1910 World Figure Skating Championships

The World Figure Skating Championships is an annual figure skating competition sanctioned by the International Skating Union in which figure skaters compete for the title of World Champion.

1910 World Figure Skating Championships
Type:ISU Championship
Location:Switzerland Davos, Switzerland (men)
German Empire Berlin, German Empire (ladies and pairs)
Men's singles:
Sweden Ulrich Salchow
Ladies' singles:
Kingdom of Hungary Lily Kronberger
Pair skating:
German Empire Anna Hübler / Heinrich Burger
1909 World Championships
1911 World Championships

Men's competitions took place from January 29 to 30 in Davos, Switzerland. Ladies' competition took place on February 4 in Berlin, German Empire. There were only two competitors. Pairs' competition took place on February 4 also in Berlin, German Empire.

Results Edit

Men Edit

Rank Name Points Places
1   Ulrich Salchow 334 11
2   Werner Rittberger 323.21 14
3   Andor Szende 302.36 20
4   Per Thorén 302.36 25
WD   Gilbert Fuchs DNS
WD   Walter Jakobsson DNS


Ladies Edit

Rank Name Places
1   Lily Kronberger 5
2   Elsa Rendschmidt 10


Pairs Edit

Rank Name Places
1   Anna Hübler / Heinrich Burger 8.5
2     Ludowika Eilers / Walter Jakobsson 14
3   Phyllis Johnson / James Johnson 19.5


  •   K. Eberhardt
  •   Fritz Hellmund
  •   O. Hüttig
  •   P. Kersten
  •   F. Otto
  •   Max Rendschmidt
  •   Otto Schöning

Sources Edit

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