DPR Korea Football Association

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea Football Association (PRKFA, Korean조선민주주의인민공화국 축구협회; MRChosǒn Minjujuǔi Mingonghwaguk Ch'ukgu Hyǒphoe) is the governing body of football in North Korea.

DPR Korea Football Association
North Korean National Football team badge.svg
Founded1945; 78 years ago (1945)
HeadquartersKumsongdong, Kwangbok Street, Pyongyang
FIFA affiliation1958
AFC affiliation1974
EAFF affiliation2002
PresidentYUN Jong Ho[1]
DPR Korea Football Association
조선민주주의인민공화국 축구 협회
Revised RomanizationJoseon Minjujuui Inmin Gonghwaguk Chukgu Hyeophoe
McCune–ReischauerChosǒn Minjujuǔi Mingonghwaguk Ch'ukgu Hyǒphoe

The association was founded in 1945 and it joined FIFA in June 1958 and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in September 1974.[2][3]


PRKFA is "notoriously hard to contact". The association used to have a single fax number, and nowadays hosts a single email address. FIFA executive Jérôme Champagne remembers: "You sent a fax. Sometimes you got a reply", while football journalist James Piotr Montague's emails for "the best part of a decade" were always left unanswered. Even FIFA does not know for certain what the league system overseen by the PRKFA is like and what teams play in it.[4]

League structureEdit

The DPR Korea Football League is structured as follows (from highest to lowest):

  1. DPR Korea Premier Football League
  2. DPR Korea League 2
  3. Amateur DPR Korea League 3

Senior managementEdit

As of 2010, FIFA's website and the AFC's website listed Mun Jae-chol (문재철) as the association's president;[citation needed] he is also mentioned as such in a report published in November 2008.

Earlier presidents apparently include Choe Nam-gyun (최남균), listed on the FIFA website from July 2007 until at least July 2008, and in an overview of leading positions in the state (as of ?2009) on the website DPRK Search, with “September 2006” in brackets behind his name, and Rim Kyong-man (림경만), listed as president on FIFA's website until June 2007.[5]

The Secretary General is Kim Jang-san.[6]Ri Ryong-nam was president until some time around 2022.[7][8]Former refree coordinator was Song Hye-yong[7]

Name Position Source
  Yun Jong Ho President
  An Song-il Vice President [7]
  Han Un-gyong 2nd Vice President [7][8]
  Mun Jang-hong 3rd Vice President [8]
  Pang Kwang-su 4th Vice President [8]
  Kim Jang-san General Secretary [7][8]
  Kim Chol-ung Technical Director [7][8]
  Yun Jong-su Men's Team Coach [7]
  Jo Song-ok Women's Team Coach [7]
  Kim Yong-chol Media/Communications Manager [7]
  JANG Myong Ho Referee Coordinator [9]


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