Wikipedia:Counter-Vandalism Unit

You want to revert vandalism, but don't yet know the ropes?
You want to share your experience in training the next generation of vandalism fighters?
Either way, your search stops here, at the CVU Academy!

The Counter-Vandalism Unit (CVU) is a Wikipedia project whose aim is to help remove vandalism and other disruptive editing on Wikipedia by using tools and experience, and to provide advice on dealing with vandals. All members of the Wikipedia community can revert vandalism at any time. Active vandalism patrollers who join this project will receive occasional newsletters with information on training, software updates, and new or modified policies and guidelines.

Some active members have volunteered to train other editors in countering these harmful edits. If you would like to learn more about the process or if you think you would like to train others, please see the Counter-Vandalism Academy.

Our goals are:

  1. Protect Wikipedia from disruption.
  2. React to vandalism in progress.
  3. Inform active counter-vandalism users on updates and new software.
  4. Train new counter-vandals.
  5. Study the effects of vandalism on the encyclopedia.

How to help:

  1. Identify that an edit qualifies as vandalism.
  2. Restore the page to the last non-vandalized version.
  3. Inform the editor that the edits were perceived as vandalism.
  4. Report the editor if vandalism persists.
New Pages Patrol — review New Pages to detect copyright violations, vandalism, attack pages, hoaxes and spam, making minor improvements, and listing inappropriate pages for deletion.
ClueBot NG — a bot that uses a vandalism-detection algorithm to automatically revert most vandalism.
Recent Changes Patrol — users who regularly patrol Recent Changes in real time and, among other things, remove vandalism.
Counter Vandalism Network (CVN) — recent changes broadcasted live on IRC channel #cvn-wp-en connect with information on how likely the edit is to be vandalism.
The Anti-Vandalism barnstar The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar

may be awarded to those who show great contributions to protecting and reverting attacks of vandalism on Wikipedia. Use barnstars sparingly – don't dilute their importance.

The Silver CVU Award The Silver CVU Award

is awarded to those who make significant contributions to The Counter-Vandalism Unit or to counter-vandalism.

The Gold CVU Award The Gold CVU Award

is awarded for outstanding contributions to The Counter-Vandalism Unit or to counter-vandalism where the Silver CVU Award would be insufficient.


If you have any questions about counter-vandalism, feel free to

post them here.
The Academy

For users wishing to learn more about Counter-Vandalism.

Vandalism Studies

For research on unconstructive edits.

Subtle Vandalism Taskforce (SVT)

For resources and discussion about subtle, sneaky vandalism.


Descriptions of various tools and scripts used to counter vandalism.


See this list for all unit members.

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This user fights vandalism.
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This user is a member of the
Counter-Vandalism Unit.
{{User CVU9-en}}
This user trains others to fight vandalism at the Counter Vandalism Unit's Academy.
{{User CVU10-en}}
This user learns to fight vandalism at the Counter Vandalism Unit's Academy.
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If you prefer not to use userboxes or a topicon, you can add yourself to Category:Wikipedians in the Counter-Vandalism Unit.
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