San Pedro Garza García

San Pedro Garza García (also known as San Pedro or Garza García) is a city-municipality of the Mexican state of Nuevo León and part of the Monterrey Metropolitan area. It is a contemporary commercial suburb of the larger metropolitan city of Monterrey between Puente de la Unidad and the Alfa Planetarium, including areas surrounding Calzada del Valle/Calzada San Pedro. Nowadays It is considered the area with the best quality of life in México as well as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. It has luxury shopping malls, large green areas, as well as important colleges and hospitals Cerro de Chipinque and Chipinque Ecological Park [1] are notable aspects of the city. The city hosts the headquarters of corporations such as ALFA, Cemex, Gamesa, Vitro, Pyosa, Softtek The Home Depot México,[2] and Cydsa.

San Pedro Garza García
San Pedro ,Nuevo León, México.jpg
San Pedro, Garza Garcia
Libertad con Orden y Justicia (Freedom with Order and Justice)
Coordinates: 25°40′N 100°18′W / 25.667°N 100.300°W / 25.667; -100.300Coordinates: 25°40′N 100°18′W / 25.667°N 100.300°W / 25.667; -100.300
StateNuevo León
FoundedNovember 20, 1596
 • MayorMiguel Treviño de Hoyos (Independent)
 • City69.4 km2 (26.8 sq mi)
540 m (1,770 ft)
 • City122,009
 • Metro
 • Metro density1,758/km2 (4,550/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Standard Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylight Time)


The municipality has an area of 69.4 km2 (26.8 sq mi) and is almost entirely urban, lying adjacent to the southwest side of Monterrey. It sits in a valley surrounded by mountains; most notably La Loma Larga and Sierra Madre Oriental.


The current Municipal President (Mayor) of San Pedro is Miguel Treviño de Hoyos, an independent candidate.[3]

San Pedro Garza Garcia was founded in 1596. The land was converted into a large plantation called "Los Nogales", where crops like corn, wheat, beans, and many other foods were produced.

During the 18th century, the plantation often went by the name of "San Pedro", in honor of Saint Peter.

The city was not elevated to the status of "Villa" (Village) until December 14, 1882, when it was given the name Garza García, in honor of the governor of Nuevo León, Genaro Garza García.

It was not until 1988 that the mayor at the time, Alejandro Chapa Salazar gave the city its current name, adding the reference to what it was called centuries before.


Higher educationEdit

The city is home to the Catholic university, Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), which offers bachelor's degree and master's degree programs. The Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) has two of its graduate schools in San Pedro. The Escuela de Graduados en Administración y Dirección de Empresas (EGADE), ITESM's Graduate School of Business, and the Escuela de Graduados en Administración y Política Pública (EGAP), the Graduate School of Politics and Public Administration. Both campuses are located in Valle Oriente. There are no public universities in San Pedro.[4]

Elementary and secondary educationEdit

San Pedro has 40 public pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The city also has 39 private schools. However, whereas public schools only offer one type of education (e.g. only middle school, or only elementary school), private schools offer multiple types (mostly K-9th and K-12). If counted individually by type of education offered, private schools function as 88 different schools, more than twice the number of public schools.[4]

Some examples of notable private schools in San Pedro are the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Bachillerato Anáhuac Campus Monterrey, Centro de Educación y Cultura del Valle, S.C. (CECVAC), Colegio Inglés, Instituto Anglia, Instituto Brillamont, Instituto Irlandés, Instituto Mater, Instituto San Roberto, and Liceo de Monterrey.

Other educationEdit

The Asociacion Regiomontana de Lengua Japonesa A.C., a part-time Japanese school, is in Garza García.[5]

Notable residentsEdit

Sister CityEdit

San Pedro Garza García has one sister city.:[7]


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