development of science, calendars and time-keeping systems.
  • Shannon Garcia (talk · contribs) - Professional-level understanding of Western and Jyotish mechanics, interested in improving the neutrality and accuracy of articles. Engineering/technical writing background. More about me here.
  • WWRYas (talk · contribs)
  • kalakannija (talk · contribs) - Doing researches on Saturn based Astrology, Four bases, Reincarnation, Death, Sex, etc...
  • Isaiasad2 (talk · contribs) - Interested in Astrology, particularly Western Astrology
  • FrederickII (talk · contribs) - Interested in the Study of Astrology, particularly in Ancient and Renaissance times.
  • Vanellaphantom04 (talk · contribs) - Always have loved to study astrology
  • Babitahamdard (talk · contribs) - Interested in Indian Astrology and Indian TV Astrologers
  • W559 (talk · contribs) — history of Western astrology
  • KaleJuice (talk · contribs) - Student of Astrology, interested in cultural renaissance of modern astrology
  • MaximusEditor (talk · contribs) - Astrology has ben a core hobby/interest of mine for decades.
  • Kuttukareng (talk · contribs) - Doing a small research in Geometry of Astrology and planetary aspects. Looking for support
  • Skyerise (talk · contribs) - interested in fixed stars in astrology.

Current tasksEdit

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