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Order of the Day
"Jimbo medal" insignia
with Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales in relief.
Awarded by Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales
TypeWikipedia award order
Established15 January 2001
MottoWe make the Internet not suck
CriteriaHonoris causa
FounderJimmy "Jimbo" Wales
Classes1: Wikipedia holiday designation
First induction15 January 2001
Last induction20 April 2012
Total inductees5
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Wikipedian of the Year

Wikipedia holidays, or the Order of the Day, consist of Wikipedia's founding day of January 15 and four Wikipedia awards bestowed honoris causa by Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales, the site's 2001 co-founder. With the motto "We make the Internet not suck" derived from a 2005 interview with Wales, four of the five holidays celebrate specific developers and editors and their exceptional service to the community.

History edit

For the first four years of Wikipedia's existence, at random times known only to him, Jimbo decreed an official Wikipedia holiday. These are to be celebrated annually in the manner described in the proclamation. After a long break, the tradition was briefly resumed in 2012. Please note that each proclamation begins with Jimbo proclaiming "in his usual authoritarian and bossy manner"—meant to poke fun at the general impression that he is somehow the "GodKing of Wikipedia", which he proclaims in his usual authoritarian and bossy manner that he is not, in a tradition of general amusement.

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