David A. Sonnenfeld is Professor of Sociology and Environmental Policy at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF), in Syracuse, New York. I've been contributing to Wikipedia since 2006. My professional homepage is: http://www.esf.edu/es/sonnenfeld.


Early in contributing to Wikipedia, I enjoyed creating list articles. The taxonomy involved gave me a sense of making order out of chaos, helping people – including myself! – find and develop sets of related Wikipedia articles and identify gaps where new articles were needed. Among list articles that I created:

One challenge with list-articles is helping them develop into value-added encyclopedia articles, more than simple lists or 'directories'.

(Forestry is not my primary academic focus, but it's a fascinating, interdisciplinary subject and field, rich in history and human interaction with the natural environment, and involving peoples, cultures and institutions around the world. As with so many areas on Wikipedia, there are many contributions to be made.)

Navigation boxesEdit

I've also found navigation boxes to be useful in 'gathering' and highlighting (curating) related articles in Wikipedia. Among those I've created:

One challenge with navigation boxes is keeping them trim: when too big, they become cumbersome and less useful.


It's been a while since I've been active in WikiProjects. I was a co-founder of WikiProject Globalization. Other WikiProjects I was involved with include:

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Editing toolsEdit

The following navigation boxes are useful references for editing on Wikipedia:


Please see my awards and recognition page.


Many Wikipedia editors display userboxes on their user page to communicate something about themselves and their Wikipedia editing philosophy. Here are several that serve that function for me:

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