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Why write for wikipedia? Believe in open content / open source. It keeps my brain active. Write of things which know, of a few things don't know and probably shouldn't touch, and am forced to research things and learn about them, if am to write a decent article on a topic.

French-fried orange juice. A button my brother Marvin found, somewhere.

My tattoo of a seventeen-point star. Technically a heptadecagram, done July 26, 2012. Searched, but found no one else with that exact tattoo.
dino, taken in August 2009, at the Heian Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. My second trip clean round the world, first to Saint Petersburg. A train to Moscow, the Trans-Siberian to Irkutsk. To Khuzhir, on Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal. In which swam. Then the Trans-Manchurian to Beijing, a high-speed to Shanghai. That was a lot of travel, on dirt. Flew Okinawa, to Kyoto (so many temples); on the Shinkansen to and flew out Tokyo.

Plus, it's kinda fun. As of December 2, 2004, I am a Wikipedia administrator. Am so busy with other distractions scarce write anything. All my edits, [1], contributions, here

Zip me an e-mail for any questions or concerns, or use my Talk page — check it with relative frequency.

I am trained in mathematics (primarily) & chemistry & live in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

My home page isn't exciting, but is here.

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