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[deprecated source?]

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This is an inline template used to flag inappropriately cited deprecated sources, which are questionable and discouraged from use.

When the template is added to a line of text in an article, the resulting clean-up tag links to Wikipedia:Reliable sources/Perennial sources.

This template categorizes its tagged articles into the maintenance category, Category:All articles with deprecated sources, which is hidden in mainspace articles by a default setting in the user preferences. A logged-in user may view this and all other hidden categories by checking Show hidden categories on the Appearance tab of Preferences.

This template takes a compulsory parameter (which a bot will set if the editor doesn't):

  • |date=date—in the format "Month Year" or "YYYY-MM-DD", etc.

If there is no doubt at all that the source is deprecated and used inappropriately, you can use a parameter to remove the "?" from the template's output:

  • |certain=yes or |certain=y

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