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This template is an inline version of {{off topic}} and/or {{importance section}}.


{{Relevance inline|date=November 2021}}

This template takes an optional unnamed parameter to give more precision to the range of text being tagged in the tool-tip (hover) than the vague word "material". "sentence" or "paragraph" will probably be most usual, but other indications are accepted.

{{Relevance inline|paragraph}} renders: [relevant?]

To refer to a specific section of the talkpage where the relevancy issue is discussed use

{{Relevance inline|talk=Let's talk about the relevancy of this material}}

You may add explanations with |reason=. The explanation will be visible when the tag is hovered over:

{{Relevance inline|reason=This sentence doesn't seem to be connected to the topic.}} renders: [relevant?]

All parameters: {{Relevance inline|scope|date=November 2021|talk=|reason=}}


Asks whether a claim made is relevant and encyclopedic

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


Adds additional text to the end of the text which appears in a tooltip when hovering over the "relevant?" text of the tag.

discussdiscuss talk

The name of the talk page section to discuss the relevance of the material. If unset or empty, "discuss" is omitted from the template's appearance.

Auto value
Month and yeardate

The month and year this tag was added. E.g. 'January 2014' NOT 'jan14'

January 2014
Auto value

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