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WikiProject Christianity: Theology Work Group

The goal of this workgroup is to improve the amount and the quality of Wikipedia's coverage of Christian theology. The scope of this workgroup is (a) primarily theological concepts and Christian theologians, and (b) secondarily the historical controversies surrounding the development of Christian theology.


Problem articles

Spot something out of place? Something in need of some real attention? List it here to bring it to the attention of the workgroup. Please also provide a brief description of the problem (e.g., unsourced, incomplete, original research, etc).

  1. Scientific foreknowledge in sacred texts. Horrible sourcing (blogs, usenet), possibly OR or a coatrack.
  2. Responsibility for the death of Jesus. Split from the Deicide article for clarity. What's left is original research.
  3. Irenism unsourced.

Focus Articles

It is much easier to make progress with our attention focused on the same articles. From the talk page consensus, here are 3-4 articles that the workgroup is currently focusing on improving. Pitch in wherever you can:

  1. Pneumatology
  2. Christian theology
  3. Karl Barth
  4. Kosuke Koyama

Source Questions

Have you come across a dubious source in an article, either in print or online? Let's talk about whether it is helpful or not.

Source help

Looking for a source for a particular topic? Ask here - you never know what someone may have in their library. Found a great online source, share it with us.

Centralized discussions

Many topics within this project range across a broad spectrum of articles. Cerntalized discussion space is provided for discussions that have an impact on many articles.

  1. Baptism
  2. Ecclesiology
  3. Christology

Suggested merges

  1. Ancestral sinOriginal sin. Same concept, different sides of the Bosphorus. Original sin needs some work, but the material at Ancestral sin should fit in well.
  2. Theology of AnabaptismAnabaptism or → Believer's baptism
  3. CompadreGodparent
  4. Sola fide and Justification (theology). Discussion at Talk:Sola_fide#Merge_Discussion.

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