List of Football Associations by date of foundation

This is a list of national and regional football associations by date of foundation.

Europe (UEFA)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1863 The Football Association London National   England
1867 Sheffield Football Association Sheffield Regional   England
1871 o.e. South Derbyshire Football Association Derbyshire Regional   England
1873 Scottish Football Association Glasgow National   Scotland
1876 Football Association of Wales Cardiff National   Wales
1880 Irish Football Association Belfast National   Northern Ireland
1883[1] Glasgow Football Association Glasgow Regional   Scotland
1889 Danish Football Association Brøndby National   Denmark
1889 Royal Dutch Football Association Zeist National   Netherlands
1890[n 2] Isle of Man Football Association Douglas Regional   Isle of Man
1892[n 1] Leinster Football Association Dublin Regional   Republic of Ireland
1895 Gibraltar Football Association Gibraltar National   Gibraltar
1895 Royal Belgian Football Association Brussels National   Belgium
1895 Swiss Football Association Bern National   Switzerland
1898 Italian Football Federation Rome National   Italy
1900 German Football Association Frankfurt National   Germany
1900 Malta Football Association Ta' Qali National   Malta
1900 Catalan Football Federation Barcelona Regional   Spain
1901 Czech Football Association Prague National   Czech Republic
1901 Hungarian Football Federation Budapest National   Hungary
1902 Football Association of Norway ? National   Norway
1904 Austrian Football Association Vienna National   Austria
1904 Swedish Football Association Solna National   Sweden
1907 Football Association of Finland Helsinki National   Finland
1908 Luxembourg Football Federation Mondercange National   Luxembourg
1909 Romanian Football Federation Bucharest National   Romania
1909 Royal Spanish Football Federation Madrid National   Spain
1912 Croatian Football Federation Zagreb National   Croatia
1912 Russian Football Union Moscow National   Russia
1914 Portuguese Football Federation Lisbon National   Portugal
1919 French Football Federation Paris National   France
1919[n 3] Football Association of Serbia Belgrade National   Serbia
1919 Polish Football Association Warsaw National   Poland
1920 Football Association of Slovenia Ljubljana National   Slovenia
1921 Estonian Football Association Tallinn National   Estonia
1921 Football Association of Ireland Dublin National   Republic of Ireland
1921 Latvian Football Federation Riga National   Latvia
1922 Lithuanian Football Federation Vilnius National   Lithuania
1923 Bulgarian Football Union ? National   Bulgaria
1923 Turkish Football Federation İstanbul National   Turkey
1926 Hellenic Football Federation Athens National   Greece
1928 Israel Football Association Ramat Gan National   Israel
1930 Albanian Football Association Tirana National   Albania
1931 Football Association of Montenegro Podgorica National   Montenegro
1931 San Marino Football Federation San Marino National   San Marino
1934 Liechtenstein Football Association Vaduz National   Liechtenstein
1934 Cyprus Football Association Nicosia National   Cyprus
1936 Georgian Football Federation Tbilisi National   Georgia
1938 Slovak Football Association Bratislava National   Slovakia
1946 Football Federation of Kosovo Pristina National   Kosovo
1947 Football Association of Iceland Reykjavík National   Iceland
1949 Football Federation of Macedonia Skopje National   Macedonia
1979 Faroe Islands Football Association Tórshavn National   Faroe Islands
1988 Basque Football Federation Bilbao Regional   Spain
1989 Football Federation of Belarus Minsk National   Belarus
1990 Football Association of Moldova Chişinău National   Moldova
1991 Football Federation of Ukraine Kiev National   Ukraine
1992 Football Federation of Armenia Yerevan National   Armenia
1992 Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan Baku National   Azerbaijan
1992[n 4] Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo National   Bosnia and Herzegovina
1992 Football Federation of Kazakhstan Almaty National   Kazakhstan
1994 Andorran Football Federation Escaldes-Engordany National   Andorra


  • ^1 Originally affiliated to the Belfast based Irish Football Association. In 1921 the LFA became founding members of the Dublin based Football Association of Ireland.
  • ^2 Not a UEFA member.
  • ^3 Founded as the Football Association of Yugoslavia.
  • ^4 Founded as the Sarajevo football subassociation of former Yugoslavia in 1920 but re-founded as the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992.

North America, Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF)Edit

North American Zone (NAFU)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1907 Mexican Football Federation Mexico City National   Mexico
1912 Canadian Soccer Association Ottawa National   Canada
1913 United States Soccer Federation Chicago National   United States

Central American Zone (UNCAF)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1919 National Football Federation of Guatemala Guatemala City National   Guatemala
1921 Costa Rican Football Federation San José National   Costa Rica
1931 Nicaraguan Football Federation Managua National   Nicaragua
1935 Salvadoran Football Association San Salvador National   El Salvador
1937 Panamanian Football Federation Panama City National   Panama
1951 National Autonomous Federation of Football of Honduras Tegucigalpa National   Honduras
1980 Football Federation of Belize Belmopan National   Belize

Caribbean Zone (CFU)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1902 Guyana Football Federation ? National   Guyana
1904 Haitian Football Federation ? National   Haiti
1908 Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation Port of Spain National   Trinidad and Tobago
1910 Barbados Football Association ? National   Barbados
1910 Jamaica Football Federation Kingston National   Jamaica
1920 Surinamese Football Association ? National   Suriname
1924 Football Association of Cuba ? National   Cuba
1924 Grenada Football Association ? National   Grenada
1928 Antigua and Barbuda Football Association ? National   Antigua and Barbuda
1928 Bermuda Football Association ? National   Bermuda
1932 Aruba Football Federation Noord National   Aruba
1932 Saint Kitts and Nevis Football Association ? National   Saint Kitts and Nevis
1940 Puerto Rican Football Federation ? National   Puerto Rico
1953 Dominican Football Federation ? National   Dominican Republic
1953 Ligue de football de la Martinique ? National   Martinique
1961 Guadeloupean League of Football ? National   Guadeloupe
1962 Ligue de Football de Guyane ? National   French Guiana
1966 Cayman Islands Football Association ? National   Cayman Islands
1967 Bahamas Football Association Nassau National   Bahamas
1970 Dominica Football Association ? National   Dominica
1973 Montserrat Football Association ? National   Montserrat
1974 British Virgin Islands Football Association ? National   British Virgin Islands
1979 Saint Lucia Football Association Castries National   Saint Lucia
1979 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation Kingstown National   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
1986 Sint Maarten Soccer Association ? National   Sint Maarten
1989 U.S. Virgin Islands Soccer Federation ? National   U.S. Virgin Islands
1990 Anguilla Football Association ? National   Anguilla
1996 Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association ? National   Turks and Caicos Islands
2010 Curaçao Football Federation ? National   Curaçao

South America (CONMEBOL)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1893 Argentine Football Association Buenos Aires National   Argentina
1895 Chilean Football Federation Santiago de Chile National   Chile
1900 Uruguayan Football Association ? National   Uruguay
1906 Paraguayan Football Association Asunción National   Paraguay
1914 Brazilian Football Confederation Rio de Janeiro National   Brazil
1922 Peruvian Football Federation Lima National   Peru
1924 Colombian Football Federation ? National   Colombia
1925 Bolivian Football Federation ? National   Bolivia
1925 Ecuadorian Football Federation ? National   Ecuador
1926 Venezuelan Football Federation ? National   Venezuela

Africa (CAF)Edit

Union of North African Football Federations (UNAF)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1921 Egyptian Football Association ? National   Egypt
1955 Royal Moroccan Football Federation ? National   Morocco
1956 Tunisian Football Federation ? National   Tunisia
1962 Algerian Football Federation ? National   Algeria
1962 Libyan Football Federation ? National   Libya

West Africa Football Union (WAFU)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1936 Liberia Football Association Monrovia National   Liberia
1945 Nigeria Football Federation Abuja National   Nigeria
1952 Gambia Football Association ? National   Gambia
1957 Ghana Football Association Accra National   Ghana
1960 Burkinabé Football Federation ? National   Burkina Faso
1960 Guinean Football Federation ? National   Guinea
1960 Ivorian Football Federation ? National   Ivory Coast
1960 Malian Football Federation ? National   Mali
1960 Senegalese Football Federation ? National   Senegal
1960 Togolese Football Federation ? National   Togo
1961 Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania ? National   Mauritania
1962 Benin Football Federation ? National   Benin
1967 Nigerien Football Federation ? National   Niger
1967 Sierra Leone Football Association ? National   Sierra Leone
1974 Football Federation of Guinea-Bissau ? National   Guinea-Bissau
1982 Cape Verdean Football Federation ? National   Cape Verde

Council for East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1924 Federation of Uganda Football Associations ? National   Uganda
1926 Zanzibar Football Association ? National   Zanzibar
1930 Tanzania Football Federation ? National   Tanzania
1936 Sudan Football Association ? National   Sudan
1943 Ethiopian Football Federation ? National   Ethiopia
1948 Football Federation of Burundi ? National   Burundi
1950 Somali Football Federation ? National   Somalia
1960 Kenya Football Federation ? National   Kenya
1972 Rwandese Association Football Federation Kigali National   Rwanda
1979 Djiboutian Football Federation ? National   Djibouti
1992 Eritrean National Football Federation ? National   Eritrea
2011 South Sudan Football Association Juba National   South Sudan

Central African Football Federations' Union (UNIFFAC)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1919 Congolese Association Football Federation ? National   DR Congo
1959 Cameroonian Football Federation ? National   Cameroon
1960 Equatoguinean Football Federation Malabo National   Equatorial Guinea
1961 Central African Football Federation Bangui National   Central African Republic
1962 Chadian Football Federation N'Djamena National   Chad
1962 Congolese Football Federation ? National   Congo
1962 Gabonese Football Federation ? National   Gabon
1975 São Toméan Football Federation ? National   Sao Tome and Principe

Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1929 Football Association of Zambia ? National   Zambia
1932 Lesotho Football Association ? National   Lesotho
1952 Mauritius Football Association ? National   Mauritius
1961 Malagasy Football Federation ? National   Madagascar
1965 Zimbabwe Football Association ? National   Zimbabwe
1966 Football Association of Malawi ? National   Malawi
1968 Eswatini Football Association ? National   Swaziland
1970 Botswana Football Association ? National   Botswana
1976 Eswatini Football Association ? National   Mozambique
1979 Angolan Football Federation ? National   Angola
1979 Comoros Football Federation ? National   Comoros
1979 Seychelles Football Federation ? National   Seychelles
1991 South African Football Association ? National   South Africa
1992 Namibia Football Association ? National   Namibia

Asia (AFC)Edit

ASEAN Football Federation (AFF)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1897 Football Association of Singapore ? National   Singapore
1907 Philippine Football Federation ? National   Philippines
1916 Football Association of Thailand ? National   Thailand
1930 Football Association of Indonesia ? National   Indonesia
1933 Football Federation of Cambodia ? National   Cambodia
1933 Football Association of Malaysia ? National   Malaysia
1947 Myanmar Football Federation ? National   Myanmar
1951 Lao Football Federation ? National   Laos
1961 Football Federation Australia ? National   Australia
1962 Vietnam Football Federation ? National   Vietnam
2002 East Timor Football Federation ? National   Timor-Leste

East Asian Football Federation (EAFF)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1914 Hong Kong Football Association ? National   Hong Kong
1921 Japan Football Association ? National   Japan
1924 Chinese Football Association Peking National   China
1928 Korea Football Association ? National   South Korea
1936 Chinese Taipei Football Association ? National   Chinese Taipei
1939 Macau Football Association ? National   Macau
1945 DPR Korea Football Association ? National   North Korea
1959 Mongolian Football Federation ? National   Mongolia
1975 Guam Football Association ? National   Guam
2005 Northern Mariana Islands Football Association ? National   Northern Mariana Islands

Central Asian Football Association (CAFA)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1922 Afghanistan Football Federation ? National   Afghanistan
1946 Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran ? National   Iran
1946 Uzbekistan Football Federation National   Uzbekistan
1936 Tajikistan National Football Federation ? National   Tajikistan
1992 Football Association of Turkmenistan ? National   Turkmenistan
1992 Football Federation of Kyrgyz Republic ? National   Kyrgyzstan

South Asian Football Federation (SAFF)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1937 All India Football Federation ? National   India
1939 Football Federation of Sri Lanka ? National   Sri Lanka
1946 Uzbekistan Football Federation National   Uzbekistan
1947 Pakistan Football Federation Lahore National   Pakistan
1951 All Nepal Football Association ? National   Nepal
1972 Bangladesh Football Federation Dhaka National   Bangladesh
1982 Football Association of Maldives ? National   Maldives
1983 Bhutan Football Federation ? National   Bhutan

West Asian Football Federation (WAFF)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1920 Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran ? National   Iran
1928 Palestinian Football Association ? National   Palestine
1933 Federation Libanaise de Football ? National   Lebanon
1936 Syrian Football Association ? National   Syria
1948 Iraq Football Association ? National   Iraq
1949 Jordan Football Association ? National   Jordan
1952 Kuwait Football Association ? National   Kuwait
1956 Saudi Arabia Football Federation ? National   Saudi Arabia
1957 Bahrain Football Association ? National   Bahrain
1960 Qatar Football Association Doha National   Qatar
1962 Yemen Football Association ? National   Yemen
1971 United Arab Emirates Football Association ? National   United Arab Emirates
1978 Oman Football Association ? National   Oman

Oceania (OFC)Edit

Date Name Location National or Regional Country
1891 New Zealand Football ? National   New Zealand
1928 New Caledonian Football Federation ? National   New Caledonia
1934 Vanuatu Football Federation ? National   Vanuatu
1938 Fiji Football Association ? National   Fiji
1938 Tahitian Football Federation ? National   Tahiti
1962 Papua New Guinea Football Association ? National   Papua New Guinea
1965 Tonga Football Association ? National   Tonga
1968 Football Federation Samoa ? National   Samoa
1971 Cook Islands Football Association ? National   Cook Islands
1978 Solomon Islands Football Federation ? National   Solomon Islands
1980 Kiribati Islands Football Association ? National   Kiribati
1984 Football Federation American Samoa ? National   American Samoa

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