Chinese Football Association

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) is the governing body of association football,[2][3] beach soccer and futsal in Mainland China. Originally formed in Beijing in 1924, the association would affiliate itself with FIFA in 1931 before relocating to Taiwan following the end of Chinese Civil War (see Chinese Taipei Football Association). CFA joined the Asian Football Confederation in 1974[4] followed up by FIFA once more in 1979. Since rejoining FIFA, CFA claims to be a non-governmental and a nonprofit organization but in fact is the same bureau with Management Center of Football which is a department of the State General Administration of Sports.[5]

Chinese Football Association
Chinese Football Association logo.svg
  • 1924 (original)
  • 1955 (as CFA)[1]
FIFA affiliation1931
AFC affiliation1974
EAFF affiliation2002
PresidentChen Xuyuan
Chinese Football Association
Simplified Chinese中国足球协会
Traditional Chinese中國足球協會

Member associationEdit

As of 2015, there are total 44 member associations directly affiliated to CFA.[6] The members are:


When the Chinese Football Association was re-established in 1955, it would be a subordinate of the General Administration of Sport and would hire a president who had served with the China PR national football team as either a manager or player. This would change in 1989 when the association demanded more professionalism and started to separate itself as a non-governmental and a nonprofit organization and hired a first vice president which is usually held by the head of the governmental agency—Management Center of Football.[note 1] Dealing with the administration of disciplinary matters, the league and general organization of the national team including the hiring and dismissing of national team managers has made this role become the most prominent position within the whole of CFA while the role of the president has become more ceremonial.

Name Position Source
  Chen Xuyuan President [7][8]
  Du Zhaocai Vice President [7][8]
  Sun Wen 2nd Vice President [8]
  Gao Hongbo 3rd Vice President [8]
Louis Liu Yi General Secretary [7][8]
n/a Treasurer
  Chris van Puyvelde Technical Director [7][8]
  Li Tie Team Coach (Men's) [7][8]
  Jia Xiuquan Team Coach (Women's) [7]
  Dai Xiaowei Media/Communications Manager [7]
n/a Futsal Coordinator
  Liu Tiejun Referee Coordinator [7]



  1. ^ Management Center of Football is in fact the same bureau with CFA.


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