IBSF World Billiards Championship

The IBSF World Billiards Championship (previously known as the World Amateur Billiards Championship) is the premier, international, non-professional tournament for the game of English billiards. Dating to some form to 1951, the event has been sanctioned by the International Billiards and Snooker Federation since 1973.


Prior to 1951, when the first "world amateur" championship was held under the auspices of the Billiards Association and Control Council (based in London),[1] this event was called the [British] Empire Billiards Championship.[2]

In 1971, after many years' discussion,[3] the World Billiards & Snooker Council was formed, changing its name in 1973 to the International Billiards & Snooker Federation. The name change came about because of the disquiet of many overseas national associations that the same body should oversee both the English domestic game and the game at international level. Consequently, the IBSF took control of the organisation of the non-professional championships of both snooker and billiards. The first winner from outside the British Commonwealth did not occur until 1999.

From 2012 to 2015, the IBSF World Billiards Championship was merged with the World Professional Billiards Championship. Under the name World Billiards Championship, tournaments were held in both points and timed format.


Year Venue Winner Runner-up Score
2019 Mandalay (150-Up)   Pankaj Advani   Nay Thway Oo 6–2
2019 Mandalay (Long-Up)   Peter Gilchrist   Praprut Chaithanasakun 1000–732
2018 Yangon (150-Up)   Pankaj Advani   Nay Thway Oo 6–2
2018 Yangon (Long-Up)   Pankaj Advani   Bhaskar Balachandra 1500–299
2017 Doha (150-Up)   Pankaj Advani   Mike Russell 6–2
2017 Doha (Long-Up)   Mike Russell   Robert Hall 1500–1284
2016 India (150-Up)   Pankaj Advani   Peter Gilchrist 6–3
2016 India (Long-Up)   Peter Gilchrist   Sourav Kothari 1500–617
2015 Adelaide (timed)   Pankaj Advani   Peter Gilchrist 2408–1240
2015 Adelaide (150-Up)   Peter Gilchrist   Pankaj Advani 6–4
2014 England (timed)   Pankaj Advani   Rob Hall 1928–893
2014 England (150-up)   Pankaj Advani   Peter Gilchrist 6–2
2013 England (Long-Up)   Peter Gilchrist   David Causier 1500–1085
2013 England (150-Up)   David Causier   Alok Kumar 6–1
2012 England (timed)   Pankaj Advani   Mike Russell 1895–1216
2012 England (points)   Rupesh Shah   Matthew Bolton 6–2
2011 Carlow (timed)   Mike Russell   Matthew Bolton 3001–519
2011 Carlow (points)   Mike Russell   Pankaj Advani 6–3 (150up)
2010 Maharashtra (timed)   Mike Russell   Peter Gilchrist 4120–784
2010 Maharashtra (points)   Mike Russell   Pankaj Advani 6–0 (150up)
2008 Bangalore (timed)   Pankaj Advani   Devendra Joshi 2368–2020
2008 Bangalore (points)   Pankaj Advani   Geet Sethi 6–1 (150up)
2007 Singapore (timed)   Pankaj Advani   Dhruv Sitwala 1946–1488
2007 Singapore (points)   Rupesh Shah   Ashok Shandilya 6–4 (150up)
2005 Malta (timed)   Pankaj Advani   Geet Sethi 2242–1717
2005 Malta (points)   Pankaj Advani   Devendra Joshi 6–2 (150up)
2003 India   Lee Lagan   Geet Sethi 6–5 (150up)
2002 Australia (timed)   Mike Russell   Geet Sethi 2438–1499
2002 Australia (points)   Ashok Shandilya   Praput Chaithanasakun 11–9 (50up)
2001 New Zealand   Geet Sethi   Ashok Shandilya 3484–1289
2000 England   Chris Shutt   Roxton Chapman 11–9 (50up)
1999 Ireland   Praput Chaithanasakun   Paul Bennett 3201–1657
1998 Australia   Robby Foldvari   Praput Chaithanasakun 1869–1439
1997 Malta   Joe Grech   Ashok Shandilya 2895–2836
1990 Bangalore   Manoj Kothari   Ashok Shandilya 2890–2422
1987 Belfast   Geet Sethi   Joe Grech 4846–3256
1985 Dublin   Geet Sethi   Bob Marshall 3809–2453
1983 Malta   Michael Ferreira   Subhash Agarwal 3933–2744
1981 Delhi   Michael Ferreira   Norman Dagley 2725–2631
1979 Sri Lanka   Paul Mifsud   Norman Dagley 2943–2152
1977 Melbourne   Michael Ferreira   Bob Close 2683–2564
1975 Auckland   Norman Dagley   Michael Ferreira 3385–2268
1973 Bombay   Muhammad Lafir   Satish Mohan Round Robin
1971 Malta   Norman Dagley   Mannie Francisco Round Robin
1969 London   Jack Karnehm   Michael Ferreira Round Robin
1967 Colombo   Leslie Driffield   Muhammad Lafir Round Robin
1964 Pukekohe   Wilson Jones   Jack Karnehm Round Robin
1962 Perth   Bob Marshall   Wilson Jones 3623–2891
1960 Edinburgh   Herbert Beetham   Jim Long Round Robin
1958 Calcutta   Wilson Jones   Leslie Driffield Round Robin
1954 Sydney   Tom Cleary   Bob Marshall Round Robin
1952 Calcutta   Leslie Driffield   Bob Marshall Round Robin
1951 London   Bob Marshall   Frank Edwards Round Robin
1938 Melbourne   Bob Marshall   Kingsley Kennerley Round Robin
1936 Johannesburg   Bob Marshall   Allan Prior Round Robin
1935 London   Horace Coles   J McGhie Round Robin
1933 London   Sydney Lee   Tom Jones Round Robin
1931 Sydney   Laurie Steeples   Sydney Lee Round Robin
1929 Johannesburg   Les Hayes   Allan Prior Round Robin
1927 London   Allan Prior   Horace Coles Round Robin
1926 London   Joe Earlam   George Shailer Round Robin


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