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The {{Which}} template is an in-line version of the {{Weasel}} template. It is also a variant of the {{Who}} template for statements like "In some countries…", or "In some scientific publications…", and the like.

Use good judgment when deciding whether greater specificity is actually in the best interests of the article. Words like some or most are not banned and can be useful and appropriate. If greater specificity would result in a tedious laundry list of items with no real importance, then Wikipedia should remain concise, even if it means being vague. If the reliable sources are not specific – if the reliable sources say only that "In some countries..."—then Wikipedia must remain vague.

You may use either one of the following formats:



{{which|date=December 2021}}

This template will place articles into Category:Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases.


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For tagging weasel words – vague references to organizations or other things.

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Wikipedia:Avoid weasel words
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