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Uzbekistan Football Association

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The Uzbekistan Football Association (Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston futbol assotsiatsiyasi, Russian: Футбольная ассоциация Узбекистана) is the governing body of football in Uzbekistan, controlling the Uzbekistan national team.

Uzbekistan Football Association
FIFA affiliation1994
AFC affiliation1993 (Associate member),[1] 1994
CAFA affiliation2015
PresidentAchilbay Ramatov
Logo of the Uzbekistan Football Federation from the middle of the 2000s to 2017



Uzbekistan Football Federation was founded in 1946,[citation needed] while Uzbekistan was still under Soviet rule, and has been a member of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation since 1994.

On 7 January 2013, at a ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, Uzbekistan football federation was awarded the prize FIFA Fair Play Award from FIFA. Uzbekistan Football Federation took also first place in points for the "Fair Play" among the AFC in 2012.

The federation organizes the Uzbek League, the second level Uzbekistan First League, Uzbekistan Second League, Uzbek Cup, UzPFL Cup and the Uzbek women's football championship.

The federation changed its nomenclature to Football Association in 2017.


Period President
1992–1994 Elmar Aminov
1995–2005 Zakir Almatov
2006–2017 Mirabror Usmanov
2017–2018 Umid Ahmadjonov
2018–present Achilbay Ramatov

League SystemEdit


The Uzbekistan Football Federation Awards Gala is an award ceremony hosted by The Football Federation. The inaugural ceremony take place in February or March each year. The 2015 Award ceremony took place on 20 February 2013.[2] The 2015 Award ceremony was held on 4 March 2016.


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