1984 in American television

This article is a list of television-related events during 1984.


Date Event
January 2 Oprah Winfrey takes over as host of WLS-TV's A.M. Chicago, which would serve as a forerunner to her nationwide, syndicated talk show.
January 9 Wendy's "Fluffy Bun" advertisement is first broadcast, which gains Clara Peller and her "Where's the beef?" catchphrase national fame.
Something About Amelia, a story concerning incest, is broadcast by ABC. Glenn Close, Ted Danson, and Roxana Zal are the main actors.
January 22 During CBS's broadcast of Super Bowl XVIII, Apple Computer Company heralds the introduction of its Apple Macintosh personal computer with the famous advertisement "1984", the only time it is broadcast on national television.
January 23 Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan defeats The Iron Sheik to win his first World Wrestling Federation championship at Madison Square Garden; the match is televised by the MSG Network.
January 27 Michael Jackson's hair catches fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial.
February 1 Arts & Entertainment Network launches from the merger of ARTS and RCA's The Entertainment Channel. It originally broadcasts after kids' channel Nickelodeon signs off.
Lifetime is launched from the merger of Hearst/ABC's Daytime and Viacom's Cable Health Network.
In Bakersfield, California, CBS affiliate KPWR-TV changes its call letters to the current KGET-TV, in preparation for an affiliation swap with NBC affiliate KERO-TV the following month.
February 26 KDRV in Medford, Oregon signs on as an ABC affiliate, giving the Medford market full-time access to all three networks for the first time.
CBS airs the network broadcast television premiere of Star Wars.
February 28 At the 26th Grammy Awards telecast by CBS, Michael Jackson wins a record-breaking eight Grammy Awards.
April 7 After being cancelled by ABC following its third season, Too Close for Comfort with the aid of Metromedia, is revived for the first-run syndicated market.
May 8 Happy Days airs its series finale, "Passages". However, five additional episodes would air from the end of June on through the end of September. The last episode to be aired on ABC, "Fonzie's Spots", is actually #251 in chronological order.
May 18 Character Bobby Ewing finds himself in the crossfire as a rival tries to gun down his brother J.R. on the season finale of the CBS series Dallas.
May 19 CBS tapes the Michael Larson episodes of Press Your Luck in which Larson wins $110,237 cash and prizes. (The episodes, which are split into two parts, would air on June 8 and 11.)
June 23 On a broadcast of NBC's Game of the Week between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg hits two crucial, game tying home runs off of Cardinals closer Bruce Sutter in both the bottom of the ninth and tenth innings. The Cubs would go on to win the game in eleven innings, by the score of 12 – 11. Bob Costas and Tony Kubek were on the call for what would soon become known as "The Sandberg Game".
July 14 In what became known as "Black Saturday", Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation takes over Superstation WTBS' Saturday evening time period once occupied by Georgia Championship Wrestling.
July 23 MTV broadcasts the live World Wrestling Federation event "The Brawl to End It All" from Madison Square Garden in New York City.
July 28 ABC begins their coverage of the Summer Olympic Games from Los Angeles. Jim McKay and Peter Jennings served as hosts for the opening ceremonies.
July 30 The soap opera Santa Barbara debuts on NBC.
September 9 The Tyler-Longview market's lone television station KLTV finally receives competition when KLMG-TV (now Fox affiliate KFXK-TV) signs-on and takes KLTV's secondary CBS affiliation.
September 10 The game show Jeopardy! returns to television as a syndicated show with new host Alex Trebek.
September 14 Dan Aykroyd and Bette Midler host the first MTV Video Music Awards at New York City's Radio City Music Hall, an event which included Madonna's performance of the song "Like a Virgin".
September 17 The Transformers debuts in syndication.
September 18 The series finale of Three's Company airs on ABC following a three-episode story arc that also sets up the spin-off Three's a Crowd.
September 20 The Cosby Show debuts on NBC.
September 24 The game show Super Password premieres on NBC at 12:00 noon EST. The new version of the classic game show is one of the few shows to survive at a time period that normally broadcasts news on any of the three major networks, running for 4 1/2 years.
CBS affiliate WJKA (now Fox affiliate WSFX-TV) in Wilmington, North Carolina signs-on the air, giving Wilmington in-market affiliates of all three commercial networks.
October 1 Montana, the last state in the Union without its own PBS station, gains one when Montana PBS launches.
American Movie Classics is initiated.
October 8 NBC broadcasts The Burning Bed, which features Farrah Fawcett as a woman who kills her abusive husband. The fact-based film is the highest-rated entertainment event of the 1984–1985 season.
October 12 The cast and crew of Cover Up were filming the seventh episode of the series, "Golden Opportunity," on Stage 17 of the 20th Century Fox lot. One of the scenes filmed that day called for Jon-Erik Hexum's character to load bullets into a .44 Magnum handgun, so he was provided with a functional gun and blanks. When the scene did not play as the director wanted it to in the master shot, there was a delay in filming. Hexum became restless and impatient during the delay and began playing around to lighten the mood. He had unloaded all but one (blank) round, spun it, and—simulating Russian roulette—he put the revolver to his right temple and pulled the trigger,[1] apparently unaware of the danger. At a close enough range, the effect of the powder gasses is a small explosion, so although the paper wadding in the blank that Hexum discharged did not penetrate his skull, there was enough blunt force trauma to shatter a quarter-sized piece of his skull and propel the pieces into his brain, causing massive hemorrhaging.[2][3] Hexum was rushed to Beverly Hills Medical Center, where he underwent five hours of surgery to repair his wounds.[3] On October 18, aged 26, six days after the accident, Hexum was declared brain dead.
October 27 Turner Broadcasting System initiates the Cable Music Channel in the U.S., only to end it one month later.
November 10 Sesame Street celebrates its 15th anniversary.
November 12 Theresa Saldana appears as herself in the NBC movie Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story, a retelling of her 1982 stabbing incident and its aftermath.
December 8 The final episode of Captain Kangaroo airs. This ends a 29 year run on CBS that made it the longest-running nationally broadcast children's television program of its day.
December 15 One year after officially departing the cast of Saturday Night Live, Eddie Murphy returns to guest host. This would be Murphy's last appearance on the show (not counting a brief appearance during SNL's 40th Anniversary Special in 2015) until hosting again during the forty-fifth season in 2019.
December 17 George C. Scott plays Ebenezer Scrooge in a new version of the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, broadcast by CBS.
The ABC soap opera One Life to Live changes its opening sequence and theme song, which lasted until 1991.
ABC purchases a majority stake of ESPN from Getty Oil Corp.
KLDO-TV in Laredo, Texas signs-on as an ABC affiliate, giving Laredo in-market affiliates of all three commercial networks (it is now an Univision affiliate).
December 28 The Edge of Night ends after twenty-eight years on CBS and ABC daytime.


Debuting this yearEdit

Date Title Network
January 3 Riptide NBC
January 4 Night Court
January 6 Blue Thunder ABC
January 20 The Master NBC
January 22 Airwolf CBS
January 28 Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
March 6 a.k.a. Pablo ABC
March 19 Kate and Allie CBS
March 20 Shaping Up ABC
March 31 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Syndication
April Video Music Box WNYC-TV
April 4 Double Trouble NBC
April 12 The Duck Factory
April 14 My Little Pony Syndication
June 2 Leo the Lion CBN
June 4 Danger Mouse Nickelodeon
July 2 Scrabble NBC
July 13 Brothers Showtime
July 30 Santa Barbara NBC
August 13 Call to Glory ABC
September 5 Heathcliff Syndication
September 7 Kids Incorporated
September 8 Dragon's Lair ABC
Mighty Orbots
Turbo Teen
Challenge of the GoBots Syndication
September 10 Voltron: Defender of the Universe
September 13 Glitter ABC
September 14 Hawaiian Heat
September 15 Snorks NBC
Pink Panther and Sons
The Get Along Gang CBS
Muppet Babies
Pole Position
Pryor's Place
September 16 E/R
Miami Vice NBC
Punky Brewster
September 17 The Transformers Syndication
September 18 Hunter NBC
September 19 Highway to Heaven
September 20 The Cosby Show
Who's the Boss? ABC
September 22 Cover Up CBS
Hot Pursuit NBC
Finder of Lost Loves ABC
September 23 Paper Dolls
September 25 Three's a Crowd
September 26 It's Your Move NBC
September 27 Partners in Crime
September 30 Tales from the Darkside NBC
Murder, She Wrote CBS
October 3 Charles in Charge
October 7 Out of Control Nickelodeon
October 8 Trivia Trap ABC
October 10 Dreams CBS
October 26 V NBC
December 30 Crazy Like a Fox CBS

Resuming this yearEdit

Title Final aired Previous network New title Returning network Date of return
People are Funny 1960 NBC Same Same March 24
Showoffs 1975 ABC Body Language CBS June 4
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids 1981 CBS Same Syndication September 1
Jeopardy! 1979 NBC September 10
Let's Make a Deal 1981 Syndication The All-New Let's Make a Deal Same September 17
Password Plus 1982 NBC Super Password September 24

Changing networksEdit

Show Moved from Moved to
Showoffs ABC CBS
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids CBS Syndication
Jeopardy! NBC

Ending this yearEdit

Date Title Debut
March 10 We Got It Made (returned in 1987) 1983
April 2 Automan
April 7 Mama's Family (returned in 1986)
April 10 a.k.a. Pablo 1984
April 16 Blue Thunder
April 27 Masquerade 1983
April 30 That's Incredible! 1980
May 15 Oh Madeline 1983
May 19 Fantasy Island 1978
May 22 Hart to Hart 1979
May 28 One Day at a Time 1975
June 1 Tattletales 1974
June 2 Whiz Kids 1983
June 14 Lottery!
July 4 Real People 1979
July 11 The Duck Factory 1984
July 27 Hollywood Squares (returned in 1986) 1966
August 11 Boone 1983
September 1 Monchhichis
The Little Rascals 1982
Richie Rich 1980
Rubik, the Amazing Cube 1983
The Littles
September 5 Jennifer Slept Here
September 8 The Flintstone Funnies 1982
September 18 Three's Company 1977
September 24 Happy Days 1974
November 10 The Puppy's Further Adventures 1982
December 1 The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast 1974
The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show 1983
December 8 Captain Kangaroo 1955
Pole Position 1984
Pryor's Place
December 11 AfterMASH 1983
December 28 The Edge of Night 1956
December 29 Partners in Crime 1984

Entering syndicationEdit

Show Seasons In Production Source
Benson 5 Yes [4]
Bizarre 4 Yes [4]
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids 7 Yes [4]
The Greatest American Hero 3 No [4]
Hart to Hart 5 No [4]
Trapper John, M.D. 5 Yes [4]
Voyagers! 1 No [4]

Made-for-TV movies and miniseriesEdit

Television stationsEdit

Station launchesEdit

Date City of License/Market Station Channel Affiliation Notes/Ref.
January 21 Santa Fe/Albuquerque, New Mexico KCHF 11 Religious independent
February 1 Indianapolis, Indiana WPDS-TV 59 Independent
February 14 Fort Walton Beach, Florida WPAN 40
February 18 Nashville, Tennessee WCAY-TV 30
February 22 Green Bay, Wisconsin WSCO 14 Religious independent
February 23 Lake Havasu City, Arizona K45AJ 45 Independent
February 26 Medford, Oregon KDRV 12 ABC
March 5 Greensboro, North Carolina WLXI 61 Independent
March 7 Appleton/Green Bay, Wisconsin WBOU 32
March 25 New Orleans, Louisiana WNOL-TV 38
March 30 Seattle, Washington KQFB 20
April 1 Greenville, South Carolina
(Spartanburg, SC/Asheville, SC)
April 16 Concord, New Hampshire WNHT 21
April 17 Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas KLTJ 49 TBN
May 5 El Paso, Texas KINT 26 Spanish independent
May 12 San Angelo, Texas KIDY 6 Independent
May 13 Decatur, Illinois
(Champaign/Springfield, Illinois)
WFHL 23 Religious independent
June 1 Columbus, Ohio WTTE 28 Independent
June 25 Harlingen/Brownsville/McAllen, Texas KLUJ-TV 44
July 1 Hopkinsville, Kentucky W43AG 43
July 5 Florence, South Carolina WGSE 43
July 8 New Orleans, Louisiana WLAE-TV 32 Educational independent
July 10 Lake Havasu City, Arizona K25AL 25 TBN
July 31 Las Vegas, Nevada KRLR 21 Independent
August Jacksonville, Illinois WJPT 14 PBS
August 1 Hagerstown, Maryland WJAL 68 Independent Now licensed to Silver Spring, Maryland
August 7 Burlington, North Carolina
(Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
August 22 Chicago, Illinois W13BE 13
September 9 Toccoa, Georgia WNEG 32
Tyler, Texas KLMG-TV 51 CBS
September 10 Greenwood/Anderson, South Carolina 38 PBS Part of South Carolina ETV
Jacksonville, Florida W10AX 10 The Box
September 14 Hartford, Connecticut WTIC-TV 61 Independent
September 23 Dayton, Ohio WRGT-TV 45
September 24 Wilmington, North Carolina WJKA 26 CBS
October 1 Bozeman/Butte, Montana KUSM-TV 9 PBS Flagship of Montana PBS
Kalamazoo, Michigan
(Battle Creek/Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Macomb, Illinois WMEC 22
San Diego, California KTTY 69 Independent
October 24 Miami, Florida W30AB 30 PBS Translator of WPBT
October 31 Asheville, North Carolina
(Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina)
WASV 62 Independent
November Columbus, Georgia
(Auburn, Alabama)
November 24 Richmond, Virginia WVRN-TV 63 Religious independent
November 30 Jackson, Mississippi WDBD 40 Independent
December 3 Albany, New York WUSV 45
December 15 Flint, Michigan WSMH 66
December 17 Laredo, Texas KLDO-TV 27 ABC
December 18 K61CV 61 unknown
December 24 Pensacola, Florida
(Mobile, Alabama)
WJTC 44 Independent
December 31 Tucson, Arizona KDTU 18
Unknown date Billings, Montana K05HS 5 Daystar
Casper, Wyoming KFNB 20 ABC
Glenwood Springs, Colorado KCWS 3 Independent
Minneapolis, Minnesota K58BS 58 TBN
Wenatchee, Washington KCWT-TV 27 Independent

Network affiliation changesEdit

Date City of License/Market Station Channel Old affiliation New affiliation Notes/Ref.
February 1 Bakersfield, California KGET-TV 17 CBS NBC
Unknown date Cheyenne, Wyoming KYCU-TV 5 CBS ABC (primary)
NBC (secondary)


Date Name Notability
January 2 Kristen Hager Canadian actress (Valemont, Being Human)
January 4 Robin Sydney Actress (Drake & Josh)
January 6 Kate McKinnon Actress (The Big Gay Sketch Show, Saturday Night Live) and comedian
January 19 Nathan Ruegger Voice actor (Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Histeria!)
January 24 Ashley C. Williams Actress
January 26 Layla Kayleigh English-American television host
February 1 Lee Thompson Young Actor (The Famous Jett Jackson, Rizzoli & Isles) (d. 2013)
February 3 Matthew Moy Actor (2 Broke Girls, Steven Universe)
February 8 Cecily Strong Actress (Saturday Night Live)
February 15 Josh Byrne Actor (Step by Step)
February 18 Chelsea Hobbs Canadian actress (Make It or Break It)
February 20 Trevor Noah South African comedian and actor (The Daily Show)
February 24 Wilson Bethel Actor (The Young and the Restless, Hart of Dixie)
March 2 Trent Garrett Actor (All My Children, Andi Mack) and model
March 4 Sam Marin Voice actor (Regular Show)
March 10 Olivia Wilde Actress (House)
March 12 Jaimie Alexander Actress (Watch Over Me, Kyle XY, Blindspot)
March 14 Liesel Matthews Actress
March 20 Justine Ezarik YouTube personality and actress (The Annoying Orange, iJustine)
Christy Carlson Romano Actress (Even Stevens, Kim Possible) and singer
March 25 Katharine McPhee Actress and singer (American Idol, Smash, Scorpion)
March 30 Helena Mattsson Swedish-American actress (666 Park Avenue)
April 2 Ashley Peldon Actress (The Mommies) and sister of Courtney Peldon
April 3 Chrissie Fit Actress (General Hospital, Milo Murphy's Law)
April 5 Marshall Allman Actor (Prison Break, True Blood)
April 8 Taran Noah Smith Actor (Home Improvement)
Kirsten Storms Actress (Days of Our Lives, Kim Possible, General Hospital)
April 10 Cara DeLizia Actress (So Weird)
Mandy Moore Actress (Tron: Uprising, Sheriff Callie's Wild West, High School USA!, This Is Us, Tangled: The Series) and singer
April 11 Kelli Garner Actress (Pan Am)
April 16 Claire Foy English actress (Upstairs Downstairs)
April 18 America Ferrera Actress (Ugly Betty, Superstore)
April 21 Shayna Fox Voice actress (The Oz Kids, Rocket Power, All Grown Up!)
April 22 Michelle Ryan British actress (Bionic Woman)
April 23 Jesse Lee Soffer Actor (As the World Turns, The Mob Doctor, Chicago P.D.)
April 26 Emily Wickersham Actress (NCIS)
Ryan O'Donohue Voice actor (Recess, Batman Beyond)
April 27 Patrick Stump Musician (Fall Out Boy) and actor (Robot Chicken)
April 29 Firass Dirani Australian actor (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
Taylor Cole Actress (Summerland)
May 3 Morgan Kibby Actress (100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd) and singer
May 8 Julia Whelan Actress (Once and Again)
May 12 Clare Bowen Australian actress and singer (Nashville)
May 17 Alejandro Edda Mexican-American actor (Narcos: Mexico, Fear the Walking Dead)
May 23 Adam Wylie Actor (Picket Fences, Hey Arnold!, Pepper Ann, As Told by Ginger, American Dragon: Jake Long, Legion of Super Heroes, The Secret Saturdays, Jake and the Never Land Pirates)
May 24 Sarah Hagan Actress (Freaks and Geeks)
May 27 Darin Brooks Actor (Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, Blue Mountain State)
May 29 Carmelo Anthony Basketball player
Kaycee Stroh Actress (High School Musical)
June 4 Jillian Murray Actress
June 6 Antonia Prebble New Zealand actress (Power Rangers Mystic Force)
June 8 Torrey DeVitto Actress (Beautiful People, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Chicago Med)
June 13 Phillip Van Dyke Actor (Noah Knows Best, voice of Arnold on Hey Arnold! (1997–99))
June 18 Ian Jones-Quartey Voice actor (OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes)
June 26 Aubrey Plaza Actress (Parks and Recreation)
June 27 Emma Lahana New Zealand actress (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
Khloé Kardashian Actress (Keeping Up with the Kardashians)
July 5 Danay García Cuban actress (Prison Break, Fear the Walking Dead)
July 7 Ross Malinger Voice actor (T.J. Detweiler on Recess (1997–98))
July 8 Alexis Dziena Actress (Invasion, Entourage)
July 10 Kelly Dowdle Actress (American Crime Story)
Aviva Baumann Actress
Michaela Dietz Actress (Amethyst on Steven Universe and Riff on Barney & Friends)
July 11 Rachael Taylor Australian actress (666 Park Avenue, Crisis, Jessica Jones)
Serinda Swan Canadian actress (Breakout Kings, Graceland)
July 19 Andrea Libman Canadian voice actress (Madeline, Dragon Tales, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
Kaitlin Doubleday Actress (Empire)
July 20 James Mackay Australian actor (Dynasty)
July 26 Grace Gealey Actress (Empire)
July 27 Taylor Schilling Actress (Mercy, Orange is the New Black)
July 29 J. Madison Wright Morris Actress (Earth 2) (d. 2006)
July 30 Gabrielle Christian Actress (South of Nowhere)
Gina Rodriguez Actress (Jane the Virgin, Carmen Sandiego)
August 1 Valery Ortiz Actress (South of Nowhere, What About Brian)
August 3 Emily Baldoni Swedish-American actress
August 10 Ryan Eggold Actor (90210, The Blacklist)
August 27 Amanda Fuller Actress (Last Man Standing)
August 28 Sarah Roemer Actress (The Event, Chosen)
Michael Galeota Actor (The Jersey) (d. 2016)
September 1 Joe Trohman American musician (Fall Out Boy)
September 4 Kyle Mooney Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live)
September 14 Adam Lamberg Actor (Lizzie McGuire)
September 16 Sabrina Bryan Actress, singer (The Cheetah Girls; Dancing with the Stars contestant [2 seasons])
September 18 Nina Arianda Actress
September 19 Kevin Zegers Canadian actor (Gossip Girl)
Lydia Hearst Actress and great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst
September 22 Laura Vandervoort Canadian actress (Instant Star, V, Smallville, Bitten)
September 23 CariDee English Model and actress (America's Next Top Model)
Anneliese van der Pol Actress (That's So Raven, Raven's Home) and singer
September 25 Zach Woods Actor (The Office, Silicon Valley)
September 27 Avril Lavigne Singer and actress
October 1 Beck Bennett Actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live)
Josh Brener Actor (Glory Daze, The Big Bang Theory, Maron, Silicon Valley, Future-Worm!, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Sam Saletta Actor (7th Heaven, Rocket Power)
October 3 Ashlee Simpson Actress, singer (7th Heaven, The Ashlee Simpson Show) and sister of Jessica Simpson
Jessica Parker Kennedy Actress (Kaya, The Secret Circle, Black Sails)
Chris Marquette Actor (Strong Medicine, The Mummy: The Animated Series, Fillmore!, Joan of Arcadia)
October 4 Glenn McMillan Brazilian actor (Power Rangers Wild Force)
October 11 Martha MacIsaac Canadian actress (1600 Penn)
October 14 Jason Davis Voice actor (Mikey Blumberg on Recess) (d. 2020)
October 17 Chris Lowell Actor (Veronica Mars, Private Practice)
October 24 Ben Giroux Voice actor (Mikey Munroe on Bunsen Is a Beast)
October 25 Katy Perry Singer, songwriter, and actress
October 27 Kelly Osbourne British singer, actress (The Osbournes, Chelsea Lately, The 7D) and daughter of Ozzy Osbourne
Emilie Ullerup Danish-American actress (Sanctuary, Arctic Air)
October 28 Finn Wittrock Actor (All My Children, American Horror Story)
November 16 Kimberly J. Brown Actress (Halloweentown, Vampire Princess Miyu, Guiding Light)
November 21 Lindsey Haun Actress and singer
Jena Malone Actress
November 22 Scarlett Johansson Actress (4-time host of Saturday Night Live)
November 23 Lucas Grabeel Actor (Halloweentown, High School Musical, Switched at Birth) voice actor (Family Guy, DreamWorks Dragons, Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Elena of Avalor, Spirit Riding Free, Pinky Malinky)
November 28 Mary Elizabeth Winstead Actress (Wolf Lake, The Returned, BrainDead, Mercy Street, Fargo)
December 4 Lindsey Felton Actress (Thunder Alley, Caitlin's Way)
December 10 Tom Hern New Zealand actor (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
December 15 Kirsty Lee Allan Australian actress
December 17 Shannon Woodward Actress (The Riches, Raising Hope, Westworld)
December 19 Erica O'Keith Actress (Romeo!)
December 20 Bob Morley Actor (The 100)
December 22 Greg Finley Actor (The Secret Life of the American Teenager)


Date Name Age Notability
February 16 Kenny Williams 69 Game show announcer (The Hollywood Squares, High Rollers, Gambit)
March 1 Jackie Coogan 69 actor (Uncle Fester on The Addams Family)
March 24 Sam Jaffe 93 actor (Dr. Zorba on Ben Casey)
May 2 Jack Barry 66 game show host/producer (The Joker's Wild)
May 16 Andy Kaufman 35 comedian (Latka Gravas on Taxi)
June 15 Ned Glass 78 actor
August 8 Richard Deacon 63 actor (Fred Rutherford on Leave It to Beaver, Mel Cooley on The Dick Van Dyke Show)
September 17 Richard Basehart 70 actor (Admiral Harriman Nelson on Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
September 24 Neil Hamilton 85 actor (Commissioner Gordon on Batman)
October 18 Jon-Erik Hexum 26 actor (gunshot wound from accident on set of TV series Cover Up)
December 7 Jeanne Cagney 65 actress

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