Algerian Football Federation

The Algerian Football Federation (AFF); (Arabic: الاتحادية الجزائرية لكرة القدم) is the governing body of football in Algeria. Formed in 1962 and was based in the capital Algiers. It has jurisdiction on the Algerian football league system and is in charge of the men's and women's national teams. Although an unofficial national team had played fixtures since 1958, the first recognized international took place in January 1963, some six months after independence. In 2021, twenty structures were added to the Algerian Football Federation. The Algerian Football Federation is considered a member of FIFA.

Algerian Football Federation
Founded21 October 1962; 61 years ago
FIFA affiliation1963
CAF affiliation1964[1]
PresidentWalid Sadi[2] Edit this at Wikidata

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Professional leagues

Amateur leagues

  • National
  • Inter-Régions
  • Régional I
  • Régional II
  • Wilaya


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Similar as senior competitions.

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