While you read this, Wikipedia develops at a rate of over 2 edits every second, performed by editors from all over the world. Currently, the English Wikipedia includes 6,750,279 articles and it averages 543 new articles per day. This amount of data can be analyzed in many ways. The best way to get an idea of the bigger picture is with statistics.

This page shows some figures about Wikipedia, analysis of different patterns, and compiles related tools, covering various aspects of Wikipedia, whether as an encyclopedia, a website, or a community. Some provide current snapshots and others track growth and development over time. It also includes frameworks and datasets that can help you in creating your own statistics.

Below are links to some of the most prominent pages that serve as hubs for multiple databases and reports that provide continuous updated data regarding recent activity and development at Wikipedia. Other links further down this page pertain to specific quantitative indicators.

Charts edit

Statistical breakdowns using lists, tables and rankings.

Item counts for English Wikipedia (update)
Item Count
Articles 6.75×106
Pages 5.95×107
Files 9.13×105
Edits 1.18×109
Users 4.66×107
Admins 878
Active users[note 1] 1.23×105
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Size edit

Number of English Wikipedia articles[1]

Edits per editor edit

Edits per article edit

Overall edit volume edit

  • New articles created per day – can be filtered by user group or namespace
  • Time between edits – length of time (measured in days) between each block of 10,000,000 edits made to Wikipedia, starting January 16, 2001, and ending with the most recently completed block

Articles by quality edit

As of 2022, the median article is a stub. This typically means that it contains a few sentences on the subject. (Elements such as images, infoboxes, and most lists are not usually counted in this calculation.)

As a rule of thumb, the more popular the article is as measured by page views, the higher quality it will be.

Images edit

As of 2022, about 50% of articles on the English Wikipedia contain at least one image.

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Page views edit

The English Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects can get ~10 billion views per month each. See overview at Wikimedia Statistics.

Tools to check traffic statistics edit

Overall traffic edit

Articles with the most page views overall edit

This includes rankings overall, by time period and sudden traffic spikes.

Articles with the most page views by topic edit

Traffic stats on specific articles edit

Inactive edit

Deletion and vandalism statistics edit

Analytics edit

The analytics.wikimedia.org site provides

Visualizations edit

The following tools include artistic, graphs, maps and other visualization projects.

Frameworks edit

  • mediawiki-utilities – A set of utilities for accessing and processing MediaWiki data, including XML dumps

Datasets edit

There are some available datasets that you can download and process:

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Archived statistics edit

The following statistical resources are currently unavailable or no longer updated, and listed for historical interest. They are sorted by the month in which they were last updated:

Archived analysis edit

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  1. ^ Registered users who have performed an action in the last 30 days; the number of unregistered active users is not compiled

References edit

  1. ^ "Wikistats - Statistics For Wikimedia Projects". stats.wikimedia.org. Wikimedia Foundation. Retrieved 11 February 2022.

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