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Requests for comments

Requests for comments

For links directly to each current RFC see the navigational template below. For a listing with a brief introduction to each ongoing debate, see Wikipedia:Requests for comment/All.

Requests for third opinion

  1. Talk:Misimians § Origins section: mentioning Heniochi and Svans. Disagreement about the existence of scholarly consensus about the origins of Misimians and relevance of information about other ethnic groups. 09:36, 15 April 2024 (UTC)
  1. Talk:Shakshouka § Mention the dish is north African at the start. Disagreement that the introduction of the article should reference it as a North African dish to include Egypt. 23:05, 15 April 2024 (UTC)

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Partial-block edit requests (12 pages)

12 partial block edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Byington Ford (request) 2024-02-28 23:46 Not protected (log)
Reardon Building (request) 2024-03-26 00:19 Not protected (log)
Seven Arts Shop (request) 2024-03-26 00:26 Not protected (log)
La Rambla Building (request) 2024-03-26 00:29 Not protected (log)
Los Laureles Lodge (request) 2024-03-26 21:23 Not protected (log)
John O'Shea (artist) (request) 2024-03-27 01:02 Not protected (log)
Carmel Fire Station (request) 2024-03-30 20:10 Not protected (log)
Seven Arts Building (request) 2024-04-06 20:55 Not protected (log)
Rationale (Glitterer album) (request) 2024-04-07 06:45 Not protected (log)
Hyperview (album) (request) 2024-04-07 06:49 Not protected (log)
Michigan Panthers (2022) (request) 2024-04-13 20:25 Not protected (log)
Template:2024 UFL standings (request) 2024-04-16 23:04 Not protected (log)
Updated as needed. Last updated: 23:07, 16 April 2024 (UTC)
Conflict of interest edit requests (148 pages)

148 COI edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Programming language (request) 2024-01-25 02:23 Not protected (log)
Saint Grottlesex (request) 2024-01-25 07:37 Not protected (log)
Winston Swift Boyer (request) 2024-01-30 00:34 Not protected (log)
Binance (request) 2024-01-31 09:49 Semiprotected (log) Protected by MER-C on 2018-05-30: "Persistent spamming: and disruptive editing. Page level sanction under WP:GS/Crypto."
CVC Capital Partners (request) 2024-01-31 17:18 Not protected (log)
Girard B. Henderson (request) 2024-01-31 19:30 Not protected (log)
Hyprov (request) 2024-02-01 03:15 Not protected (log)
Jo Boaler (request) 2024-02-01 17:55 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Primefac on 2022-08-29: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy"
Operating system (request) 2024-02-02 03:58 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Caknuck on 2017-04-28: "Persistent vandalism"
Bulat Utemuratov (request) 2024-02-02 17:58 Not protected (log)
Standard Cross-Cultural Sample (request) 2024-02-05 16:18 Not protected (log)
MOPAC (request) 2024-02-05 16:57 Not protected (log)
Don Ienner (request) 2024-02-05 19:18 Not protected (log)
Banyan Tree Holdings (request) 2024-02-07 02:44 Not protected (log)
Optiver (request) 2024-02-07 11:59 Not protected (log)
Lewis Francis Byington (request) 2024-02-08 01:18 Not protected (log)
Michaela Guzy (request) 2024-02-10 00:40 Not protected (log)
Dahua Technology (request) 2024-02-12 17:41 Not protected (log)
Modern Meadow (request) 2024-02-13 03:47 Not protected (log)
Candalepas Associates (request) 2024-02-13 05:36 Not protected (log)
Gensler (request) 2024-02-13 17:51 Not protected (log)
Dashun Wang (request) 2024-02-14 01:53 Not protected (log)
Peter F. Barth (request) 2024-02-15 14:02 Not protected (log)
Gibson Dunn (request) 2024-02-15 15:14 Not protected (log)
Infillion (request) 2024-02-15 16:26 Not protected (log)
Gulfstream Aerospace (request) 2024-02-15 20:25 Not protected (log)
The Inter Faith Network (request) 2024-02-16 13:08 Not protected (log)
WBQB (request) 2024-02-16 17:04 Not protected (log)
Anthony Marinelli (request) 2024-02-17 22:21 Not protected (log)
EF Education First (request) 2024-02-19 16:15 Not protected (log)
Pacific Equity Partners (request) 2024-02-20 06:29 Not protected (log)
Florida Power & Light (request) 2024-02-20 16:10 Not protected (log)
Nefesh B'Nefesh (request) 2024-02-21 07:06 Not protected (log)
Andy Wright (music producer) (request) 2024-02-21 15:42 Not protected (log)
Bradley Tusk (request) 2024-02-21 19:29 Not protected (log)
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (request) 2024-02-21 21:52 Not protected (log)
Karl Lagerfeld (request) 2024-02-22 09:22 Not protected (log) Protected by Drmies on 2019-11-08: "Persistent vandalism"
Richard Harland (request) 2024-02-23 10:58 Not protected (log)
Edmund de Waal (request) 2024-02-23 15:43 Not protected (log)
Mike Garcia (politician) (request) 2024-02-23 22:51 Not protected (log) Protected by Scottywong on 2020-12-02: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Opera Gallery (request) 2024-02-26 14:47 Not protected (log)
SoundExchange (request) 2024-02-26 16:08 Not protected (log)
Wearable cardioverter defibrillator (request) 2024-02-26 23:14 Not protected (log)
Steven Furtick (request) 2024-02-27 19:10 Not protected (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2023-05-14: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy: per request at RFPP; going longer this time, also logging under CTOPS"
Ken Griffey Jr. (request) 2024-02-27 22:08 Not protected (log)
Masdar (request) 2024-02-28 08:11 Not protected (log)
Jane Skinner (request) 2024-02-29 00:51 Not protected (log) Unprotected by Centrx on 2006-09-07: ""
QOR360 (request) 2024-02-29 21:12 Not protected (log)
Canada Goose (clothing) (request) 2024-02-29 21:55 Not protected (log)
Neuroscience Research Australia (request) 2024-02-29 23:12 Not protected (log)
Quantitative storytelling (request) 2024-03-01 09:07 Not protected (log)
Mark Felton (request) 2024-03-01 10:50 Not protected (log)
QIAGEN (request) 2024-03-01 11:42 Not protected (log)
Lubos Pastor (request) 2024-03-01 15:11 Not protected (log)
Institutional Venture Partners (request) 2024-03-04 18:15 Not protected (log)
Global Strategy Group (request) 2024-03-04 19:26 Not protected (log)
BeiGene (request) 2024-03-05 18:14 Extended-confirmed protected, expires 2024-05-05 at 18:34:06 UTC (log) Protected by EdJohnston on 2024-04-05: "Apparent COI editing by new users. Per a complaint at WP:COIN"
Character.ai (request) 2024-03-05 22:29 Not protected (log) Protected by Bbb23 on 2023-01-20: "Persistent disruptive editing; requested at WP:RfPP"
Alexander D. Henderson Jr. (request) 2024-03-06 23:03 Not protected (log)
Subway (restaurant) (request) 2024-03-07 22:13 Not protected (log) Protected by UtherSRG on 2023-09-25: "Persistent vandalism"
Foster and Partners (request) 2024-03-11 14:54 Not protected (log)
Theatre Development Fund (request) 2024-03-11 18:35 Not protected (log)
Colin Goldberg (request) 2024-03-11 19:03 Not protected (log)
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (request) 2024-03-12 10:36 Not protected (log)
Edelman (firm) (request) 2024-03-12 15:31 Not protected (log)
Jeffrey Leiden (request) 2024-03-13 14:59 Not protected (log)
Overseas Development Institute (request) 2024-03-13 22:16 Not protected (log)
Brent McIntosh (request) 2024-03-14 12:37 Not protected (log)
Grant Faulkner (request) 2024-03-14 17:38 Not protected (log)
Diana Senechal (request) 2024-03-16 12:17 Not protected (log)
Martin Casado (request) 2024-03-16 16:00 Not protected (log)
Neema Parvini (request) 2024-03-16 17:40 Not protected (log)
Doug Bremner (request) 2024-03-17 02:33 Not protected (log)
Anthony Wood (businessman) (request) 2024-03-17 23:43 Not protected (log)
Avery Dennison (request) 2024-03-18 17:10 Not protected (log)
Maya Wiley (request) 2024-03-18 19:01 Not protected (log) Protected by Deepfriedokra on 2021-06-21: "Persistent addition of unsourced or poorly sourced content; requested at WP:RfPP"
Cboe Global Markets (request) 2024-03-19 14:11 Not protected (log)
Qiagen (request) 2024-03-19 14:27 Not protected (log)
Marc Rowan (request) 2024-03-19 15:56 Not protected (log)
Roland Rudd (request) 2024-03-19 17:44 Not protected (log)
Dhafer Youssef (request) 2024-03-19 17:45 Not protected (log)
TattsLotto (request) 2024-03-20 05:15 Not protected (log)
Grove Collaborative (request) 2024-03-20 20:16 Not protected (log)
Titmouse, Inc. (request) 2024-03-21 20:39 Not protected (log) Protected by Favonian on 2024-03-15: "Persistent disruptive editing: requested at WP:RFPP"
Milwaukee Electric Tool (request) 2024-03-22 22:02 Not protected (log)
Labaton Keller Sucharow (request) 2024-03-22 23:39 Not protected (log)
Henley & Partners (request) 2024-03-25 07:20 Not protected (log)
Boku, Inc. (request) 2024-03-25 12:22 Not protected (log)
Simprints (request) 2024-03-25 13:56 Not protected (log)
National Cancer Institute (request) 2024-03-25 17:03 Not protected (log)
Tricentis (request) 2024-03-25 17:51 Not protected (log)
Kewsong Lee (request) 2024-03-25 21:06 Not protected (log)
Kenneth C. Griffin (request) 2024-03-26 16:17 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Daniel Quinlan on 2023-11-02: "Contentious topics enforcement for WP:CT/BLP; requested at WP:RfPP"
American Speech–Language–Hearing Association (request) 2024-03-28 13:57 Not protected (log)
Falling-sand game (request) 2024-03-29 05:11 Not protected (log)
Still (film) (request) 2024-03-31 08:47 Not protected (log) Protected by Oshwah on 2018-01-19: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Gareth W. Peters (request) 2024-04-01 01:31 Semiprotected, expires 2025-03-27 at 21:38:43 UTC (log) Protected by ToBeFree on 2024-03-27: "Contentious topic restriction: WP:BLPCT"
Sixt (request) 2024-04-01 10:45 Not protected (log)
Freudenberg Group (request) 2024-04-01 11:21 Not protected (log)
The Raine Group (request) 2024-04-01 15:00 Not protected (log)
Engine No. 1 (request) 2024-04-01 15:18 Not protected (log)
Moody Nolan (request) 2024-04-02 19:15 Not protected (log)
Chime (company) (request) 2024-04-02 21:32 Not protected (log) Protected by Johnuniq on 2021-04-10: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Sanctuary Housing (request) 2024-04-03 14:30 Not protected (log)
Flock Safety (request) 2024-04-03 19:48 Not protected (log)
Matthew Pittinsky (request) 2024-04-03 20:53 Not protected (log)
Avia Solutions Group (request) 2024-04-04 12:20 Not protected (log)
Sam's Club (request) 2024-04-04 15:36 Not protected (log)
Pershing Square Capital Management (request) 2024-04-04 16:36 Not protected (log)
Qnet (request) 2024-04-04 17:13 Semiprotected (log) Protected by JBW on 2020-11-15: "Very long-term history of vandalism, whitewashing, promotional editing, etc, returning each time protection ends."
Sysco (request) 2024-04-04 20:41 Not protected (log)
Stikeman Elliott (request) 2024-04-05 18:05 Not protected (log) Protected by Longhair on 2018-06-19: "Persistent block evasion: Sockpuppets posting promotional edits"
Rich Froning Jr. (request) 2024-04-05 20:21 Not protected (log)
Ben Delo (request) 2024-04-07 02:10 Not protected (log)
Cheyne Capital Management (request) 2024-04-07 08:17 Not protected (log) Protected by Tony Fox on 2010-05-12: "Edit warring / Content dispute"
Jean-Pascal Tricoire (request) 2024-04-08 09:13 Not protected (log)
King Arthur Baking (request) 2024-04-08 17:30 Not protected (log)
PureTalk (request) 2024-04-09 14:05 Not protected (log)
Remitly (request) 2024-04-09 16:36 Not protected (log)
Zero-day vulnerability (request) 2024-04-10 10:24 Not protected (log)
Dutch Bros. Coffee (request) 2024-04-10 19:30 Not protected (log)
Dragan Šolak (businessman) (request) 2024-04-11 11:27 Not protected (log)
Michael Douglas (request) 2024-04-11 13:34 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Primefac on 2020-09-26: "PC not doing much, switch to semiprot"
Versapay (request) 2024-04-11 15:27 Not protected (log)
Zillow (request) 2024-04-11 17:22 Not protected (log)
Poster House (request) 2024-04-11 18:01 Not protected (log)
Simcha Jacobovici (request) 2024-04-11 18:29 Not protected (log)
Grail (company) (request) 2024-04-11 18:49 Not protected (log)
OutTV (Canadian TV channel) (request) 2024-04-11 21:09 Not protected (log)
Chicago Board Options Exchange (request) 2024-04-11 21:40 Not protected (log)
Capital One (request) 2024-04-12 11:43 Not protected (log)
Sentara Health (request) 2024-04-12 13:53 Not protected (log)
Alice Zorn (request) 2024-04-12 18:56 Not protected (log)
Family Court Building (request) 2024-04-12 23:42 Not protected (log)
108 Leonard (request) 2024-04-13 18:49 Not protected (log)
GLX Digital (request) 2024-04-15 04:22 Not protected (log)
Shashi Gupta (request) 2024-04-15 07:04 Not protected (log)
United States Postal Service (request) 2024-04-15 17:49 Not protected (log)
Millennium Management, LLC (request) 2024-04-15 20:59 Not protected (log)
Genies, Inc. (request) 2024-04-16 03:45 Not protected (log)
Stichting IKEA Foundation (request) 2024-04-16 13:01 Not protected (log)
Justfly.com (request) 2024-04-16 13:22 Not protected (log)
Self-driving car (request) 2024-04-16 15:15 Not protected (log)
HOK (firm) (request) 2024-04-16 15:43 Not protected (log)
Dan Wagner (request) 2024-04-16 16:05 Not protected (log) Protected by El C on 2022-02-09: "Edit warring / content dispute"
Jeffrey Katzenberg (request) 2024-04-16 16:55 Not protected (log) Protected by Spencer on 2019-12-19: "Persistent vandalism"
Nicholas Fisk (author) (request) 2024-04-16 21:29 Not protected (log)
Zearn (request) 2024-04-16 22:01 Not protected (log)
Updated as needed. Last updated: 23:46, 16 April 2024 (UTC)
Semi-protected edit requests (34 pages)

34 semi-protected edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Melissa Reese (request) 2024-03-07 02:05 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Widr on 2016-06-28: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Doja Cat (request) 2024-03-11 20:40 Semiprotected, expires 2025-08-02 at 20:43:34 UTC (log) Protected by Courcelles on 2023-05-02: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Collatz conjecture (request) 2024-03-16 07:56 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2023-05-04: "Addition of unsourced or poorly sourced content: per RFPP; starting with indef because this has been going on so long"
Blond (request) 2024-03-18 03:32 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Mark Arsten on 2014-02-01: "Persistent sock puppetry"
Miss World Sweden (request) 2024-03-19 11:28 Semiprotected (log) Protected by ToBeFree on 2021-01-03: "WP:GS/PAGEANT"
Death and state funeral of Joseph Stalin (request) 2024-03-20 03:30 Semiprotected (log) Protected by AmandaNP on 2021-12-27: "Persistent sock puppetry"
Maya S. Krishnan (request) 2024-03-26 22:26 Semiprotected, expires 2024-06-26 at 20:27:16 UTC (log) Protected by Ohnoitsjamie on 2024-03-26: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Novak Djokovic (request) 2024-03-28 10:47 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Vanjagenije on 2016-09-04: "restoring the protection level that was active before recent full protection"
Sargun Mehta (request) 2024-03-28 20:43 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Ponyo on 2017-12-05: "Persistent sock puppetry"
Badminton (request) 2024-03-28 21:38 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Materialscientist on 2016-02-27: "Persistent vandalism"
Kurukshetra War (request) 2024-04-02 20:18 Semiprotected (log) Protected by EdJohnston on 2019-01-25: "Long term problem with unsourced changes"
Paraguayan War (request) 2024-04-04 17:17 Semiprotected, expires 2024-07-08 at 20:17:08 UTC (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2023-07-08: "Persistent disruptive editing: per RFPP"
Pete Davidson (request) 2024-04-05 07:53 Semiprotected, expires 2028-01-26 at 06:18:32 UTC (log) Protected by Materialscientist on 2023-01-26: "Persistent vandalism"
Rugby World Cup (request) 2024-04-05 17:17 Semiprotected (log) Protected by HJ Mitchell on 2010-09-09: "Excessive vandalism: PC trial has ended"
White Americans (request) 2024-04-07 10:27 Semiprotected (log) From White Americans: Protected by EdJohnston on 2021-02-06: "Persistent disruptive editing: Restore the indefinite semiprotection that used to be here"
Speedrunning (request) 2024-04-07 12:51 Semiprotected, expires 2025-10-11 at 01:37:20 UTC (log) Protected by ScottishFinnishRadish on 2023-10-11: "Persistent vandalism"
Poland (request) 2024-04-07 19:01 Semiprotected (log) Modified by BethNaught on 2018-03-16: "Highly visible page: restore previous move prot level"
Everton F.C. (request) 2024-04-09 16:28 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Samsara on 2016-11-14: "Highly visible page: no need for moving in foreseeable future; protection commensure with level of vandalism and convention for related articles"
Gender pay gap (request) 2024-04-09 17:51 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Premeditated Chaos on 2017-04-29: "Persistent vandalism: mostly by IPs / brand new SPAs. has persisted after last protect expiration"
Opinion polling for the 2024 Indian general election (request) 2024-04-09 21:50 Semiprotected, expires 2024-08-28 at 05:25:13 UTC (log) From Opinion polling for the next Indian general election: Protected by Daniel Quinlan on 2023-08-28: "WP:Arbitration enforcement for WP:ARBIPA; requested at WP:RfPP"
Susan Wojcicki (request) 2024-04-10 09:56 Semiprotected (log) From Susan Wojcicki: Protected by Enigmaman on 2019-02-08: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy: lengthy protection history"
Jennifer Garner (request) 2024-04-10 11:55 Semiprotected, expires 2024-09-30 at 18:50:04 UTC (log) Modified by Chetsford on 2023-09-30: "Persistent vandalism"
Klaus Iohannis (request) 2024-04-11 09:59 Semiprotected, expires 2024-05-01 at 16:26:20 UTC (log) Protected by Favonian on 2024-02-01: "Violations of the biographies of living persons policy: requested at WP:RFPP"
Ani DiFranco (request) 2024-04-12 03:21 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Jimfbleak on 2019-12-28: ""
Pep Guardiola (request) 2024-04-13 15:45 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Courcelles on 2018-04-04: "Persistent vandalism"
Srinagar (request) 2024-04-13 19:33 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Materialscientist on 2018-12-23: "Addition of unsourced or poorly sourced content"
O. J. Simpson (request) 2024-04-13 23:24 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Seicer on 2015-02-19: "*.*"
İzmir (request) 2024-04-15 12:46 Semiprotected, expires 2024-06-26 at 21:17:07 UTC (log) Protected by Daniel Case on 2024-03-26: "Persistent disruptive editing: per RFPP"
Durga (request) 2024-04-15 17:27 Semiprotected, expires 2025-08-22 at 04:09:04 UTC (log) Protected by Materialscientist on 2022-08-22: "Persistent disruptive editing"
Black hole (request) 2024-04-16 10:09 Semiprotected (log) Modified by El C on 2020-04-16: "lift protection"
Meghan Trainor (request) 2024-04-16 11:28 Semiprotected (log) Modified by TFA Protector Bot on 2020-11-17: "Upcoming TFA (bot protection)"
Infant (request) 2024-04-17 06:27 Semiprotected (log) Protected by MusikAnimal on 2016-12-22: "Persistent vandalism"
Laz people (request) 2024-04-17 12:15 Semiprotected (log) Protected by Khoikhoi on 2009-02-22: "banned user Kolkhianboy editing"
WWE Championship (request) 2024-04-17 13:38 Semiprotected (log) Modified by Samsara on 2016-12-14: "Highly visible page: established topic, no move anticipated"
Updated as needed. Last updated: 13:40, 17 April 2024 (UTC)
Extended-confirmed-protected edit requests (43 pages)

43 extended-confirmed-protected edit requests
Page Tagged since Protection level Last protection log entry
Mahmoud al-Zahar (request) 2024-02-20 22:55 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Mifter on 2017-02-21: "Arbitration enforcement"
Deaths and ransoming of Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin (request) 2024-02-25 19:27 Extended-confirmed protected (log) From Death and ransoming of Oron Shaul: Protected by ST47 on 2019-07-05: "Arbitration enforcement WP:ARBPIA3"
Palestinian tunnel warfare in the Gaza Strip (request) 2024-02-28 13:45 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by El C on 2017-06-23: "New editors are prohibited from editing this Arab-Israeli conflict related page"
Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism (request) 2024-03-08 13:08 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by El C on 2021-10-22: "New editors are prohibited from editing this Arab–Israeli conflict related page"
Carole W. Troxler (request) 2024-03-08 18:52 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Randykitty on 2023-08-03: "Per Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Carole W. Troxler."
2023 Belgorod Oblast incursions (request) 2024-03-15 11:09 Extended-confirmed protected (log) From 2023 Belgorod Oblast attack: Protected by Isabelle Belato on 2023-05-22: "Arbitration enforcement; requested at WP:RfPP"
List of fictional islands (request) 2024-03-16 15:49 Extended-confirmed protected, expires 2024-10-08 at 18:43:20 UTC (log) Protected by GeneralNotability on 2023-10-08: "Persistent sock puppetry"
The Banshees of Inisherin (request) 2024-03-17 14:42 Extended-confirmed protected, expires 2024-05-22 at 04:09:26 UTC (log) Protected by NinjaRobotPirate on 2024-02-22: "Persistent sock puppetry"
List of military aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War (request) 2024-03-17 15:18 Extended-confirmed protected (log) From List of foreign aid to Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War: Protected by MelanieN on 2022-10-10: "Arbitration enforcement per recent consensus at ANI; requested at WP:RfPP"
List of best-selling music artists (request) 2024-03-19 17:41 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Kudpung on 2017-02-22: "Extended after expiry and immediate new disruption."
Ror (request) 2024-03-20 04:42 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by Daniel Case on 2023-03-25: "Persistent disruptive editing: per RFPP and ARBIPA"
Bethlehem (request) 2024-03-20 12:43 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by BethNaught on 2016-04-26: "New editors are prohibited from editing this Arab-Israeli conflict related page"
2018–2019 Gaza border protests (request) 2024-03-24 00:47 Extended-confirmed protected (log) From 2018 Gaza border protests: Modified by Number 57 on 2018-04-06: "Repeated moves to different titles. Any further moves need to go via an RM"
Israel–Lebanon relations (request) 2024-03-24 04:52 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Samsara on 2017-09-16: "New editors are prohibited from editing this Arab-Israeli conflict related page: via RfPP"
Hebrew language (request) 2024-03-26 14:31 Extended-confirmed protected, expires 2024-12-31 at 21:17:08 UTC (log) Protected by Daniel Quinlan on 2023-12-31: "Contentious topics enforcement for WP:CT/A-I; requested at WP:RfPP"
Hmar people (request) 2024-03-29 22:06 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by DatGuy on 2023-09-14: "Contentious topic restriction under WP:GS/CASTE"
B. R. Ambedkar (request) 2024-03-31 09:07 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Modified by EdJohnston on 2021-06-14: "Disruptive editing and frequent sockpuppetry. Protected under WP:ARBIPA"
Inter-universal Teichmüller theory (request) 2024-03-31 22:32 Extended-confirmed protected (log) Protected by Salix alba on 2018-03-17: "Persistent sock puppetry: Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Elseford & related RFPP"
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ApatiaApsara DanceArcon 2 (2nd nomination)Balitaan (2013 TV program)Catch! TeeniepingEvil Empire: A Talk by Chalmers JohnsonFourth Down and LoveInshorts (3rd nomination)K21JQ-DKINV-LDKRLB-LDLa alta escuelaList of EuroLeague broadcastersMastering engineerMonsters (2004 film)Ney MelloSabado BarkadaSF X Fantasy RayforceSilence 2: The Night Owl Bar ShootoutSohag ChandSohag JolSports broadcasting contracts in BrazilSports broadcasting contracts in CanadaSports broadcasting contracts in FinlandSports broadcasting contracts in FranceSports broadcasting contracts in GermanySports broadcasting contracts in GreeceSports broadcasting contracts in HungarySports broadcasting contracts in LatviaSports broadcasting contracts in LithuaniaSports broadcasting contracts in MontenegroSports broadcasting contracts in PolandSports broadcasting contracts in PortugalSports broadcasting contracts in RomaniaSports broadcasting contracts in South AmericaSports broadcasting contracts in South KoreaSports broadcasting contracts in ThailandSports broadcasting contracts in the Netherlands (2nd nomination)Sports broadcasting contracts in the Republic of IrelandSports broadcasting contracts in Vietnam (2nd nomination)Talakayan Ng BayanThe Defiant (band)The Myth (band) (2nd nomination)The Powerpuff Girls (disambiguation)True BrittWAST-LPWCKV-LDWWBK-LPWXXW-LP

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5ire20 August 1955 Stadium (El Oued)Aditya Birla Sun Life InsuranceAmericaSpeaksAuspex InternationalBiopharma LLCBosaso FCDaraja PressDiplomatic Academy of LondonExotelFudge cakeGuarana (energy drink)Het Arubaanse Padvindsters GildeKevin SpeedKoimoi (3rd nomination)LesserEvil (2nd nomination)Liechtenstein national badminton teamMannkal Economic Education FoundationMask BlocMupen64PlusNational Association of Asian American Professionals (2nd nomination)Open Book CollectivePriyagoldSamLogicStowmarket Town CouncilSuperintending SurveyorTakamaka RumThe Healthy MummyThe Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PennsylvaniaUniversity of Colorado Physical Therapy ProgramVecteezy (2nd nomination)


A-Plus (rapper)Açelya TopaloğluAgogo Florence AwhobiwomAlbert LoutonAmelia De La RamaArmen KazarianAtaska MercadoBastien ScimoneBéatrice d'HirsonBen DreyfussCharles CrumbClaudia Rivero (journalist)Dan Gelber (game designer)Dedrick D. GobertDesmond FernandesDian BadenhorstEric HovdeEric Louis BoetzelEva DeviFatih YıldızFaysal Aziz KhanFrédéric Genta (2nd nomination)Gabriele KafkaGary Smith (political candidate)George John SeatonGinter SmutsGwyn Ashton (2nd nomination)Håvar BauckHubertus, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (3rd nomination)Imre VallyonIrena JustineIrie PapuniIsabella BozicevicJacob RottJane Brunson MarksJensen MonkJohn Moore (bluegrass musician) (2nd nomination)Josh MareeKyle BrazellLeslie ButterfieldMansi SharmaMarnix van den BroekeMichael MirdadMichele FitzgeraldMikael Jansson (photographer)Moesa PanchoNadia NajiNathalia Novaes (2nd nomination)Nils WetterholmOvais MangalwalaPatrik KinclRayyanza Malik AhmadSaira Shah Halim (2nd nomination)Samarth KulkarniScott MenzelSemziShahrul Pitri JusohShamako NobleShazza McKenzie (3rd nomination)Sofia Steinberg (2nd nomination)Teresa HardingTyler BocksVictor CorkranYamini Aiyar (2nd nomination)

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1950 Afghan invasion of Balochistan2007 Montgomery mayoral election2017 Hayatabad suicide bombing2018 Garland mayoral special election2024 Allah word socks controversyAdrabaecampiAlyosha (tank)April 2017 Lahore suicide bombing (2nd nomination)Baltimore Choral Arts SocietyBarby Storage ReservoirBattle of BandanwaraBattle of Haidru (1828) (2nd nomination)Bosnian-Hungarian War (1387-1390)Candidates of the next Australian federal election (2nd nomination)Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004French exonymsIslam and Arabic languageList of Dutch loanwords in IndonesianList of fatal dog attacks in the United States (3rd nomination)List of French loanwords in PersianList of French words of English originList of home appliancesList of loanwords in Assyrian Neo-AramaicList of Spanish words of Nahuatl origin (2nd nomination)Maldives–Switzerland relationsMazakuka mosque shootingRadical pro-Beijing campReformed fundamentalismTsar (tank)Turkish exonyms (2nd nomination)Wesley Grammar School (2nd nomination)

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ClanLibHTML-KitList of chat websitesPretoria Wireless Users Group

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2020–21 Deportivo de La Coruña season (2nd nomination)Beni Ebeid StadiumDominica at the 2002 Commonwealth GamesKatie McBeathMushroom KingdomNew Britain MulesPlucky BritSports broadcasting contracts in CroatiaSports broadcasting contracts in EstoniaVasilisa Kaganovskaia

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1957 Sunfield tornado2023 Little Rock tornadoBubble laserGold phosphideIEEE Lance Stafford Larson AwardInstaller VISENanotech metallurgyPrinciple of abstractionUDig

Fiction and the arts

ChutnificationHuang Shi AnKunguma KoduList of unicornsReality Is What You Can Get Away WithThe Baumoff Explosive

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Ağa hamamıGandra, Póvoa de VarzimHeart of AntalyaHelsing Junction, WashingtonKanwali (2nd nomination)Kaşınhan railway stationKępniak, Kuyavian-Pomeranian VoivodeshipRA-78804Scroggins Draw, TexasSipu RiverSom RiverTrimukhi Baavdi

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Everything (2nd nomination)Hot milk cake (2nd nomination)List of people with reduplicated names (2 nomination)Permission slipSanta Maria Murella, MontasolaSpice cakeUffermannWhite cake

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