World Checkers/Draughts Championship

The World Checkers/Draughts Championship is the tournament of English draughts (also known as "American checkers" or "straight checkers") which determines the world champion. It is organised by the World Checkers/Draughts Federation. The first edition of the men's championship was held in the 1840s,[1] predating the men's Draughts World Championship by several decades. The women's championship has been held since 1986. There are championships held in two versions. One is 3-Move, where players don't begin their game in the starting position but a position three moves in the game (often drawn randomly from all positions, excluding positions already losing a piece). The other is GAYP (Go as you please), where players start from the very beginning.


Year Winner Nationality
1840–1844 Andrew Anderson   Scotland
1844–1847 James Wyllie   Scotland
1847–1849 Andrew Anderson   Scotland
1849–1859 James Wyllie   Scotland
1859–1864 Robert Martins   Scotland
1864–1876 James Wyllie   Scotland
1876–1878 Robert D. Yates   United States
1878–1894 James Wyllie   Scotland
1894–1896 James Ferrie   Scotland
1896–1903 Richard Jordan   Scotland
1903–1912 James Ferrie   Scotland
1912–1917 Alfred Jordan   England
1917–1922 Newell Banks   United States
1922–1933 Robert Stewart   Scotland
1933–1934 Newell Banks   United States
1934–1948 Asa Long   United States
1948–1955 Walter Hellman   United States
1955–1958 Marion Tinsley   United States
1958–1975 Walter Hellman   United States
1975–1991 Marion Tinsley   United States
1991–1994 Calum Patten   England
Year Winner Nationality
1994–2014 Ron King   Barbados
2014–2016 Sergio Scarpetta   Italy
2016–2018 Michele Borghetti   Italy
2018– Lubabalo Kondlo   South Africa
Year Winner Nationality
1994–2002 Ron King   Barbados
2003–2013 Alex Moiseyev   United States
2013–2017 Michele Borghetti   Italy
2017[2] Sergio Scarpetta   Italy


Year Winner Nationality
2006–2012 Amangul Durdyyeva   Turkmenistan
2013[3]–2015 Nadiya Chyzhevska   Ukraine
2015–2017 Amangul Durdyyeva   Turkmenistan
2017– Nadiya Chyzhevska   Ukraine
Year Winner Nationality
1986–1993 Joan Caws   United Kingdom
1993–2007 Patricia Breen   Ireland
2007–2012 Amangul Durdyyeva   Turkmenistan
2012–2016 Nadiya Chyzhevska   Ukraine
2016[4]–2018 Amangul Durdyyeva   Turkmenistan
2018[5] Tetiana Zaitseva   Ukraine

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