Tunisian Football Federation

The Tunisian Football Federation (Arabic: الجامعة التونسية لكرة القدم, French: Fédération Tunisienne de Football, FTF) is the governing body of football in Tunisia. It established in 1957. It became a member in the FIFA in 1960, and in the same year it also became a member of CAF association. It organises the football league, the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1, the Tunisia national football team and the Tunisia women's national football team. It is based in Tunis.

Tunisian Football Federation
Fédération Tunisienne de Football
الجامعة التونسية لكرة القدم
Founded29 March 1957 (29 March 1957)
AffiliationFIFA (1960)
CAF (1960)
UAFA (1976)
UNAF (2005)
HeadquartersStade Annexe d’El Menzah, Cité Olympique, 1003 El Menzah, Tunis
PresidentTunisia Wadie Jary
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History Edit

It was during a meeting held on 9 November 1909 by a provisional committee bringing together sports societies that the first statutes of an official championship were adopted. It was from the 1921-1922 season that the Tunisian championship was regularly organized under the name of “honor division championship”. The Tunisian Cup starts a year later.

As soon as independence was proclaimed in 1956, Tunisian football leaders took the necessary steps to create an exclusively national body to replace the Tunisian Football League (an offshoot of the French Football Federation).

These steps lead to the creation of the Tunisian Football Federation which was approved on 29 March 1957. Recognized as a public utility, the FTF has since been investing in its dual mission of promoting football and managing the national competition as well as the various teams representing Tunisia in international competitions.

Competitions Edit

Current title holders Edit

Competition Year Champions Runners-up Next edition
Senior (Men's)
Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 2022–23 Étoile du Sahel Espérance de Tunis 2023–24
Tunisian Cup 2022–23 Olympique Béja Espérance de Tunis 2023–24
Tunisian Super Cup 2020–21 Espérance de Tunis CS Sfaxien 2021–22
Senior (Women's)
Tunisian Women's Championship 2021–22 AS Banque de l'Habitat MS Sidi Bouzid 2022–23
Tunisian Women's Cup 2018–19 ASF Gafsa ASF Sahel 2022–23

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