List of Great Britain by-elections (1707–1715)

This is a list of parliamentary by-elections in Great Britain held between 1707 and 1715, with the names of the previous incumbent and the victor in the by-election.

In the absence of a comprehensive and reliable source, for party and factional alignments in this period, no attempt is made to define them in this article. The House of Commons: 1690-1715 provides some guidance to the complex and shifting political relationships, but it is significant that the compilers of that work make no attempt to produce a definitive list of each members allegiances.


See Resignation from the British House of Commons for more details.

Where the cause of by-election is given as "resignation", this indicates that the incumbent was appointed to an "office of profit under the Crown" causing him to vacate his seat and prohibited membership in the House of Commons. This office is noted in brackets.

In addition certain offices of profit, such as cabinet positions, required the MP to seek re-election. These offices are noted separately.


During this period England (but not Scotland) counted its legal year as beginning on 25 March. For the purposes of this list the year is considered to have started on 1 January.


The c/u column denotes whether the by-election was a contested poll or an unopposed return. If the winner was re-elected, at the next general election and any intermediate by-elections, this is indicated by an * following the c or u. In a few cases the winner was elected at the next general election but had not been re-elected in a by-election after the one noted. In those cases no * symbol is used.

1st Parliament (1707–1708)Edit

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
21 November 1707 Amersham u The Viscount Newhaven John Drake Ineligible to sit due to holding a Scottish Peerage
21 November 1707 Ipswich c* Henry Poley William Churchill Death
21 November 1707 Liskeard u* Thomas Dodson John Dolben Death
21 November 1707 St Mawes u* Joseph Tredenham John Tredenham Death
22 November 1707 Scarborough u* Robert Squire John Hungerford Death
28 November 1707 New Romney u* John Brewer John Brewer Receiver General of Prizes
29 November 1707 Aldborough u* William Jessop William Jessop Justice of the Anglesey Circuit
29 November 1707 Chipping Wycombe u* Fleetwood Dormer Fleetwood Dormer Commissioner of Prizes
29 November 1707 Great Bedwyn c Nicholas Pollexfen Tracy Pauncefort Commissioner of Prizes
Tracy Pauncefort Nicholas Pollexfen By-election result reversed on petition 22 December 1707
29 November 1707 Reigate u* Stephen Hervey James Cocks Death
1 December 1707 Hedon u Anthony Duncombe Anthony Duncombe Commissioner of Prizes
2 December 1707 Lymington u* Paul Burrard, junior Paul Burrard, junior Sub-Commissioner of Prizes at Portsmouth
2 December 1707 Rye u* Philip Herbert Phillips Gybbon Commissioner for the Sick and Wounded and for Exchange of Prisoners
3 December 1707 Suffolk c The Earl of Dysart Leicester Martin Ineligible to sit due to holding a Scottish Peerage
3 December 1707 Worcestershire u* William Bromley Sir Thomas Cookes Winford Death
3 December 1707 Yorkshire u* Marquess of Hartington The Viscount Downe Succeeded to a peerage
u The Lord Fairfax of Cameron Conyers Darcy Ineligible to sit due to holding a Scottish Peerage
4 December 1707 Cambridgeshire u* John Bromley (the elder) John Bromley (the younger) Death
4 December 1707 Leicestershire c John Verney George Ashby Death
15 December 1707 Bedford u* Sir Philip Monoux William Hillersden Death
16 December 1707 City of London c* Sir Robert Clayton Sir William Withers Death
29 December 1707 Bramber u* John Asgill William Shippen Expulsion
3 January 1708 Rochester u* Sir Cloudesley Shovell Sir John Leake Death
17 January 1708 Whitchurch c(*) John Shrimpton Frederick Tylney Death
c Frederick Tylney Charles Wither By-election result reversed on petition 17 February 1708
21 January 1708 Ashburton c* Gilbert Yarde Roger Tuckfield Death
31 January 1708 Huntingdonshire u* John Dryden John Proby Death
21 February 1708 Westminster u* Henry Boyle Henry Boyle Northern Secretary
2 March 1708 Sandwich u* Josiah Burchett Josiah Burchett Secretary to the Marines
6 March 1708 King's Lynn u* Robert Walpole Robert Walpole Secretary at War
13 April 1708 Exeter c* Sir Edward Seymour John Harris Death

2nd Parliament (1708–1710)Edit

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
3 December 1708 Cricklade u* Edmund Dunch Edmund Dunch Master of the Household
4 December 1708 Salisbury u Robert Eyre Robert Eyre Solicitor General for England and Wales
6 December 1708 Harwich c(*) Sir John Leake Kenrick Edisbury Chose to sit for Rochester (Two MPs elected due to a tie)
Sir Thomas Davall
6 December 1708 Lewes u Peter Gott Samuel Gott Chose to sit for Sussex
7 December 1708 Arundel u Sir Henry Peachey, Bt Viscount Lumley Chose to sit for Sussex
7 December 1708 Saltash u* James Buller Sir Cholmeley Dering Chose to sit for Cornwall
9 December 1708 Bury St Edmunds u Sir Thomas Felton Sir Thomas Felton Comptroller of the Household
10 December 1708 Marlborough c Earl of Hertford Sir Edward Ernle Chose to sit for Northumberland
11 December 1708 Southampton c Viscount Woodstock Simeon Stuart Chose to sit for Hampshire
13 December 1708 Haslemere u* Thomas Onslow Nicholas Carew Chose to sit for Bletchingley
13 December 1708 Weobley c Henry Thynne Henry Gorges Chose to sit for Weymouth
14 December 1708 Portsmouth u Thomas Erle Sir Thomas Littleton Chose to sit for Wareham
14 December 1708 Wigtown Burghs u* George Lockhart William Cochrane Chose to sit for Edinburghshire
15 December 1708 Carlisle u* Sir James Montagu Sir James Montagu Attorney General for England and Wales
15 December 1708 Helston u Viscount Rialton John Evelyn Chose to sit for Oxfordshire
16 December 1708 Truro u James Brydges Robert Furnese Chose to sit for Hereford
18 December 1708 New Shoreham c* Anthony Hammond Gregory Page Ineligible to sit (Commissioner of the Navy)
20 December 1708 Winchelsea u* George Dodington Robert Bristow Chose to sit for Bridgwater
22 December 1708 Linlithgowshire u* Lord Johnston John Houstoun Eldest son of a Scottish Peer
18 January 1709 Aberdeenshire c* Lord Haddo Sir Alexander Cumming Eldest son of a Scottish Peer
24 January 1709 Harwich u* Kenrick Edisbury Kenrick Edisbury Previous by-election voided due to a Double Return
Sir Thomas Davall
24 January 1709 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u Henry Thynne Edward Clavell Death
1 February 1709 Steyning c(*) Viscount Tunbridge Harry Goring Succeeded to a peerage (Two MPs Elected due to a Double Return)
The Lord Bellew
c* Harry Goring Harry Goring Goring Declared Elected 15 February 1709
The Lord Bellew
22 February 1709 Wallingford c* William Jennens Thomas Renda Death
2 March 1709 Bewdley u Henry Herbert Charles Cornwall Succeeded to a peerage
3 March 1709 Middlesex u Sir John Wolstenholme John Austen Death
12 March 1709 Arundel c* The Viscount Shannon The Viscount Shannon Deputy Governor of Dover Castle
26 March 1709 Bury St Edmunds u* Sir Thomas Felton Joseph Weld Death
7 April 1709 Dumfriesshire u* Lord Johnston William Grierson Eldest son of a Scottish Peer
27 April 1709 Norfolk u Sir John Holland Sir John Holland Comptroller of the Household
5 May 1709 Tain Burghs u Lord Strathnaver Robert Douglas Eldest son of a Scottish Peer
6 May 1709 Thirsk u Sir Godfrey Copley Leonard Smelt Death
7 May 1709 Milborne Port u Thomas Medlycott Thomas Smith Chose to sit for Westminster
20 November 1709 Malton u* William Strickland William Strickland Irish Revenue Commissioner
21 November 1709 Wendover u* Thomas Ellys Henry Grey Death
25 November 1709 Edinburgh u* Sir Samuel MacClellan Sir Patrick Johnston Death
25 November 1709 Rochester u* Sir John Leake Sir John Leake Naval Lord
25 November 1709 Stafford u* Walter Chetwynd Walter Chetwynd Master of the Buckhounds
28 November 1709 Brecon u* Sir Jeffrey Jeffreys Edward Jeffreys Death
29 November 1709 Great Yarmouth u Roger Townshend Nathaniel Symonds Death
1 December 1709 Okehampton u* William Harris Christopher Harris Death
2 December 1709 Bridgwater u* George Dodington George Dodington Lord of the Admiralty
2 December 1709 Dover u Matthew Aylmer Matthew Aylmer Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Fleet
2 December 1709 Plymouth u* Sir George Byng Sir George Byng Naval Lord
5 December 1709 Dorchester u John Churchill Denis Bond Death
7 December 1709 Aylesbury c Sir John Wittewrong Sir John Wittewrong Accepted a Commission in the Army
8 December 1709 Northumberland u* Earl of Hertford Earl of Hertford Accepted a Commission in the Army
14 December 1709 Gloucester c William Cooke Francis Wyndham Death
15 December 1709 Haddington Burghs u* Sir David Dalrymple Sir David Dalrymple Lord Advocate
21 December 1709 Hampshire u Viscount Woodstock Thomas Jervoise Succeeded to a peerage
23 December 1709 Cirencester c* Allen Bathurst Allen Bathurst Void Election
Charles Coxe Charles Coxe
28 December 1709 Devizes u(*) Paul Methuen Paul Methuen Lord of the Admiralty
3 January 1710 Shrewsbury c Richard Mytton Thomas Jones On petition both members were unseated and replaced by Sir Edward Leighton. A by-election was held for the second seat
John Kynaston
7 January 1710 Hythe u* John Fane John Fane Commission in the Army
11 January 1710 Kent u Sir Stephen Lennard David Polhill Death
16 January 1710 Dysart Burghs u John St Clair James Abercrombie Eldest son of a Scottish Peer
23 January 1710 Portsmouth c* Sir Thomas Littleton Sir Charles Wager Death
4 February 1710 King's Lynn u* Robert Walpole Robert Walpole Treasurer of the Navy
10 February 1710 Hastings u William Ashburnham John Ashburnham Succeeded to a peerage
10 February 1710 Lostwithiel u Russell Robartes Horatio Walpole Chose to sit for Bodmin
22 February 1710 Cambridge c* Samuel Shepheard Samuel Shepheard Void Election
22 February 1710 Cardigan Boroughs c Lewis Pryse Simon Harcourt Chose to sit for Cardiganshire
22 February 1710 Oxfordshire c* Sir Robert Jenkinson Sir Robert Jenkinson Death
28 February 1710 Buteshire u Dugald Stewart John Montgomerie Resignation (Lord of Session and of Judiciary)
3 March 1710 Ross-shire c* Hugh Rose Charles Rosse Void Election
6 March 1710 Liskeard u* William Bridges William Bridges Surveyor-General of the Ordnance
11 March 1710 Malmesbury u* Henry Mordaunt Joseph Addison Death
24 March 1710 Fifeshire u Patrick Moncreiff Sir Robert Anstruther Death
27 March 1710 Derby c Sir Thomas Parker Richard Pye Resignation (Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench)
14 April 1710 Bedford u* William Farrer William Farrer Clerk of the Pipe
26 April 1710 Somerset u* John Prowse Sir William Wyndham Death

3rd Parliament (1710–1713)Edit

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
5 December 1710 Horsham u* Charles Eversfield John Middleton Chose to sit for Sussex
8 December 1710 Bramber u The Viscount Windsor William Shippen Chose to sit for Monmouthshire
11 December 1710 Castle Rising u* Robert Walpole Horatio Walpole Chose to sit for King's Lynn
12 December 1710 Andover u John Smith John Smith Teller of the Exchequer
12 December 1710 Thetford u Sir Thomas Hanmer Sir Edmund Bacon Chose to sit for Suffolk
13 December 1710 Abingdon u Sir Simon Harcourt James Jennings Resignation (Lord Keeper)
13 December 1710 Wareham u George Pitt Sir Edward Ernle Chose to sit for Hampshire
13 December 1710 Warwick c Francis Greville Charles Leigh Death
14 December 1710 Wootton Bassett u* Henry St. John Edmund Pleydell Chose to sit for Berkshire
16 December 1710 Tiverton c* John Worth John Worth Election voided due to Treble Return
Thomas Bere Sir Edward Northey
Richard Mervin
19 December 1710 Saltash u* Sir Cholmeley Dering Jonathan Elford Chose to sit for Kent
22 December 1710 Bossiney u Francis Robartes Henry Campion Chose to sit for Bodmin
22 December 1710 Helston u George Granville Robert Child Chose to sit for Cornwall
22 December 1710 Newport (I.o.w.) u John Richmond Webb William Seymour Chose to sit for Ludgershall
23 December 1710 Tregony c John Trevanion George Robinson Chose to sit for Cornwall
26 December 1710 Coventry u Robert Craven Clobery Bromley Death
30 December 1710 Huntingdonshire u John Proby Sir John Cotton Death
2 January 1711 Newtown u* James Worsley James Worsley Woodward of New Forest
17 January 1711 Saltash u Alexander Pendarves Sir William Carew Chose to sit for Penryn
20 January 1711 St Mawes u John Tredenham John Anstis Death
1 February 1711 Carlisle u* Thomas Stanwix Thomas Stanwix Governor of Gibraltar
21 February 1711 Portsmouth u* Sir James Wishart Sir James Wishart Naval Lord
22 February 1711 Leicestershire u* Marquess of Granby Sir Thomas Cave Succeeded to a peerage
26 February 1711 Oxford u* Sir John Walter Sir John Walter Clerk Comptroller of the Green Cloth
7 March 1711 Poole u* Thomas Ridge William Lewen Expulsion
26 March 1711 Camelford c Jasper Radcliffe Henry Manaton Death
Henry Manaton Paul Orchard By-election result reversed on petition 8 May 1711
26 March 1711 Shaftesbury u* Edward Seymour Henry Whitaker Death
30 March 1711 Ashburton u George Courtenay Andrew Quick Chose to sit for Newport (Cornwall)
2 April 1711 Stamford u* Charles Bertie Charles Bertie Death
18 April 1711 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis c(*) James Littleton James Littleton Void Election
William Betts William Betts
James Littleton Thomas Hardy By-election results reversed on petition 22 May 1711
William Betts William Harvey
24 April 1711 Coventry u* Clobery Bromley Sir Christopher Hales Death
25 April 1711 Dorset u Thomas Chafin Richard Bingham Death
30 April 1711 Maldon u Thomas Richmond William Fytche Death
9 May 1711 Downton u Sir Charles Duncombe Thomas Duncombe Death
15 May 1711 Cockermouth c James Stanhope James Stanhope Void Election
15 May 1711 Hindon u George Morley Henry Lee Warner Death
18 May 1711 New Windsor u William Paul Samuel Masham Death
29 May 1711 Launceston u Lord Hyde George Clarke Succeeded to a peerage
29 May 1711 Northumberland u* Earl of Hertford Earl of Hertford Governor of Tynemouth Castle
2 June 1711 Ilchester u* Samuel Masham Sir James Bateman Cofferer of the Household
13 June 1711 Kent u Sir Cholmeley Dering Sir William Hardres Death
16 June 1711 Great Bedwyn u* Lord Bruce Thomas Millington Chose to sit for Marlborough
20 June 1711 Surrey u* Heneage Finch Heneage Finch Master of the Jewel Office
21 June 1711 Hertford u* Charles Caesar Charles Caesar Treasurer of the Navy
21 June 1711 Thirsk u Sir Thomas Frankland Thomas Worsley Resignation (Joint-Postmaster General)
26 June 1711 Ilchester u* Edward Phelips Edward Phelips Comptroller of the Mint
26 June 1711 Totnes u* Francis Gwyn Francis Gwyn Lord of Trade
2 July 1711 Somerset u* Sir William Wyndham Sir William Wyndham Master of the Buckhounds
3 July 1711 Newton u* John Ward John Ward Puisne Justice of Chester
16 July 1711 New Radnor Boroughs u* Robert Harley Lord Harley Elevated to the peerage
18 July 1711 Droitwich u* Edward Foley Edward Jeffreys Resignation (Receiver-General of the Leather Duty)
Edward Jeffreys Richard Foley Puisne Justice of the Great Sessions for Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire, and Pembrokeshire
18 July 1711 Glamorganshire u Sir Thomas Mansel Sir Thomas Mansel Teller of the Exchequer
13 December 1711 Staffordshire u Henry Paget Henry Paget Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard
17 December 1711 Canterbury u* Henry Lee Henry Lee Victualling Commissioner
18 December 1711 Fowey u Henry Vincent (junior) Henry Vincent (junior) Victualling Commissioner
Viscount Dupplin Viscount Dupplin Teller of the Exchequer
20 December 1711 Boston c* Peregrine Bertie William Cotesworth Death
21 December 1711 Weymouth and Melcombe Regis u Anthony Henley Reginald Marriott Death
22 December 1711 Berwick-upon-Tweed c* Jonathan Hutchinson Richard Hampden Death
26 December 1711 Chester u* Sir Henry Bunbury Sir Henry Bunbury Irish Revenue Commissioner
26 December 1711 Flintshire u Sir Roger Mostyn Sir Roger Mostyn Paymaster of Marines
26 December 1711 Selkirkshire u* John Pringle John Pringle Joint-Keeper of the Signet
27 December 1711 Derby u* Sir Richard Levinge Edward Mundy Appointed Attorney General for Ireland
27 December 1711 Newport (Cornwall) u George Courtenay George Courtenay Victualling Commissioner
27 December 1711 Stirlingshire u* Sir Hugh Paterson Sir Hugh Paterson Commissioner of Chamberlainry and Trade
28 December 1711 Midhurst c* Robert Orme John Pratt Death
31 December 1711 Shaftesbury u* Edward Nicholas Edward Nicholas Commissioner of the Privy Seal
1 January 1712 Tewkesbury u* Henry Ireton William Dowdeswell Death
4 January 1712 Leicester u* Sir George Beaumont Sir George Beaumont Commissioner of the Privy Seal
8 January 1712 Peeblesshire c Alexander Murray Alexander Murray Commissioner of Chamberlainry and Trade
10 January 1712 Wigtown Burghs u William Cochrane William Cochrane Joint-Keeper of the Signet
12 January 1712 Southwark c John Cholmley Edmund Halsey Death
Edmund Halsey Sir George Matthews By-election results reversed on petition 7 February 1712
21 January 1712 New Windsor c* Samuel Masham Charles Aldworth Elevated to the peerage
23 January 1712 Cirencester u* Allen Bathurst Thomas Master Elevated to the peerage
23 January 1712 Marlborough c Lord Bruce Richard Jones Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
24 January 1712 Stafford u* Thomas Foley Walter Chetwynd Elevated to the peerage
28 January 1712 Maldon u* William Fytche Thomas Bramston Resignation (Comptroller of Lotteries)
28 January 1712 Newark c* Sir Thomas Willoughby Richard Sutton Elevated to the peerage
30 January 1712 Glamorganshire u* Sir Thomas Mansel Robert Jones Elevated to the peerage
31 January 1712 Warwickshire u Lord Compton Sir William Boughton Elevated to the House of Lords through a Writ of acceleration
7 February 1712 Staffordshire u Henry Paget Charles Bagot Elevated to the peerage
11 February 1712 Callington u Sir William Coryton Henry Manaton Death
11 February 1712 Fowey u Viscount Dupplin Bernard Granville Elevated to the peerage
11 February 1712 King's Lynn c Robert Walpole Robert Walpole Expulsion
16 February 1712 Steyning c William Wallis The Lord Bellew of Duleek Void Election
18 February 1712 Monmouthshire u The Viscount Windsor James Gunter Became a British Peer
20 February 1712 Bury St Edmunds u Joseph Weld Samuel Batteley Death
20 February 1712 Camelford u* Bernard Granville Sir Bourchier Wrey Appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Kingston-upon-Hull
20 February 1712 Cornwall u George Granville Sir Richard Vyvyan Elevated to the peerage
3 March 1712 City Durham u Sir Henry Belasyse Robert Shafto Expulsion (Commissioner of an inquiry into forces and garrisons in Italy, Portugal and Spain)
6 March 1712 Southampton u* Adam de Cardonnel Roger Harris Expulsion
15 March 1712 Launceston u Francis Scobell Francis Scobell Receiver General of Cornwall
17 March 1712 Cardigan Boroughs u John Meyrick Owen Brigstocke Appointed Puisne Judge of the Anglesey Circuit
2 April 1712 Boston c William Cotesworth William Cotesworth Previous by-election declared void
7 April 1712 King's Lynn u Robert Walpole John Turner Void Election. Walpole declared incapable of being re-elected
5 May 1712 Lewes u* Peter Gott John Morley Trevor Death
2 July 1712 Scarborough u* John Hungerford John Hungerford Commissioner of the Alienation Office
4 July 1712 York u Robert Benson Robert Benson Chancellor of the Exchequer
9 July 1712 Lostwithiel u John Hill John Hill Lieutenant-General of the Ordnance
13 July 1712 Somerset u* Sir William Wyndham Sir William Wyndham Secretary at War
16 July 1712 Hereford u* Thomas Foley Thomas Foley Lord of Trade
18 July 1712 Cambridge u* John Hynde Cotton John Hynde Cotton Lord of Trade
18 July 1712 Cambridge University u* Dixie Windsor Dixie Windsor Storekeeper of the Ordnance
18 July 1712 Newport (I.o.w.) u* William Stephens William Stephens Victualling Commissioner
22 July 1712 Devon c* Sir William Pole Sir William Courtenay Master of the Household
23 July 1712 Berkshire u* Henry St John Robert Packer Elevated to the peerage
25 July 1712 Hythe u William Berners The Viscount Shannon Death
30 July 1712 Hampshire u Sir Simeon Stuart Sir Simeon Stuart Chamberlain of the Exchequer
30 July 1712 Herefordshire u* John Prise Sir Thomas Morgan Resignation (Commissioner of Excise)
7 August 1712 Sussex u Charles Eversfield Charles Eversfield Paymaster and Treasurer of the Ordnance
9 January 1713 Knaresborough u* Robert Byerley Robert Byerley Commissioner of the Privy Seal
15 April 1713 Westminster u* Thomas Medlycott Thomas Medlycott Irish Revenue Commissioner
17 April 1713 Sandwich u* Sir Henry Furnese John Michel Death
20 April 1713 Malmesbury u* Thomas Farrington Sir John Rushout Death
20 April 1713 New Romney u* Walter Whitfield Edward Watson Death
20 April 1713 West Looe u* Arthur Maynwaring John Trelawny Death
22 April 1713 Castle Rising u Horatio Walpole Horatio Walpole Irish Revenue Commissioner
22 April 1713 East Retford u* Willoughby Hickman Francis Lewis Death
22 April 1713 Wigan u* Henry Bradshaigh George Kenyon Death
23 April 1713 Clitheroe u* Christopher Parker Thomas Lister Death
23 April 1713 Tregony c Viscount Rialton Edward Southwell Succeeded to a peerage
24 April 1713 Steyning u The Lord Bellew of Duleek Robert Leeves Previous by-election declared void
30 April 1713 Monmouthshire u James Gunter Thomas Lewis Death
9 May 1713 Dumfries Burghs u* John Hutton Sir William Johnstone Death

4th Parliament (1713–1715)Edit

Date Constituency c/u Former Incumbent Winner Cause
12 March 1714 Guildford c* Sir Richard Onslow Denzil Onslow Chose to sit for Surrey
12 March 1714 Higham Ferrers u* Thomas Watson Wentworth Charles Leigh Chose to sit for Malton
13 March 1714 Wendover u Richard Hampden James Stanhope Chose to sit for Berwick-upon-Tweed
15 March 1714 Knaresborough u Christopher Stockdale Francis Fawkes Death
15 March 1714 Ripon u John Sharp John Sharp Lord of Trade
15 March 1714 Salisbury u Charles Fox Sir Stephen Fox Death
15 March 1714 Penryn c* Alexander Pendarves Samuel Trefusis Surveyor General of Crown Lands
15 March 1714 Winchester u* George Rodney Brydges George Brydges Death
u Thomas Lewis John Popham Chose to sit for Hampshire
15 March 1714 Wallingford c Simon Harcourt Thomas Renda Chose to sit for Abingdon
16 March 1714 Whitchurch u* Thomas Vernon Thomas Vernon Lord of Trade
17 March 1714 Haslemere u* Thomas Onslow Nicholas Carew Chose to sit for Bletchingley
17 March 1714 Much Wenlock u* William Whitmore Richard Newport Chose to sit for Bridgnorth
18 March 1714 Amersham u The Viscount Fermanagh James Herbert Chose to sit for Buckinghamshire
18 March 1714 Hastings c Sir Joseph Martin Sir Joseph Martin Commissary for Commercial Negotiations with France
20 March 1714 Dartmouth u* Frederick Herne John Fownes Commissioner for Settling Trade with France and Death
22 March 1714 Bossiney u John Manley Paul Orchard Death
24 March 1714 Ludgershall c John Richmond Webb John Ward Chose to sit for Newport (I.o.w.)
24 March 1714 New Woodstock u* William Cadogan William Cadogan Void Election
Sir Thomas Wheate Sir Thomas Wheate
30 March 1714 Andover u Sir Ambrose Crowley Gilbert Searle Death
5 April 1714 Elgin Burghs u* James Murray James Murray Commissary for Commercial Negotiations with France
12 April 1714 Helston c Charles Coxe Thomas Tonkin Chose to sit for Gloucester
Henry Campion Alexander Pendarves Chose to sit for Sussex
15 April 1714 Forfarshire u* John Carnegie John Carnegie Solicitor General for Scotland
22 April 1714 Leicester u* Sir George Beaumont Sir George Beaumont Lord of the Admiralty
30 April 1714 Stockbridge u Richard Steele The Earl of Barrymore Expulsion
3 May 1714 Southwark c* John Lade John Lade Void Election
Fisher Tench Fisher Tench
4 May 1714 Droitwich u* Edward Jeffreys Edward Jeffreys Puisne Justice of Chester
7 May 1714 Sutherland u* William Morison Sir William Gordon Chose to sit for Peeblesshire
17 May 1714 Harwich c(*) Thomas Davall Thomas Heath Death
c Thomas Heath Benedict Calvert By-election result reversed on petition 29 June 1714
17 May 1714 Knaresborough u Robert Byerley Henry Slingsby Death
1 June 1714 Cricklade c William Gore Samuel Robinson Chose to sit for Colchester
5 June 1714 Leicestershire u* Viscount Tamworth Sir Geoffrey Palmer Death
18 June 1714 Tewkesbury c* Charles Dowdeswell Anthony Lechmere Death
12 August 1714 Truro u Thomas Hare Thomas Hare First Register and Clerk of the Crown in Barbados


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  • The House of Commons 1690-1715, edited by David Hayton (Cambridge University Press 2002) ISBN 0521772214

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