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World Figure Skating Championships

The World Figure Skating Championships ("Worlds") is an annual figure skating competition sanctioned by the International Skating Union. Medals are awarded in the categories of men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dance. Generally held in March, the World Championships are considered the most prestigious of the ISU Championships, which also include the European Championships, the Four Continents Championships, and the World Junior Championships. With the exception of the Olympic title, a world title is considered to be the highest competitive achievement in figure skating.

The corresponding competition for junior-level skaters is the World Junior Championships. The corresponding competition for senior-level synchronized skating is the World Synchronized Skating Championships and for junior level the World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships.


The Internationale Eislauf-Vereinigung (International Skating Union) formed in 1892 to govern international competition in speed and figure skating. The first Championship, known as the Championship of the Internationale Eislauf-Vereingung, was held in Saint Petersburg in 1896. The event had four competitors and was won by Gilbert Fuchs.[1]

The championships were presumed all-male since competitive skating was generally viewed as a male sport. However, there were no specific rules regarding the gender of competitors. In 1902, Madge Syers entered the championships, and won the silver medal.[2] The 1903 ISU Congress considered gender issues, but passed no new rules. The 1905 Congress established a second class (ISU Championships rather than World Championships) ladies competition. Winners were to be known as ISU, not World Champions. Men's and ladies events were normally held separately. The first ladies competition was in 1906 and held in Davos,[2] won by Syers.

The first pairs competition was held in St. Petersburg in 1908,[3] even though in some countries pairs competition was illegal and considered indecent. One such country was Japan, which had applied for the Winter Olympics in 1940.[citation needed] Early championships for both ladies and pairs, previously titled merely as the ISU Championships, were retroactively given World Championship status in 1924.[3]

In the early years, judges were invited by the host country and were often local. At the 1927 ladies' event held in Oslo, three of the five judges were Norwegian. The three Norwegian judges gave first place to Norwegian competitor Sonja Henie, while the Austrian and German judges placed defending champion Herma Szabo first. The controversial result stood, giving Henie her first world title; however following the controversy, the ISU introduced a rule allowing no more than one judge per country on the panel.[4]

The 1930 championships in New York City combined all three competitions into one event for the first time, and was also the first championships to be held outside Europe.[3] Ice dancing entered the program officially in 1952,[3] after having been an unofficial part of the championships since 1936.[citation needed]

Countries were able to have more than three competitors competing in one discipline through 1959, e.g. six skaters represented the United Kingdom in ladies' singles at the 1948 World Championships, while the United States had five skaters in each singles discipline at the 1951 World Championships. In 1960, the number of participants per country was limited to a maximum of three per discipline.

Compulsory figures were removed from the World Championships in 1991.

The 6.0 system was used for judging until the 2004 championships, and the ISU Judging System was used from the 2005 edition onwards.

In the years of the Winter Olympics during the last few decades, when the World Championships are held around a month after the Olympic Games, there have been cases of the large proportion of Olympic medalists not attending. Reasons for forgoing the post-Olympics Worlds have included skaters needing rest for physical and mental exhaustion, and/or Olympic medalists wanting to go professional to cash in on their Games success. The ISU has begun discussing lengthening the time between the Games and the Worlds.[5]

On 5 August 2019 Stockholm Withdrew from hosting the 2021 Figure Skating World Championship Stockholm Losing. Italy will host 2021 Figure Skating World Championship. Beijing 2022 to Milano-Cortina 2026


The World Figure Skating Championships have been cancelled 15 times in its history: from 1915–1921 due to World War I, from 1940–1946 due to World War II, and in 1961 as a result of the loss of the entire American team in the crash of Sabena Flight 548.

The 2011 Championships, originally slated to be held in Tokyo, were initially considered for cancellation following the 2011 Japan earthquake, but were instead moved to Moscow.

Eligibility and qualifyingEdit

Skaters may compete at the World Championships if they represent a member nation of the International Skating Union and are selected by their federation. Pairs and ice dance partnerships composed of skaters of different nationalities are not allowed to compete under two flags; they are required to choose one country and obtain the other country's permission.

Member nations select their entries according to their own criteria. Some countries rely on the results of their national championships while others have more varied criteria, which may include success at certain international events or specific technical requirements. All of the selected skaters must meet the ISU's age and TES requirements.

Age eligibilityEdit

Since 1996,[6] skaters must be at least fifteen before July 1 of the previous year. Thus, to compete at the 2010 Worlds, skaters had to be 15 or older before July 1, 2009. A skater must turn 15 before it becomes July 1 in their place of birth – even an hour later is not accepted by the ISU.[7] The World Junior Championships is the corresponding competition for skaters aged 13 to 19 (or up to 21 for male pair skaters and ice dancers) who are not old enough for senior Worlds or do not qualify. For a few years after the introduction of the 1996 age rules, a loophole existed for underage skaters who had medaled at Junior Worlds.[8] The loophole was eventually eliminated. A few who had not medaled at Junior Worlds but had competed at senior Worlds before the introduction of the rules, such as Tara Lipinski of the United States, were allowed to continue competing in senior Worlds due to the Grandfather clause.

Minimum technical scoresEdit

Since 2010, only skaters who have reached minimum technical elements scores (TES) in the short and free programs at a prior international event are allowed to compete at the World Championships.[9] The short and free scores may be attained at different international events in the ongoing or preceding season. After an ISU congress voted to eliminate the qualifying rounds, the TES minimums were raised for the 2013 World Championships.

Qualifying roundsEdit

Because of the large number of entries at the World Championships, in some years the event included qualifying rounds for men and ladies. After the 2006 championships in Calgary, Canada, the ISU Congress voted to eliminate the qualifying round. It was later reintroduced and then eliminated again after the 2012 World Championships. After the short program, the top 24 single skaters and top 20 pairs advance to the free skate. In ice dance, the top 30 teams in the compulsory dance advanced to the original dance, and the top 24 after that segment advanced to the free dance.

Number of entriesEdit

Each national federation is entitled to send one entry per discipline. Depending on their results at the previous year's competition, some countries are allowed to send a second or third entry. If a country has only one entry, that skater/team must place in the top ten to earn a second entry and in the top two to earn three entries to next year's championships. If a country has two or three entries, their combined placement (best two) must be 28 or less to keep two entries for their country, and 13 or fewer to qualify three entries. All skaters who qualify for the free segment but place 16th or lower receive 16 placement points. All skaters who compete in the short segment but do not qualify for the free receive 18 placement points. Entries do not carry over and so countries must continue to earn their second or third spot every year.

Number of entries this year To earn 3 entries the next year To earn 2 entries the next year
1 Place in the top 2 Place in the top 10
2 Total placements is equal to or less than 13 Total placements is equal to or less than 28
3 Top two placements is equal to or less than 13 Top two placements is equal to or less than 28

There are exceptions[clarification needed] if a skater is forced to withdraw in the middle of the competition due to a medical emergency or equipment problems.



Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1896   St. Petersburg   Gilbert Fuchs   Gustav Hügel   Georg Sanders
1897   Stockholm   Gustav Hügel   Ulrich Salchow   Johan Lefstad
1898   London   Henning Grenander   Gustav Hügel   Gilbert Fuchs
1899   Davos   Gustav Hügel   Ulrich Salchow   Edgar Syers
1900   Davos   Gustav Hügel   Ulrich Salchow no other competitors
1901   Stockholm   Ulrich Salchow   Gilbert Fuchs no other competitors
1902   London   Ulrich Salchow   Madge Syers (woman)   Martin Gordan
1903   St. Petersburg   Ulrich Salchow   Nikolai Panin Kolomenkin   Max Bohatsch
1904   Berlin   Ulrich Salchow   Heinrich Burger   Martin Gordan
1905   Stockholm   Ulrich Salchow   Max Bohatsch   Per Thorén
1906   Munich   Gilbert Fuchs   Heinrich Burger   Bror Meyer
1907   Vienna   Ulrich Salchow   Max Bohatsch   Gilbert Fuchs
1908   Troppau   Ulrich Salchow   Gilbert Fuchs   Heinrich Burger
1909   Stockholm   Ulrich Salchow   Per Thorén   Ernst Herz
1910   Davos   Ulrich Salchow   Werner Rittberger   Andor Szende
1911   Berlin   Ulrich Salchow   Werner Rittberger   Fritz Kachler
1912   Manchester   Fritz Kachler   Werner Rittberger   Andor Szende
1913   Vienna   Fritz Kachler   Willy Böckl   Andor Szende
1914   Helsinki   Gösta Sandahl   Fritz Kachler   Willy Böckl
Not held because of World War I
1922   Stockholm   Gillis Grafström   Fritz Kachler   Willy Böckl
1923   Vienna   Fritz Kachler   Willy Böckl   Gösta Sandahl
1924   Manchester   Gillis Grafström   Willy Böckl   Ernst Oppacher
1925   Vienna   Willy Böckl   Fritz Kachler   Otto Preißecker
1926   Berlin   Willy Böckl   Otto Preißecker   John Page
1927   Davos   Willy Böckl   Otto Preißecker   Karl Schäfer
1928   Berlin   Willy Böckl   Karl Schäfer   Hugo Distler
1929   London   Gillis Grafström   Karl Schäfer   Ludwig Wrede
1930   New York City   Karl Schäfer   Roger Turner   Georges Gautschi
1931   Berlin   Karl Schäfer   Roger Turner   Ernst Baier
1932   Montreal   Karl Schäfer   Montgomery Wilson   Ernst Baier
1933   Zürich   Karl Schäfer   Ernst Baier   Marcus Nikkanen
1934   Stockholm   Karl Schäfer   Ernst Baier   Erich Erdös
1935   Budapest   Karl Schäfer   Jack Dunn   Dénes Pataky
1936   Paris   Karl Schäfer   Graham Sharp   Felix Kaspar
1937   Vienna   Felix Kaspar   Graham Sharp   Elemér Terták
1938   Berlin   Felix Kaspar   Graham Sharp   Herbert Alward
1939   Budapest   Graham Sharp   Freddie Tomlins   Horst Faber
Not held because of World War II
1947   Stockholm   Hans Gerschwiler   Dick Button   Arthur Apfel
1948   Davos   Dick Button   Hans Gerschwiler   Ede Király
1949   Paris   Dick Button   Ede Király   Edi Rada
1950   London   Dick Button   Ede Király   Hayes Alan Jenkins
1951   Milan   Dick Button   James Grogan   Helmut Seibt
1952   Paris   Dick Button   James Grogan   Hayes Alan Jenkins
1953   Davos   Hayes Alan Jenkins   James Grogan   Carlo Fassi
1954   Oslo   Hayes Alan Jenkins   James Grogan   Alain Giletti
1955   Vienna   Hayes Alan Jenkins   Ronnie Robertson   David Jenkins
1956   Garmisch-Partenkirchen   Hayes Alan Jenkins   Ronnie Robertson   David Jenkins
1957   Colorado Springs   David Jenkins   Tim Brown   Charles Snelling
1958   Paris   David Jenkins   Tim Brown   Alain Giletti
1959   Colorado Springs   David Jenkins   Donald Jackson   Tim Brown
1960   Vancouver   Alain Giletti   Donald Jackson   Alain Calmat
1961 Event cancelled after the Sabena Flight 548 crash
1962   Prague   Donald Jackson   Karol Divín   Alain Calmat
1963   Cortina d'Ampezzo   Donald McPherson   Alain Calmat   Manfred Schnelldorfer
1964   Dortmund   Manfred Schnelldorfer   Alain Calmat   Karol Divín
1965   Colorado Springs   Alain Calmat   Scott Allen   Donald Knight
1966   Davos   Emmerich Danzer   Wolfgang Schwarz   Gary Visconti
1967   Vienna   Emmerich Danzer   Wolfgang Schwarz   Gary Visconti
1968   Geneva   Emmerich Danzer   Tim Wood   Patrick Péra
1969   Colorado Springs   Tim Wood   Ondrej Nepela   Patrick Péra
1970   Ljubljana   Tim Wood   Ondrej Nepela   Günter Zöller
1971   Lyon   Ondrej Nepela   Patrick Péra   Sergei Chetverukhin
1972   Calgary   Ondrej Nepela   Sergei Chetverukhin   Vladimir Kovalyov
1973   Bratislava   Ondrej Nepela   Sergei Chetverukhin   Jan Hoffmann
1974   Munich   Jan Hoffmann   Sergei Volkov   Toller Cranston
1975   Colorado Springs   Sergei Volkov   Vladimir Kovalyov   John Curry
1976   Gothenburg   John Curry   Vladimir Kovalyov   Jan Hoffmann
1977   Tokyo   Vladimir Kovalyov   Jan Hoffmann   Minoru Sano
1978   Ottawa   Charles Tickner   Jan Hoffmann   Robin Cousins
1979   Vienna   Vladimir Kovalyov   Robin Cousins   Jan Hoffmann
1980   Dortmund   Jan Hoffmann   Robin Cousins   Charles Tickner
1981   Hartford   Scott Hamilton   David Santee   Igor Bobrin
1982   Copenhagen   Scott Hamilton   Norbert Schramm   Brian Pockar
1983   Helsinki   Scott Hamilton   Norbert Schramm   Brian Orser
1984   Ottawa   Scott Hamilton   Brian Orser   Alexander Fadeev
1985   Tokyo   Alexander Fadeev   Brian Orser   Brian Boitano
1986   Geneva   Brian Boitano   Brian Orser   Alexander Fadeev
1987   Cincinnati   Brian Orser   Brian Boitano   Alexander Fadeev
1988   Budapest   Brian Boitano   Brian Orser   Viktor Petrenko
1989   Paris   Kurt Browning   Christopher Bowman   Grzegorz Filipowski
1990   Halifax   Kurt Browning   Viktor Petrenko   Christopher Bowman
1991   Munich   Kurt Browning   Viktor Petrenko   Todd Eldredge
1992   Oakland   Viktor Petrenko   Kurt Browning   Elvis Stojko
1993   Prague   Kurt Browning   Elvis Stojko   Alexei Urmanov
1994   Chiba   Elvis Stojko   Philippe Candeloro   Viacheslav Zagorodniuk
1995   Birmingham   Elvis Stojko   Todd Eldredge   Philippe Candeloro
1996   Edmonton   Todd Eldredge   Ilia Kulik   Rudy Galindo
1997   Lausanne   Elvis Stojko   Todd Eldredge   Alexei Yagudin
1998   Minneapolis   Alexei Yagudin   Todd Eldredge   Evgeni Plushenko
1999   Helsinki   Alexei Yagudin   Evgeni Plushenko   Michael Weiss
2000   Nice   Alexei Yagudin   Elvis Stojko   Michael Weiss
2001   Vancouver   Evgeni Plushenko   Alexei Yagudin   Todd Eldredge
2002   Nagano   Alexei Yagudin   Timothy Goebel   Takeshi Honda
2003   Washington, D.C.   Evgeni Plushenko   Timothy Goebel   Takeshi Honda
2004   Dortmund   Evgeni Plushenko   Brian Joubert   Stefan Lindemann
2005   Moscow   Stéphane Lambiel   Jeffrey Buttle   Evan Lysacek
2006   Calgary   Stéphane Lambiel   Brian Joubert   Evan Lysacek
2007   Tokyo   Brian Joubert   Daisuke Takahashi   Stéphane Lambiel
2008   Gothenburg   Jeffrey Buttle   Brian Joubert   Johnny Weir
2009   Los Angeles   Evan Lysacek   Patrick Chan   Brian Joubert
2010   Turin   Daisuke Takahashi   Patrick Chan   Brian Joubert
2011   Moscow   Patrick Chan   Takahiko Kozuka   Artur Gachinski
2012   Nice   Patrick Chan   Daisuke Takahashi   Yuzuru Hanyu
2013   London   Patrick Chan   Denis Ten   Javier Fernández
2014   Saitama   Yuzuru Hanyu   Tatsuki Machida   Javier Fernández
2015   Shanghai   Javier Fernández   Yuzuru Hanyu   Denis Ten
2016   Boston   Javier Fernández   Yuzuru Hanyu   Jin Boyang
2017   Helsinki   Yuzuru Hanyu   Shoma Uno   Jin Boyang
2018   Milan   Nathan Chen   Shoma Uno   Mikhail Kolyada
2019   Saitama   Nathan Chen   Yuzuru Hanyu   Vincent Zhou
2020   Montreal
2021   Milan
2022   Montpellier

Most Titles


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1906   Davos   Madge Syers   Jenny Herz   Lily Kronberger
1907   Vienna   Madge Syers   Jenny Herz   Lily Kronberger
1908   Troppau   Lily Kronberger   Elsa Rendschmidt no other competitors
1909   Budapest   Lily Kronberger no other competitors
1910   Berlin   Lily Kronberger   Elsa Rendschmidt no other competitors
1911   Vienna   Lily Kronberger   Opika von Méray Horváth   Ludowika Jakobsson-Eilers
1912   Davos   Opika von Méray Horváth   Dorothy Greenhough-Smith   Phyllis Johnson
1913   Stockholm   Opika von Méray Horváth   Phyllis Johnson   Svea Norén
1914   St. Moritz   Opika von Méray Horváth   Angela Hanka   Phyllis Johnson
Not held because of World War I
1922   Stockholm   Herma Szabo   Svea Norén   Margot Moe
1923   Vienna   Herma Szabo   Gisela Reichmann   Svea Norén
1924   Oslo   Herma Szabo   Ellen Brockhöft   Beatrix Loughran
1925   Davos   Herma Szabo   Ellen Brockhöft   Elisabeth Böckel
1926   Stockholm   Herma Szabo   Sonja Henie   Kathleen Shaw
1927   Oslo   Sonja Henie   Herma Szabo   Karen Simensen
1928   London   Sonja Henie   Maribel Vinson   Fritzi Burger
1929   Budapest   Sonja Henie   Fritzi Burger   Melitta Brunner
1930   New York City   Sonja Henie   Cecil Smith   Maribel Vinson
1931   Berlin   Sonja Henie   Hilde Holovsky   Fritzi Burger
1932   Montreal   Sonja Henie   Fritzi Burger   Constance Wilson-Samuel
1933   Stockholm   Sonja Henie   Vivi-Anne Hultén   Hilde Holovsky
1934   Oslo   Sonja Henie   Megan Taylor   Liselotte Landbeck
1935   Vienna   Sonja Henie   Cecilia Colledge   Vivi-Anne Hultén
1936   Paris   Sonja Henie   Megan Taylor   Vivi-Anne Hultén
1937   London   Cecilia Colledge   Megan Taylor   Vivi-Anne Hultén
1938   Stockholm   Megan Taylor   Cecilia Colledge   Hedy Stenuf
1939   Prague   Megan Taylor   Hedy Stenuf   Daphne Walker
Not held due to World War II
1947   Stockholm   Barbara Ann Scott   Daphne Walker   Gretchen Merrill
1948   Davos   Barbara Ann Scott   Eva Pawlik   Jiřína Nekolová
1949   Paris   Alena Vrzáňová   Yvonne Sherman   Jeannette Altwegg
1950   London   Alena Vrzáňová   Jeannette Altwegg   Yvonne Sherman
1951   Milan   Jeannette Altwegg   Jacqueline du Bief   Sonya Klopfer
1952   Paris   Jacqueline du Bief   Sonya Klopfer   Virginia Baxter
1953   Davos   Tenley Albright   Gundi Busch   Valda Osborn
1954   Oslo   Gundi Busch   Tenley Albright   Erica Batchelor
1955   Vienna   Tenley Albright   Carol Heiss   Hanna Eigel
1956   Garmisch-Partenkirchen   Carol Heiss   Tenley Albright   Ingrid Wendl
1957   Colorado Springs   Carol Heiss   Hanna Eigel   Ingrid Wendl
1958   Paris   Carol Heiss   Ingrid Wendl   Hanna Walter
1959   Colorado Springs   Carol Heiss   Hanna Walter   Sjoukje Dijkstra
1960   Vancouver   Carol Heiss   Sjoukje Dijkstra   Barbara Ann Roles
1961 Event cancelled after the Sabena Flight 548 crash
1962   Prague   Sjoukje Dijkstra   Wendy Griner   Regine Heitzer
1963   Cortina d'Ampezzo   Sjoukje Dijkstra   Regine Heitzer   Nicole Hassler
1964   Dortmund   Sjoukje Dijkstra   Regine Heitzer   Petra Burka
1965   Colorado Springs   Petra Burka   Regine Heitzer   Peggy Fleming
1966   Davos   Peggy Fleming   Gabriele Seyfert   Petra Burka
1967   Vienna   Peggy Fleming   Gabriele Seyfert   Hana Mašková
1968   Geneva   Peggy Fleming   Gabriele Seyfert   Hana Mašková
1969   Colorado Springs   Gabriele Seyfert   Trixi Schuba   Zsuzsa Almássy
1970   Ljubljana   Gabriele Seyfert   Trixi Schuba   Julie Lynn Holmes
1971   Lyon   Trixi Schuba   Julie Lynn Holmes   Karen Magnussen
1972   Calgary   Trixi Schuba   Karen Magnussen   Janet Lynn
1973   Bratislava   Karen Magnussen   Janet Lynn   Christine Errath
1974   Munich   Christine Errath   Dorothy Hamill   Dianne de Leeuw
1975   Colorado Springs   Dianne de Leeuw   Dorothy Hamill   Christine Errath
1976   Gothenburg   Dorothy Hamill   Christine Errath   Dianne de Leeuw
1977   Tokyo   Linda Fratianne   Anett Pötzsch   Dagmar Lurz
1978   Ottawa   Anett Pötzsch   Linda Fratianne   Susanna Driano
1979   Vienna   Linda Fratianne   Anett Pötzsch   Emi Watanabe
1980   Dortmund   Anett Pötzsch   Dagmar Lurz   Linda Fratianne
1981   Hartford   Denise Biellmann   Elaine Zayak   Claudia Kristofics-Binder
1982   Copenhagen   Elaine Zayak   Katarina Witt   Claudia Kristofics-Binder
1983   Helsinki   Rosalynn Sumners   Claudia Leistner   Elena Vodorezova
1984   Ottawa   Katarina Witt   Anna Kondrashova   Elaine Zayak
1985   Tokyo   Katarina Witt   Kira Ivanova   Tiffany Chin
1986   Geneva   Debi Thomas   Katarina Witt   Tiffany Chin
1987   Cincinnati   Katarina Witt   Debi Thomas   Caryn Kadavy
1988   Budapest   Katarina Witt   Elizabeth Manley   Debi Thomas
1989   Paris   Midori Ito   Claudia Leistner   Jill Trenary
1990   Halifax   Jill Trenary   Midori Ito   Holly Cook
1991   Munich   Kristi Yamaguchi   Tonya Harding   Nancy Kerrigan
1992   Oakland   Kristi Yamaguchi   Nancy Kerrigan   Chen Lu
1993   Prague   Oksana Baiul   Surya Bonaly   Chen Lu
1994   Chiba   Yuka Sato   Surya Bonaly   Tanja Szewczenko
1995   Birmingham   Chen Lu   Surya Bonaly   Nicole Bobek
1996   Edmonton   Michelle Kwan   Chen Lu   Irina Slutskaya
1997   Lausanne   Tara Lipinski   Michelle Kwan   Vanessa Gusmeroli
1998   Minneapolis   Michelle Kwan   Irina Slutskaya   Maria Butyrskaya
1999   Helsinki   Maria Butyrskaya   Michelle Kwan   Julia Soldatova
2000   Nice   Michelle Kwan   Irina Slutskaya   Maria Butyrskaya
2001   Vancouver   Michelle Kwan   Irina Slutskaya   Sarah Hughes
2002   Nagano   Irina Slutskaya   Michelle Kwan   Fumie Suguri
2003   Washington, D.C.   Michelle Kwan   Elena Sokolova   Fumie Suguri
2004   Dortmund   Shizuka Arakawa   Sasha Cohen   Michelle Kwan
2005   Moscow   Irina Slutskaya   Sasha Cohen   Carolina Kostner
2006   Calgary   Kimmie Meissner   Fumie Suguri   Sasha Cohen
2007   Tokyo   Miki Ando   Mao Asada   Yuna Kim
2008   Gothenburg   Mao Asada   Carolina Kostner   Yuna Kim
2009   Los Angeles   Yuna Kim   Joannie Rochette   Miki Ando
2010   Turin   Mao Asada   Yuna Kim   Laura Lepistö
2011   Moscow   Miki Ando   Yuna Kim   Carolina Kostner
2012   Nice   Carolina Kostner   Alena Leonova   Akiko Suzuki
2013   London   Yuna Kim   Carolina Kostner   Mao Asada
2014   Saitama   Mao Asada   Yulia Lipnitskaya   Carolina Kostner
2015   Shanghai   Elizaveta Tuktamysheva   Satoko Miyahara   Elena Radionova
2016   Boston   Evgenia Medvedeva   Ashley Wagner   Anna Pogorilaya
2017   Helsinki   Evgenia Medvedeva   Kaetlyn Osmond   Gabrielle Daleman
2018   Milan   Kaetlyn Osmond   Wakaba Higuchi   Satoko Miyahara
2019   Saitama   Alina Zagitova   Elizabet Tursynbaeva   Evgenia Medvedeva
2020   Montreal
2021   Stockholm
2022   Montpellier

Most Titles


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1908   St. Petersburg   Anna Hübler / Heinrich Burger   Phyllis Johnson / James H. Johnson   Lidia Popova / Alexander L. Fischer
1909   Stockholm   Phyllis Johnson / James H. Johnson   Valborg Lindahl / Nils Rosenius   Gertrud Ström / Richard Johansson
1910   Berlin   Anna Hübler / Heinrich Burger   Ludowika Eilers /   Walter Jakobsson   Phyllis Johnson / James H. Johnson
1911   Vienna   Ludowika Eilers /   Walter Jakobsson no other competitors
1912   Manchester   Phyllis Johnson / James H. Johnson   Ludowika Jakobsson-Eilers / Walter Jakobsson   Alexia Schøien / Yngvar Bryn
1913   Stockholm   Helene Engelmann / Karl Mejstrik   Ludowika Jakobsson-Eilers / Walter Jakobsson   Christa von Szabó / Leo Horwitz
1914   St. Moritz   Ludowika Jakobsson-Eilers / Walter Jakobsson   Helene Engelmann / Karl Mejstrik   Christa von Szabó / Leo Horwitz
Not held due to World War I
1922   Davos   Helene Engelmann / Alfred Berger   Ludowika Jakobsson-Eilers / Walter Jakobsson   Margaret Metzner / Paul Metzner
1923   Oslo   Ludowika Jakobsson-Eilers / Walter Jakobsson   Alexia Bryn-Schøien / Yngvar Bryn   Elna Henrikson / Kaj af Ekström
1924   Manchester   Helene Engelmann / Alfred Berger   Ethel Muckelt / John F. Page   Elna Henrikson / Kaj af Ekström
1925   Vienna   Herma Szabo / Ludwig Wrede   Andreé Joly-Brunet / Pierre Brunet   Lilly Scholz / Otto Kaiser
1926   Berlin   Andreé Joly / Pierre Brunet   Lilly Scholz / Otto Kaiser   Herma Szabo / Ludwig Wrede
1927   Vienna   Herma Szabo / Ludwig Wrede   Lilly Scholz / Otto Kaiser   Else Hoppe / Oscar Hoppe
1928   London   Andreé Joly / Pierre Brunet   Lilly Scholz / Otto Kaiser   Melitta Brunner / Ludwig Wrede
1929   Budapest   Lilly Scholz / Otto Kaiser   Melitta Brunner / Ludwig Wrede   Olga Orgonista / Sándor Szalay
1930   New York City   Andreé Joly-Brunet / Pierre Brunet   Melitta Brunner / Ludwig Wrede   Beatrix Loughran / Sherwin Badger
1931   Berlin   Emília Rotter / László Szollás   Olga Orgonista / Sándor Szalay   Idi Papez / Karl Zwack
1932   Montreal   Andreé Joly-Brunet / Pierre Brunet   Emília Rotter / László Szollás   Beatrix Loughran / Sherwin Badger
1933   Stockholm   Emília Rotter / László Szollás   Idi Papez / Karl Zwack   Randi Bakke-Gjertsen / Christen Christensen
1934   Helsinki   Emília Rotter / László Szollás   Idi Papez / Karl Zwack   Maxi Herber / Ernst Baier
1935   Budapest   Emília Rotter / László Szollás   Ilse Pausin / Erich Pausin   Lucy Gallo / Rezso Dillinger
1936   Paris   Maxi Herber / Ernst Baier   Ilse Pausin / Erich Pausin   Violet Cliff / Leslie Cliff
1937   London   Maxi Herber / Ernst Baier   Ilse Pausin / Erich Pausin   Violet Cliff / Leslie Cliff
1938   Berlin   Maxi Herber / Ernst Baier   Ilse Pausin / Erich Pausin   Inge Koch / Gunther Noack
1939   Budapest   Maxi Herber / Ernst Baier   Ilse Pausin / Erich Pausin   Inge Koch / Gunther Noack
Not held due to World War II
1947   Stockholm   Micheline Lannoy / Pierre Baugniet   Karol Kennedy / Peter Kennedy   Suzanne Diskeuve / Edmond Verbustel
1948   Davos   Micheline Lannoy / Pierre Baugniet   Andrea Kékesy / Ede Király   Suzanne Morrow / Wallace Diestelmeyer
1949   Paris   Andrea Kékesy / Ede Király   Karol Kennedy / Peter Kennedy   Ann Davies / Carleton Hoffner
1950   London   Karol Kennedy / Peter Kennedy   Jennifer Nicks / John Nicks   Marianna Nagy / László Nagy
1951   Milan   Ria Baran / Paul Falk   Karol Kennedy / Peter Kennedy   Jennifer Nicks / John Nicks
1952   Paris   Ria Baran / Paul Falk   Karol Kennedy / Peter Kennedy   Jennifer Nicks / John Nicks
1953   Davos   Jennifer Nicks / John Nicks   Frances Dafoe / Norris Bowden   Marianna Nagy / László Nagy
1954   Oslo   Frances Dafoe / Norris Bowden   Silvia Grandjean / Michel Grandjean   Sissy Schwarz / Kurt Oppelt
1955   Vienna   Frances Dafoe / Norris Bowden   Sissy Schwarz / Kurt Oppelt   Marianna Nagy / László Nagy
1956   Garmisch-Partenkirchen   Sissy Schwarz / Kurt Oppelt   Frances Dafoe / Norris Bowden   Marika Kilius / Franz Ningel