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Dogue de Bordeaux, one of mastiff breeds

Mastiff type means a large molosser dog. The term "mastiff type" has been used synonymously with the term "molosser".[citation needed] For example, the bulldog breeds, the Great Dane, mountain dogs, pit bulls and even smaller dogs such as the Boston terrier, may be considered "mastiff types" in this broad sense.[citation needed] The descriptive term, mastiff type, should not be confused with the breed, the English mastiff that is commonly referred to as the Mastiff.


List of mastiff breedsEdit

List of extant breedsEdit

Breed Alternate name(s) Country of origin Use Image
Aksaray Malaklisi Turkish mastiff &
Central Anatolian shepherd
Turkey Guard dog &
livestock guardian
Alano Español Spanish Alano &
Spanish Bulldog
Spain Bull baiting &
big game hunting
American Mastiff --- United States --- ---
Bandog --- --- ---
Boerboel South African Mastiff South Africa Guard dog  
Boxer German Boxer &
Deutscher Boxer
Germany Big game hunting  
Broholmer Danish Broholmer &
Danish Mastiff
Denmark Guard dog  
Bulldog British Bulldog &
English Bulldog
England Bull-baiting  
Bulldog Campeiro --- Brazil --- ---
Bullmastiff --- England Guard dog  
Ca de Bou Perro de Presa Mallorquin,
Majorca Mastiff,
Mallorquin Mastiff,
Mallorquin p,
Perro Dogo,
Presa Canario Mallorquin,
Majorca Mastiff,
Majorcan Bulldog &
Silverback Mastiff
Spain Bull baiting  
Cane Corso Italian Mastiff,
Italian Corso Dog,
Italian Corso &
Cane Corso Italiano
Italy Catch dog &
guard dog
Cane da presa --- Italy ---
Cão Fila de São Miguel São Miguel Cattle Dog,
Chien Fila de San Miguel,
Saint Miguel Cattle Dog,
Azores Cattle Dog &
Azores Cow Dog
Portugal Herding dog  
Cimarrón Uruguayo Cimarron,
Uruguayan Cimarron,
Cimarron Creole,
Maroon Dog,
Cerro Largo Dog,
Perro Cimarron &
Cimarron Dog
Uruguay Guard dog  
Dogo Argentino Argentine Dogo &
Argentine Mastiff
Argentina Big game hunting
& guard dog
Dogue de Bordeaux Bordeaux Mastiff,
French Mastiff &
France Guard dog  
English Mastiff Mastiff Old English &
England Guard dog  
Fila Brasileiro Brazilian Mastiff &
Cão de fila brasileiro
Brazil Guard dog,
livestock guardian
& tracking dog
Gaddi Kutta Indian Leopardhound,
Indian Panther Hound &
Mahidant Mastiff
India Big game hunting &
livestock guardian
Gran Mastín de Borínquen Puerto Rican Mastiff,
Mastín Borincano,
Becerillo de Borinquen &
Perro Barsino de Hacienda
Puerto Rico Guard dog &
hunting dog
Great Dane Deutsche Dogge &
German Mastiff
Germany Big game hunting  
Guatemalan Dogo Dogo Guatemalteco,
Guatemalan Bull Terrier &
Bullterrier Guatemalteco
Guatemala Guard dog ---
Korean Mastiff --- Korea --- ---
Neapolitan Mastiff Mastino,
Mastino Napoletano,
Italian Molosso &
Can'e presa
Italy Guard dog  
Olde English Bulldogge --- United States Recreation of extinct
Old English Bulldog
Perro de Presa Canario Canary Mastiff,
Canary Catch Dog,
Canarian Molosser,
Presa Canario &
Dogo Canario
Canary Islands Guard dog,
catch dog &
dog fighting
Rottweiler --- Germany Guard dog,
herding dog,
draft dog &
police dog
Shar Pei Cantonese Shar-Pei China Big game hunting
dog fighting
Terceira Mastiff Fila da Terceira &
Cão de Fila da Terceira
Portugal ---  
Tosa Tosa Inu,
Tosa Ken,
Tosa Tōken,
Japanese Fighting Dog,
Japanese Mastiff,
Tosa Fighting Dog &
Japanese Tosa
Japan Dog fighting  

List of extinct breedsEdit

Breed Alternate name(s) Country or region of origin Era Use Image
Alaunt Alaunt de Boucherie Central Asia & Europe Classical antiquity &
Middle Ages
guard dogs &
dog fighting
Alpine Mastiff Cane Garouf, Patua Alps Classical antiquity to 19th century guarding  
Bullenbeisser German Bulldog Germany Extinct by World War II Bull baiting &
bear baiting
Dogo Cubano Cuban Mastiff,
Cuban Dogo &
Cuban Dogge
Cuba 16th to late 19th century Recapture of runaway slaves
Molossus --- Southern Europe Classical antiquity War dogs,
guard dogs &
dog fighting
Old English Bulldog --- Great Britain & Ireland 17th to 19th centuries Bull baiting &
dog fighting

Genetic relationshipEdit

The dog genome indicates that the mastiffs and molossers are genetically closely related.[1]

Semantic overlap with other termsEdit

As to the extent that foreign loanwords from the English word "dog" (such as "Dogo" or "Dogge") may be translated as "Mastiffs", molosser breeds such as the Dogo Argentino,Dogo tyson and Dogo Canario may also be considered "Mastiffs". However, these terms may refer not only to breeds called "Mastiffs" in English, but also to Bulldogs and pit bulls. In addition, historical records of the development of these breeds shows that they have not only Mastiff and other molosser ancestry, but also dogs from several other branches, including sighthounds, terriers, and scenthounds.[citation needed]


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