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This DYK STATS/Archive 2019 page is an archive of the monthly DYKSTATS leaders for each month in 2019, recognizing the DYK entries that have received the most page views while being featured on DYK.

On an important note: Please do not see this list as a competition, but rather a celebration of some of the most effective DYK hooks.

2019 DYK page view leaders by month (over 5,000 views)


January 2019Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Murder of Jane Britton   53,494 2,229 ... that the red ochre sprinkled on the body of Jane Britton (pictured) 50 years ago today ultimately turned out to be a red herring in solving her murder?
Soviet destroyer Sposobny (1970)   38,125 1,588 ... that the Soviet destroyer Sposobny (pictured) was designed to survive a nuclear explosion?
United States Zouave Cadets   32,243 1,343 ... that The New York Times stated that, with one exception, the United States Zouave Cadets (pictured) were "all young men of extraordinary muscular power"?
Greta Thunberg   22,579 940 ... that 16-year-old Greta Thunberg (pictured) of Sweden has inspired 20,000 students around the world to strike for climate change activism?
Puertasaurus   20,988 874 ... that Puertasaurus (illustration shown), one of the largest dinosaurs, is known from only four vertebrae?
Death and funeral of Winston Churchill   20,765 865 ... that Operation Hope Not was the codename for planning Winston Churchill's funeral (procession pictured), the largest state funeral in British history?
Battle of Caen (1346) 18,190 758 ... that after capturing the French town of Caen in 1346, an English army massacred the population and engaged in an orgy of rape?
Baker City Tower   17,557 732 ... that even though the Baker Hotel (pictured) was nearly fully booked during the filming of the 1969 musical film Paint Your Wagon, it closed shortly thereafter?
Theresienstadt Ghetto   17,194 716 ... that the Nazi authorities promoted Theresienstadt Ghetto (caricature shown) as a "spa town" and "retirement settlement" for Jews?
Marc Bloch   16,977 707 ... that Marc Bloch (pictured), one of the most influential historians of the 20th century, was also a French Resistance fighter and was executed by the Gestapo in 1944?
Simeon Monument   16,213 675 ... that, upon completion of the Simeon Monument (pictured), a local resident complained that "among the generality of the inhabitants it is called a p****** post"?
Michelle Leslie 14,238 593 ... that catwalk model Michelle Leslie claimed police in Bali, Indonesia, planted two ecstasy tablets in her handbag and then asked for a US$25,000 bribe to avoid conviction?
Joselyn Alejandra Niño 14,209 592 ... that suspected hitwoman Joselyn Alejandra Niño had a nickname which referred to Our Lady of Holy Death?
Sully (dog)   14,117 ... that U.S. President George H. W. Bush's service dog Sully (pictured) slept next to Bush's coffin before his state funeral?
Russell Crowe's jockstrap 12,129 + 1,753 = 13,882 578 ... that the money from the sale of Russell Crowe's jockstrap allowed the Australia Zoo to establish a koala chlamydia ward?
Victor Bonney 13,462 560 ... that Victor Bonney stained vaginas blue?
Whitespot ghost shark 10,135 422 ... that the whitespot ghost shark is known from only four specimens in the Galápagos Islands?
F. W. Bernstein   9,982 415 ... that the poet, cartoonist, and satirist F. W. Bernstein (pictured) was appointed professor of caricature and comics in Berlin in 1984, the only such chair in the world at the time?
Convention of Alessandria 9,896 412 ... that the historian Thomas Henry Dyer described the Convention of Alessandria as "one of the most disgraceful capitulations in history"?
Lady Shani 9,617 400 ... that one wrestler was injured and another stripped of her championship after a professional wrestling bout involving Lady Shani went off script?
Guêpe-class submarine 9,061 377 ... that Guêpe-class submarines were solely intended for use in harbor defense?
Emily Lloyd 8,369 349 ... that at age 17, the English actress Emily Lloyd reportedly beat over 5,000 others, including Jodie Foster, for the lead role in the 1989 film Cookie?
Herbert Lee (activist) 7,871 327 ... that black voting rights activist Herbert Lee was killed in 1961 by Mississippi state representative E. H. Hurst?
Battle of Tororo 7,829 326 ... that the Ugandan military indiscriminately bombarded rebel fighters, civilians, and even their own forces during the Battle of Tororo?
Esther before Ahasuerus   7,699 321 ... that after various changes to Tintoretto's Esther before Ahasuerus (shown) from the 1540s onwards, the painting now has two figures of Haman?
1999 Matamoros standoff 7,540 314 ... that two U.S. agents were nearly killed by a drug cartel in Mexico in 1999?
Scharwenzel 7,068 294 ... that Scharwenzel is a card game, at least three centuries old, that is played today only on the German island of Fehmarn?
Dermophis donaldtrumpi 6,984 291 ... that the man who named a nearly blind amphibian Dermophis donaldtrumpi did so to raise awareness of Donald Trump's policies on climate change?
Orange-breasted bunting   6,595 274 ... that an attempt to introduce the orange-breasted bunting (pictured) to Oahu in 1941 was unsuccessful?
Arlene Hirschfeld, Shangri-La (house) 1,619 + 71 = 1,690 + 4,103 + 417 = 4,520 = 6,210 258 ... that Denver community activist Arlene Hirschfeld lives in Shangri-La?
Accident triangle 6,118 254 ... that the 1931 accident triangle theory proposed a link between the number of minor accidents and those that led to serious injury?
Crooked Billet 6,011 250 ... that Crooked Billet was the site of the first house in London that had a telephone, as well as electricity for illumination, boiling a kettle, and ironing?
Andrew L. Lewis (admiral) 5,343 222 ... that, before Andrew L. Lewis became commander of the United States Second Fleet, he flew more than 100 combat missions as a naval aviator?
Eight precepts 5,255 219 ... that the Buddhist eight precepts allow lay people to lead a life similar to a monk for a day?
Valjala Stronghold 5,086 212 ... that the surrender of Valjala Stronghold in 1227 finalized the Crusader conquest of Estonia?
AMES Type 85 5,017 ... that the Royal Air Force's AMES Type 85 radar was already considered obsolete by the time it became operational?

February 2019Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Loschbour man   24,111 1,004 ... that DNA testing suggests that Loschbour man (pictured), an 8,000-year-old human skeleton found in Luxembourg in 1935, had dark skin?
Adele Spitzeder   19,439 809 ... that some sources believe Adele Spitzeder (pictured) created the first documented Ponzi scheme in 1869?
Guy Dury 13,958 581 ... that after recapturing escaped Luftwaffe prisoners, the British officer Guy Dury is said to have remarked: "one really has to take off one's hat to them ... I really regret having to lock them up"?
2019 EFL Cup Final 13,878 ... that Manchester City conceded only one goal in regular time en route to the 2019 EFL Cup Final against Chelsea today?
Nakam 13,104 1,747 ... that a small group of Holocaust survivors tried to kill six million Germans?
University of Farmington   12,624 1,052 ... that the University of Farmington (logo pictured) was a fake university set up by the United States Department of Homeland Security as a part of an undercover operation to expose immigration fraud?
Boybuloq Cave 11,558 481 ... that Boybuloq Cave, the deepest in Asia, is located near Uzbekistan's highest village?
African humid period 11,366 ... that changes in Earth's orbit around the Sun over 10,000 years ago led to the disappearance of the Sahara desert?
Homeric Minimum 10,490 437 ... that the Homeric Minimum may have been responsible for permanent snow on Mount Olympus, as referred to by Homer and in Greek mythology?
British ambulances in the Franco-Prussian War   10,409 433 ... that British ambulance units (stores pictured) served alongside armies of both combatants in the Franco-Prussian War?
OK gesture   10,406 1,387 ... that the OK gesture (pictured) can stand for the evil eye, the letter F, the number 9, the rising and setting of the sun, or to signal that a scuba diver is safe?
Nucella canaliculata, Semibalanus cariosus   6,679 + 3,681 = 10,360 863 ... that the channeled dog winkle drills into shells of the thatched barnacle (both species pictured) and injects a toxin to gain access to the soft parts?
HMS Sickle   9,388 782 ... that after sailors from HMS Sickle (pictured) boarded a small enemy ship, they brought 1,000 oranges and lemons from the ship's cargo back to their submarine?
Something Good – Negro Kiss 9,293 387 ... that the recently rediscovered and restored 1898 short film Something Good – Negro Kiss counters racist caricatures?
John L. Whitehead Jr.   8,935 744 ... that John L. Whitehead Jr. (pictured) was the first African American to graduate from the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School?
Parliamentary snuff box 8,154 339 ... that British MPs are entitled to free snuff from the Parliamentary snuff box, despite it being illegal to distribute it freely elsewhere?
Sue Miller (cancer activist) 7,926 330 ... that after a mastectomy ended her professional modeling career, Sue Miller assembled a fashion show featuring only models who had had breast cancer?
Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl 7,711 321 ... that director Manoel de Oliveira completed the 2009 feature film Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl at the age of 100?
Golden-headed cisticola   7,547 314 ... that the golden-headed cisticola (pictured) has been described as the "finest tailor of all birds"?
Spotted wobbegong   7,540 628 ... that prey of the spotted wobbegong (pictured) have been known to approach its mouth and nibble on its tentacles?
Emiliano Sala 7,540 ... that footballer Emiliano Sala is the most expensive signing in the history of Cardiff City F.C.?
Weewarrasaurus 7,287 303 ... that the first discovered fossil of the dinosaur Weewarrasaurus was noted for being preserved in green-blue opal?
Flag of Somerset County, Maryland   7,279 303 ... that Somerset County, Maryland, adopted the style of the Union Jack as their flag (pictured) before Great Britain did?
Fulvous owl 7,182 299 ... that the rhythm of the call of the fulvous owl has been likened to Morse code?
Zura Karuhimbi 7,128 297 ... that Zura Karuhimbi saved the lives of more than 100 refugees during the Rwandan genocide by pretending to be a witch?
Steve Swindal 6,999 292 ... that after he was named heir apparent to owner George Steinbrenner in 2005, Steve Swindal was bought out of the New York Yankees in 2007?
Shin Hyun-hwak 6,682 278 ... that Shin Hyun-hwak was Prime Minister of South Korea for less than six months?
The Bellboy and the Playgirls 6,669 555 ... that Francis Ford Coppola said he added "five three-minute nudie sketches in color to a stupid German movie that had been shot in black-and-white"?
Stephen Godin 6,629 276 ... that Stephen Godin was a steward of a house of penitent prostitutes?
David Johnson (photographer)   6,526 272 ... that photographer David Johnson (pictured) was the first African American student of Ansel Adams?
Sophie Karthäuser   6,316 ... that among the Mozart roles sung by soprano Sophie Karthäuser are Ilia, Tamiri, and Serpetta?
Thessaloniki Metro 6,302 262 ... that construction on the Thessaloniki Metro triggered the largest-ever archaeological dig in northern Greece, unearthing more than 300,000 individual artefacts?
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo 6,145 256 ... that after the release of the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, charity shops in Washington D.C. reported a 66% increase in donations?
Hohhot Shengle International Airport 6,102 254 ... that a river will be diverted for the construction of Hohhot Shengle International Airport?
Walt Torrence   6,038 252 ... that Walt Torrence (pictured) was an All-American college basketball player for UCLA before joining the US Army and winning a gold medal at the 1963 Pan American Games?
Kaede Hondo 5,980 249 ... that Japanese voice actress Kaede Hondo decided to pursue a career in acting due to a misunderstanding?
North Carolina State House,
George Washington (Canova)
  2,168 + 3,734 = 5,902 492 ... that the North Carolina State House and Canova's George Washington (engraving shown) were both destroyed by an "awful conflagration" that began while the building was being fireproofed?
Elizabeth Ness MacBean Ross 5,688 237 ... that the work of Dr Elizabeth Ross is still commemorated annually in Serbia despite her having spent only three weeks in the country?
Lava balloon 5,627 234 ... that lava can form gas-filled balloons that float on water?
Pius F. Koakanu 5,605 233 ... that Hawaiian legislator Pius F. Koakanu was beaten by rioters because of his support for King Kalākaua in the monarchial election of 1874?
Earth's circumference 5,295 220 ... that Earth's circumference around the poles is almost exactly 40,000 kilometres or 21,600 (i.e. 360 × 60) nautical miles, because it was used to define those units of measurement?
Tucson Girls Chorus 5,249 218 ... that in 2017, the Tucson Girls Chorus opened the city's first public choir for girls and boys with special needs?
Philip Petty 5,228 217 ... that Philip Petty received the Medal of Honor for raising his regiment's colors during the Battle of Fredericksburg?
Operation Thunderbolt (1997) 5,160 215 ... that SPLA rebels captured a large amount of military equipment from the Sudanese Armed Forces during Operation Thunderbolt, but found much of it had degraded and was of no use?
Chesapeake and Ohio 1309 5,111 212 ... that the restoration of the Chesapeake and Ohio 1309 locomotive was set back when an employee stole thousands of pounds of brass fittings to sell as scrap?
Saint Sebastian Tended by Saint Irene   5,107 426 ... that paintings of Saint Sebastian tended by Saint Irene reflected the position of both Catholic and Protestant churches that people should not flee to avoid the plague?

March 2019Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Elly Mayday   34,666 1,562 .... that when Elly Mayday (pictured) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she not only continued to model, but appeared in pictorials with a bald head from chemotherapy and surgery scars?
Prince Hubertus of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (pilot) 31,511 2,626 ... that a gay former British prince died fighting on the side of Nazi Germany despite loathing Hitler and the Nazi Party?
Frog Service   21,022 1,751 ... that Josiah Wedgwood "was very unwilling to disfigure" his Frog Service with "this reptile" (pictured), but Catherine the Great insisted it appear on all 944 pieces?
Shepard tables   16,082 1,340 ... that in the Shepard tabletop illusion (pictured), identical parallelograms look very different?
HMS Simoom (P225)   14,963 1,247 ... that all 15 torpedoes fired by HMS Simoom (pictured) during her career missed their targets, but 3 hit and sank a destroyer instead?
Mary Bulkley   13,136 1,094 ... that 18th-century British actress Mary Bulkley (pictured) was once hissed by her audience because she had "taken the son of her long-term lover to her bed"?
Paul Bateson 12,423 1,035 ... that real-life X-ray technician Paul Bateson, convicted of murder 40 years ago today, played the X-ray technician in The Exorcist's cerebral angiogram scene?
Coffin of Nedjemankh   11,940 995 ... that shortly after purchasing the coffin of Nedjemankh (pictured) for $4 million, the Metropolitan Museum of Art decided to return it to Egypt?
Indo-Russia Rifles 10,427 868 ... that Indo-Russia Rifles is a joint venture licensed to produce 750,000 AK-203 rifles, the latest and most advanced version of the AK-47 firearm?
Nao Tōyama   10,318 859 ... that Nao Tōyama (pictured), whose solo singles have been used as theme songs for anime series on television and in film, was tone-deaf as a girl?
Gordon Cooper   10,199 849 ... that after astronaut Gordon Cooper (pictured) died, his ashes were launched into space three times?
Tugnet Ice House 6,522 + 3,483 = 10,005 ... that the Tugnet Ice House, the largest surviving ice house in the UK, is now a dolphin watching centre?
Ground billiards   9,833 818 ... that modern cue sports games such as snooker and nine-ball can be traced back to the game of ground billiards, played with hoops and mallets (illustration shown)?
The Jew Among Thorns 9,254 771 ... that the antisemitic tale "The Jew Among Thorns" was used to indoctrinate children in Nazi Germany?
Agats 8,654 712 ... that the entire town of Agats is elevated above ground level, including the roads?
Ida Dorsey   8,396 699 ...that Ida Dorsey built the last standing bordello (pictured) from Minneapolis' three red-light districts?
Chu Shijian 8,004 667 ... that after China's "tobacco king" Chu Shijian was sentenced to life imprisonment, he became the "king of oranges"?
Chicken Pot Pie 7,360 ... that the "Weird Al" parody song "Chicken Pot Pie" was not released at the request of vegetarian Paul McCartney, who felt it endorsed eating meat?
From Dixie with Love 6,170 ... that the University of Mississippi band was asked to stop playing "From Dixie with Love" because fans kept chanting, "The South will rise again"?
Ishi in Two Worlds,
Theodora Kroeber
  4,865 + 1,245 = 6,110 509 ... that the 1961 book Ishi in Two Worlds by Theodora Kroeber told the story of Ishi (pictured), the last known member of the Yahi people?
Anastasia Bitsenko 5,831 485 ... that convicted assassin Anastasia Bitsenko was one of the seven Soviet delegates to the German-Soviet peace negotiations in World War I?
Brenva Glacier   5,478 456 ... that when a massive rockfall in 1920 covered part of the Brenva Glacier (pictured) it caused it to lengthen considerably, at a time when nearby glaciers were retreating?
Baseball Rule 5,484 238 ... that the Baseball Rule in American tort law holds that as long as a baseball team has protected seats available, fans injured by foul balls generally cannot hold the team liable?
Margit Bokor   5,451 454 ... that the soprano Margit Bokor (pictured) created the role of Zdenka in Arabella by Richard Strauss at the Semperoper in Dresden in 1933, and performed the role in the UK premiere at the Royal Opera House?
Crisper drawer 5,332 444 ... that a crisper drawer can help protect fruits and vegetables from ethylene gas?
Belzer v. Bollea 5,327 ... that Hulk Hogan was sued for $5 million by Richard Belzer for choking Belzer unconscious with a sleeper hold and dropping him on live TV?
The Democrat-Reporter 5,199 433 ... that after the editor of an Alabama newspaper called for the return of the Ku Klux Klan, he was replaced by an African-American woman?

April 2019Edit

Article Image DYK views Views / hour DYK hook
Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick   44,648 1,860 ... that the fashion designer Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick (pictured) is the closest relative of Queen Elizabeth II who cannot succeed to the British throne because of conversion to Catholicism?
Fabiana Rosales   26,823 1,117 ... that Venezuelan journalist Fabiana Rosales (pictured) has assumed the role of international ambassador, soliciting support for her husband's opposition party, towards resolving the crisis in Venezuela?
Holden's Lightning flight 24,741 1,030 ... that an engineer inadvertently took off in an English Electric Lightning fighter jet after engaging the afterburner by mistake?
Chinese alligator   15,933 + 2,366 = 18,299 654 ... that the critically endangered Chinese alligator (pictured) may have helped inspire the mythology of the Chinese dragon?
Dortan massacre, Dortan   8,453 + 6,427 = 14,880 620 ... that the Wehrmacht killed at least 35 French civilians in the village of Dortan (memorial pictured), and then burned the entire village to the ground?
Eiseman-Renyard and others v. the United Kingdom
(Apr. 1, 2019)
6,072 + 6,615 = 12,687 1,057 ... that zombies can be arrested before they've even committed a crime?
Echiura   12,446 513 ... that in the 1970s, spoon worms (example pictured) helped promote biodiversity around the effluent outlets from the Los Angeles sewage system?
Judah Samet   11,752 926 ... that attendees at Trump's 2019 State of the Union Address sang "Happy Birthday" to Judah Samet (pictured), a Holocaust survivor who narrowly escaped the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting?
Ansel Adams   10,561 880 ... that Ansel Adams (pictured), known for his black-and-white landscape photographs, documented a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II?
Pacu jawi   10,424 ... that in pacu jawi (pictured), the traditional cattle race of Tanah Datar, Indonesia, the jockey holds the tails of two cattle while they sprint across a muddy rice field?
Sex and Candy 10,029 501 ... that John Wozniak took less than an hour to write Marcy Playground's only hit, "Sex and Candy", in his bedroom at 4 a.m.?
Der geteilte Himmel   9,991 ... that Christa Wolf's Der geteilte Himmel (cover pictured), published in East Germany in 1963, was called a "socialist bestseller"?
Disappearance of Brittanee Drexel
(Apr. 25, 2019)
9,850 410 ... that while investigating the case of Brittanee Drexel, who disappeared 10 years ago today, the FBI brought federal charges against someone who had already served state probation for the same crime?
Florida shuffle 9,513 396 ... that the Florida shuffle refers to recovering drug addicts caught between multiple rehab centers and "patient brokers" for their insurance money?
Ebbo Bastard
(Apr. 1, 2019)
8,811 734 ... that Australians refused to call this bastard a bastard?
Flag of Blackbeard
(Apr. 1, 2019)
8,722 726 ... that the bloody flag of Blackbeard probably wasn't?
Walter Stanley Haines
(Apr. 23, 2019)
  9,578 798 ... that Walter Stanley Haines (pictured) testified about the Haymarket bombing of 1886, the disappearance of Louisa Luetgert in 1897, and the suspicious deaths in multimillionaire Thomas H. Swope's family in 1909?
United States v. 422 Casks of Wine
(Apr. 1, 2019)
8,434 702 ... that the United States once sued 422 casks of wine, and the wine won?
Fiona Peever
(Apr. 1, 2019)
  8,373 697 ... that a bronze statue co-created by Fiona Peever apparently stepped off its pedestal (pictured) and sat down on some nearby steps?
Young People Fucking
10th Canadian Comedy Awards
29th Genie Awards
(Apr. 1, 2019)
6,877 + 698 + 671 = 8,246 687 ... that a Genie and three Beavers recognized Young People Fucking?
FBI MoneyPak Ransomware
(Apr. 1, 2019)
  7,528 2,509 ... that the FBI can lock your computer (logo pictured)?
Viernes Negro
(Apr. 26, 2019)
7,340 612 ... that Venezuela's economy still has not recovered from Black Friday in 1983?
Patsy Dan Rodgers
(Apr. 1, 2019)
7,338 611 ... that Patsy, the recently deceased Irish king, personally welcomed visitors who landed in his realm?
South Lake Union Streetcar
(Apr. 1, 2019)
7,102 591 ... that 1,900 people in Seattle rode the city's slut on a daily basis?
Chafin v. Chafin
(Apr. 1, 2019)
7,014 584 ... that the United States Supreme Court had a divorce and the daughter was sent to Scotland?
Hans Bredow 6,814 ... that in a telegram to Hitler, Hans Bredow, the former head of the Reich Broadcasting Corporation, requested to be treated like his colleagues who were interred in the Oranienburg concentration camp?
Librotraficante 6,629 276 ... that Librotraficante smuggled books into Arizona?
Chen Zhaodi 6,538 272 ... that volleyball player Chen Zhaodi, who was nicknamed "One-armed General" despite having two arms, became an actual general after retiring from her volleyball career?
Stomp the Bus
(Apr. 1, 2019)
6,434 536 ... that a giant has been seen stomping buses underfoot in Arizona?
Aina Mahal, Ram Singh Malam 1320 + 4557 = 5,877 490 ... that Ram Singh Malam designed and decorated the Palace of Mirrors and its pleasure hall?
Nazir Ahmad Wani   5,745 239 ... that Nazir Ahmad Wani, the first Ashoka Chakra recipient from Kashmir (posthumous award ceremony pictured), was a militant before he surrendered and joined the Indian Army?
Lirabuccinum dirum 5,732 238 ... that the dire whelk sometimes shares the prey of the ochre sea star while it is being eaten?
Worthing Tramocars
(Apr. 1, 2019)
5,532 461 ... that Bill Gates' converted dustbin lorry helped old people get around Worthing?
French ship Courageux (1753) 5,368 447 ... that when HMS Courageux was wrecked, more than 100 men escaped to the shore by clambering along a fallen mast?
Harry B. Neilson   5,145 429 ... that Harry B. Neilson's illustrations for The Fox's Frolic (example shown) depict fox hunting in which the foxes do the hunting?
Crinkley Bottom
(Apr. 1, 2019)
5,071 422 ... that not enough people entered a crinkley bottom to keep it open?