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Welcome to the WikiProject for tools and edit counters. Our goal is to organize and coordinate the various efforts at creating edit counters and statistics tools. Our primary purpose is to give Wikipedians more tools at analyzing their own edits and others' edits. We primarily strive to offer alternative viewpoints of one's contributions. We are not promoting the use of statistics to judge someone's appropriateness or suitability for any positions; quite the contrary. We are just getting started. Please feel free to join and help us.

List of countersEdit

Wikipedia compatible edit counter and page countersEdit

Non-Wikipedia compatible edit counter and page countersEdit

Editing trend analysis toolsEdit

  • wikirage What's hot in Wikipedia – This site lists the pages in Wikipedia which are receiving the most edits per unique editor over various periods of time is on sabbatical

Independent edit counters, unaffected by replication lagEdit

  • : Wikipedia-independent site that shows user editcount, editing time trends, namespace trends, and other things with graphs/charts. Uses API. Also has tools for the entire Wikipedia and specific articles. It still works most of the time, but one needs to be patient (and hit refresh multiple times). You may get an error message, but refresh a few times and it will likely work.
  • Kate's tool, superseded by Interiot's tool [1]
  • Stable edit counter – many projects, updated to use native API over query.php
  • Flcelloguy's Tool v5.20 (screenshot), a Java version of Interiot's tool that does not require the Toolserver's database to be running. IMPORTANT: Versions prior to the current release (v5.20) will not work.
    • The Java Sandbox, where we are all playing with code for future versions.
    • The version table where coders can check if they are running or debugging the latest version of the editcounter by checking the version of their source code components.
    • Help page for the Tool.
  • AmiDaniel's EditCounter. "I needed an easy way to query the number of mainspace edits of users requesting permission to use VandalProof, and as the toolserver's down and Flcelloguy's tool takes too long to do this, I wrote a quick little edit counter to do what I need. With it you can set the number of edits to query (up to 5000) and the namespace to query, which makes retrieval of edit counts much faster for restricted searches (i.e. I typically query mainspace edits with a limit of 500)."
  • Interiot's external javascript edit counter (aka Tool2) (screenshot), currently works with Mozilla and others; does not work with MSIE – This counter doesn't currently work. (says so right on the page)
  • Gargaj's PHP edit-counter, a rough port of the above perl version; PHP-source to run from your own server. Warning: uses web-scrape methods – please only use infrequently to avoid unnecessary traffic on both the Wiki and your own server.
  • Lupin's javascript counter which uses query.php to download all of a user's contributions without screen-scraping (screenshot)
  • Voice of All's JS edit counter. Adds history page stats too.
  • Ais523's javascript (only counts 5000 edits in each namespace. Can also generate random diffs, count up to 5000 log actions, and show a display of what times and what weekdays a user tends to edit at/on.)
  • Milestone finds the nth edit of an editor – No longer working (account expired) Checked 2010-07-22
  • WikiFORJA Counter (checks server count on a variety of Wikimedia wikis) – no longer working (checked 2009-09-15)
  • Cfp's User Score Bot Google appspot based "counter" that assigns a score to edits, 365 for an edit today, 364 for one yesterday, etc. etc.
  • Kanegasi's JS edit counter. Originally made by Najzere of, this version is significantly revised and built upon. It uses the wiki API to query and count contributions and creates a table in your userspace. It is used by clicking a link under the "User contributions" link in the sidebar. It should be usable on any MediaWiki install version 1.18 or greater. You can see a full example on my Minecraft Wiki edit count.
  • WikiDashboard, a tool that can analyze a user's edit patterns as well as the editors of a page. (Now with live data for every page)
  • Deep User Inspector by Ricordisamoa, has lots of other information on editors as well. (This tool does not report accurate edit counts.)
  • is the successor of WikiChecker, though it does not allow the user to analyze a specific number of most recent edits

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  • Version 3.30 of Flcelloguy's Tool is released: this version can process edit summaries.
  • Version 3.40 of Flcelloguy's Tool is released: all edit summary bugs are quashed. Also, Version 4.00 is under development - copy the code at the Java Sandbox to test out the new version.
  • Version 4.00 of Flcelloguy's Tool is currently in the process of being rushed out the door due to the debilitation of the toolserver counters: please help out!
  • Version 5.00 of Flcelloguy's Tool is out. Please upgrade immediately, as older versions will no longer work.
  • Version 5.10 of Flcelloguy's Tool is out. Please upgrade immediately, as older versions will no longer work.
  • Version 5.20 of Flcelloguy's Tool is out. Please upgrade immediately, as older versions will no longer work.

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