Venezuelan Football Federation

The Venezuelan Football Federation (Spanish: Federación Venezolana de Fútbol or FVF) is the governing body of football in Venezuela. It was founded in 1925 and affiliated in 1952. It is a member of CONMEBOL as well as FIFA, and is in charge of the Venezuela national football team.[1][2]

Venezuelan Football Federation
Founded1925; 99 years ago (1925)
FIFA affiliation1952
CONMEBOL affiliation1953
PresidentJorge Giménez

Copa America 2007 edit

Venezuela was selected as the host of the Copa América 2007. The FVF and CONMEBOL were responsible of many aspects of the organisation and logistics of the tournament.

Association staff edit

Name Position Source
  Jorge Giménez President [3]
n/a Vice President
  David Quintanilla General Secretary [3]
n/a Treasurer
  Manuel Gonzalez Technical Director [3]
  Fernando Batista Team Coach (Men's) [3]
  Pamela Conti Team Coach (Women's) [3]
  Nestór Beaumont Media/Communications Manager [3]
  Rafael Almarza Futsal Coordinator [3]
  Leonardo Taricani Referee Coordinator [3]

Executive Board edit

  • President: Jorge Giménez Ochoa
  • 1st Vice-President: Pedro Infante Aparicio
  • 2nd Vice-President: Jose Antonio Quintero
  • 3rd Vice-President: Akram Almatni
  • Secretary: David Quintanilla
  • Director: Suying Olivares
  • Director: Oscar Linares
  • Director: Juan Carlos Copa
  • Director: Reina Suarez
  • Director: Miguel Mea Vitali
  • Director: Oscar Cunto
  • Director: Adrian Aguirre
  • Referee Board: Miguel Buitriago
  • Honor Council: Consuelo Vasquez
  • Electoral Commission: Edgar Morales
  • Press Officer: Salomón Rondón

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