Peruvian Football Federation

The Peruvian Football Federation (Spanish: Federación Peruana de Fútbol or FPF) is the body that governs Association football in Peru. It was founded on August 23, 1922, and affiliated with FIFA in 1924.[1] It is a member of CONMEBOL since 1925, and directly oversees the Peru national football team, futsal team youth teams, the Copa Federación, and the amateur leagues.[2] The Peruvian National football team has won two Copa América's, six Bolivarian Games titles and qualified for the FIFA World Cup five times.

Peruvian Football Federation
Founded1922; 102 years ago (1922)
HeadquartersAviación Avenue 2085, San Luis, Lima, Peru
FIFA affiliation1924
CONMEBOL affiliation1925
PresidentAgustín Lozano [es]

It is indirectly involved in the organization of the Primera División (today Liga 1), the Liga Femenina, Liga 2, Copa Perú and the future Liga 3.[3] It is headquartered in the Villa Deportiva Nacional (VIDENA) on Aviación Avenue 2085 in San Luis, Lima, which is also the training center of most Peruvian sports federations.

Association staff edit

Name Position Source
  Agustín Lozano President [4]
  Juan Carlos Oblitas Vice President [5]
  Sabrina Martin General Secretary [4]
  Raul Rojas Treasurer [4]
  Jean Robilliard Technical Director [4]
  Jorge Fossati Team Coach (Men's) [4]
  Emily Lima Team Coach (Women's) [6]
  Romina Antoniazzi Media/Communications Manager [4]
  Julio Pastor Futsal Coordinator [4]
  Willian Galdez Fernandez Referee Coordinator [4]

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