List of American films of 1926

A list of American films released in 1926.


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
3 Bad Men John Ford George O'Brien, Olive Borden Western Fox Film
30 Below Zero Lambert Hillyer Buck Jones, Eva Novak, Paul Panzer Drama Fox Film
Ace of Action William Bertram Hal Taliaferro, Alma Rayford Western Independent
The Ace of Cads Luther Reed Adolphe Menjou, Alice Joyce Romance Paramount
Across the Pacific Roy Del Ruth Monte Blue, Jane Winton, Myrna Loy Adventure Warner Bros.
The Adorable Deceiver Phil Rosen Alberta Vaughn, Frank Leigh Comedy FBO
Almost a Lady E. Mason Hopper Marie Prevost, Harrison Ford, George K. Arthur Comedy PDC
Aloma of the South Seas Charles R. Bowers, Bud Fisher Gilda Gray, Warner Baxter, Percy Marmont Comedy Paramount
The Amateur Gentleman Sidney Olcott Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Dunbar Historical First National
The American Venus Frank Tuttle Esther Ralston, Edna May Oliver, Louise Brooks Comedy Paramount
April Fool Nat Ross Duane Thompson, Mary Alden Comedy Independent
The Arizona Streak Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Frankie Darro Western FBO
Arizona Sweepstakes Clifford Smith Hoot Gibson, Helen Lynch, Philo McCullough Western Universal
Atta Boy Edward H. Griffith Monty Banks, Virginia Bradford Comedy Pathé Exchange
The Auction Block Hobart Henley Charles Ray, Eleanor Boardman, Sally O'Neil Comedy MGM


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Bachelor Brides William K. Howard Rod La Rocque, Eulalie Jensen Romantic comedy PDC[1]
Bad Man's Bluff Alan James Jay Wilsey, Molly Malone Western Independent
The Baited Trap Stuart Paton Ben F. Wilson, Neva Gerber Western Independent
The Bandit Buster Richard Thorpe Buddy Roosevelt, Molly Malone Western Rayart
Bardelys the Magnificent King Vidor John Gilbert, Eleanor Boardman Romantic drama MGM
The Barrier George W. Hill Lionel Barrymore, Marceline Day Drama MGM
The Bat Roland West Tullio Carminati, Jewel Carmen, Louise Fazenda Mystery, Thriller United Artists
Battling Butler Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Sally O'Neil Comedy MGM
Beau Geste Herbert Brenon Ronald Colman, Neil Hamilton Swashbuckler Paramount
The Beautiful Cheat Edward Sloman Laura La Plante, Harry Myers Comedy Universal
Behind the Front A. Edward Sutherland Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton, Mary Brian War comedy Paramount
The Belle of Broadway Harry O. Hoyt Betty Compson, Herbert Rawlinson Romance Columbia
The Bells James Young Lionel Barrymore, Caroline Frances Cooke Crime Thriller Independent
Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl Irving Cummings Madge Bellamy, Anita Garvin Drama Fox Film
The Better Man Scott R. Dunlap Richard Talmadge, Ena Gregory Comedy FBO
The Better 'Ole Charles Reisner Sydney Chaplin, Doris Hill Comedy Warner Bros.
The Better Way Ralph Ince Dorothy Revier, Ralph Ince Comedy Columbia
Beverly of Graustark Sidney Franklin Marion Davies, Antonio Moreno Comedy MGM
Beyond All Odds Alan James Eileen Sedgwick, Lew Meehan Drama Chesterfield
Beyond the Rockies Jack Nelson Bob Custer, Eugenia Gilbert, David Dunbar Western FBO
Beyond the Trail Albert Herman Bill Patton, Stuart Holmes, Clara Horton Western Chesterfield
The Big Show George Terwilliger John Lowell, Evangeline Russell, Jane Thomas Drama Associated Exhibitors
Bigger Than Barnum's Ralph Ince Ralph Lewis, Viola Dana Drama FBO
Black Paradise Roy William Neill Madge Bellamy, Leslie Fenton, Edmund Lowe Adventure Fox Film
The Black Pirate Albert Parker Douglas Fairbanks, Billie Dove Swashbuckler United Artists
The Blackbird Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Owen Moore Drama MGM
Blarney Marcel De Sano Renée Adorée, Ralph Graves, Paulette Duval Comedy MGM
The Blind Goddess Victor Fleming Jack Holt, Esther Ralston Drama Paramount
The Blind Trail Leo D. Maloney Leo D. Maloney, Josephine Hill, Nelson McDowell Western Independent
The Block Signal Frank O'Connor Ralph Lewis, Jean Arthur, Hugh Allan Drama Gotham
The Blonde Saint Sven Gade Lewis Stone, Doris Kenyon, Gilbert Roland Adventure First National
Bluebeard's Seven Wives Alfred Santell Ben Lyon, Lois Wilson, Blanche Sweet Comedy First National
Blue Blazes Joseph Franz, Milburn Morante Pete Morrison, Jim Welch Western Universal
The Blue Eagle John Ford George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor Action Fox Film
The Blue Streak Noel M. Smith Richard Talmadge, Louise Lorraine Western FBO
Blue Streak O'Neil Paul Hurst Al Hoxie, Ione Reed, Cliff Lyons Western Independent
The Boaster Duke Worne Ashton Dearholt, Gloria Grey, Joseph W. Girard Comedy Independent
La Bohème King Vidor Lillian Gish, John Gilbert, Renée Adorée Drama MGM
The Bonanza Buckaroo Richard Thorpe Jay Wilsey, Lafe McKee Western Independent
The Boob William A. Wellman Gertrude Olmstead, George K. Arthur, Joan Crawford Comedy MGM
The Border Sheriff Robert N. Bradbury Jack Hoxie, Olive Hasbrouck Western Universal
The Border Whirlwind John P. McCarthy Bob Custer, Josef Swickard Western FBO
Born to Battle Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Jean Arthur Western FBO
Born to the West John Waters Jack Holt, Margaret Morris, Raymond Hatton Adventure Paramount
The Boy Friend Monta Bell Marceline Day, John Harron Drama MGM
Bred in Old Kentucky Edward Dillon Viola Dana, Jed Prouty Sports FBO
Breed of the Sea Ralph Ince Margaret Livingston, Dorothy Dunbar Adventure FBO
Bride of the Storm J. Stuart Blackton Dolores Costello, Tyrone Power Sr. Adventure Warner Bros.
Broadway Billy Harry Joe Brown Billy Sullivan, Virginia Brown Faire Action Rayart
The Broadway Boob Joseph Henabery Glenn Hunter, Antrim Short Comedy Independent
The Broadway Gallant Noel M. Smith Richard Talmadge, Clara Horton Action FBO
Broken Hearts of Hollywood Lloyd Bacon Patsy Ruth Miller, Louise Dresser, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Comedy drama Warner Bros.
Broken Homes Hugh Dierker Gaston Glass, Alice Lake, J. Barney Sherry Drama Independent
Brooding Eyes Edward LeSaint Lionel Barrymore, Ruth Clifford, Montagu Love Crime Independent
The Brown Derby Charles Hines Johnny Hines, Ruth Dwyer Comedy First National
Brown of Harvard Jack Conway William Haines, Jack Pickford, Mary Brian Sports drama MGM
The Buckaroo Kid Lynn Reynolds Hoot Gibson, Ethel Shannon Western Universal
Bucking the Truth Milburn Morante Pete Morrison, Bruce Gordon Western Universal
Butterflies in the Rain Edward Sloman Laura La Plante, James Kirkwood, Dorothy Cumming Comedy Universal


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Call of the Klondike Oscar Apfel Gaston Glass, Dorothy Dwan Western Rayart
The Call of the Wilderness Jack Nelson Edna Marion, Lewis Sargent Western Chesterfield
Camille Fred Niblo Norma Talmadge, Gilbert Roland, Lilyan Tashman Drama First National
The Campus Flirt Clarence G. Badger Bebe Daniels, James Hall Comedy Paramount
The Canadian William Beaudine Thomas Meighan, Wyndham Standing Drama Paramount
The Canyon of Light Benjamin Stoloff Tom Mix, Dorothy Dwan, Barry Norton Western Fox Film
A Captain's Courage Louis Chaudet Ashton Dearholt, Dorothy Dwan Drama Rayart
The Carnival Girl Cullen Tate Marion Mack, Gladys Brockwell, Frankie Darro Drama Independent
The Cat's Pajamas William A. Wellman Betty Bronson, Ricardo Cortez Comedy Paramount
The Caveman Lewis Milestone Matt Moore, Marie Prevost, Myrna Loy Comedy Warner Bros.
Chasing Trouble Milburn Morante Pete Morrison, Tom London Western Universal
The Checkered Flag John G. Adolfi Elaine Hammerstein, Wallace MacDonald Drama Independent
The Cheerful Fraud William A. Seiter Reginald Denny, Gertrude Olmstead Comedy Universal
Chip of the Flying U Lynn Reynolds Hoot Gibson, Virginia Brown Faire Western Universal
Christine of the Big Tops Archie Mayo Pauline Garon, Cullen Landis Romance Independent
The City Roy William Neill May Allison, Robert Frazer, Walter McGrail Drama Fox Film
The Clinging Vine Paul Sloane Leatrice Joy, Tom Moore Comedy PDC
Code of the Northwest Frank S. Mattison Tom London, Shirley Palmer Western Chesterfield
The Cohens and Kellys Harry A. Pollard Charles Murray, Vera Gordon Comedy Universal
The College Boob Harry Garson Maurice Bennett Flynn, Jean Arthur Comedy FBO
College Days Richard Thorpe Marceline Day, Charles Delaney Comedy Drama Tiffany[2]
Collegiate Del Andrews Alberta Vaughn, Donald Keith Comedy FBO
The Combat Lynn Reynolds House Peters, Wanda Hawley, Walter McGrail Western Universal
Corporal Kate Paul Sloane Vera Reynolds, Julia Faye, Majel Coleman Comedy PDC
The Count of Luxembourg Arthur Gregor George Walsh, Joan Meredith Drama Independent
The Country Beyond Irving Cummings Olive Borden, Ralph Graves, Gertrude Astor Drama Fox Film
The Cowboy and the Countess Roy William Neill Buck Jones, Helena D'Algy Western Fox Film
The Cowboy Cop Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Jean Arthur Western FBO
Crossed Signals J. P. McGowan Helen Holmes, Henry Victor Action Rayart
The Crown of Lies Dimitri Buchowetzki Pola Negri, Noah Beery Drama Paramount
Cruise of the Jasper B James W. Horne Rod La Rocque, Mildred Harris, Snitz Edwards Comedy PDC
Cupid's Knockout Bruce Mitchell Frank Merrill, Andrée Tourneur, George B. French Comedy Independent


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Dance Madness Robert Z. Leonard Conrad Nagel, Claire Windsor, Hedda Hopper Comedy MGM
The Dancer of Paris Alfred Santell Conway Tearle, Dorothy Mackaill Drama First National
Dancing Days Albert H. Kelley Helene Chadwick, Forrest Stanley, Lillian Rich Drama Independent
Dancing Mothers Herbert Brenon Alice Joyce, Conway Tearle, Clara Bow Drama Paramount
The Danger Girl Edward Dillon Priscilla Dean, John Bowers, Gustav von Seyffertitz Drama PDC
Danger Quest Harry Joe Brown Reed Howes, Ethel Shannon Action Rayart
The Dangerous Dub Richard Thorpe Buddy Roosevelt, Peggy Montgomery Western Independent
The Dangerous Dude Harry Joe Brown Reed Howes, Dorothy Dwan Action Rayart
Dangerous Traffic Bennett Cohen Ralph Bushman, Mildred Harris, Tom London Drama Independent
Daniel Boone Thru the Wilderness Robert N. Bradbury Roy Stewart, Kathleen Collins, Edward Hearn Historical Independent
The Dead Line Jack Nelson Bob Custer, Robert McKim Western FBO
The Demon Clifford Smith Jack Hoxie, Lola Todd Western Universal
Desert Gold George B. Seitz Neil Hamilton, Shirley Mason Western Paramount
The Desert's Toll Clifford Smith Francis McDonald, Kathleen Key, Anna May Wong Western MGM
Desert Valley Scott R. Dunlap Buck Jones, Virginia Brown Faire, Malcolm Waite Western Fox Film
The Desperate Game Joseph Franz, Milburn Morante Pete Morrison, Lew Meehan Western Universal
The Devil's Circus Benjamin Christensen Norma Shearer, Charles Emmett Mack, Carmel Myers Drama MGM
Devil's Dice Tom Forman Barbara Bedford, Robert Ellis, Josef Swickard Drama Independent
The Devil Horse Fred Jackman Yakima Canutt, Gladys McConnell Western Pathé Exchange
The Devil's Gulch Jack Nelson Bob Custer, Hazel Deane Western FBO
Devil's Island Frank O'Connor Pauline Frederick, Marian Nixon Drama Independent
The Dice Woman Edward Dillon Priscilla Dean, John Bowers, Gustav von Seyffertitz Adventure PDC
Diplomacy Marshall Neilan Blanche Sweet, Neil Hamilton, Arlette Marchal Mystery Paramount
The Dixie Flyer Charles J. Hunt Cullen Landis, Eva Novak Action Rayart
The Dixie Merchant Frank Borzage Jack Mulhall, Madge Bellamy Drama Fox Film
Don Juan Alan Crosland John Barrymore, Mary Astor, Warner Oland, Estelle Taylor Adventure Warner Bros.
Don Juan's Three Nights John Francis Dillon Lewis Stone, Shirley Mason Romance First National
Double Daring Richard Thorpe Hal Taliaferro, Jean Arthur Western Independent
Doubling with Danger Scott R. Dunlap Richard Talmadge, Ena Gregory, Joseph W. Girard Mystery FBO
Driftin' Thru Scott R. Dunlap Harry Carey, Stanton Heck Western Pathé Exchange
The Duchess of Buffalo Sidney Franklin Constance Talmadge, Tullio Carminati Romantic comedy First National
The Dude Cowboy Jack Nelson Bob Custer, Howard Truesdale Western FBO
Deuce High Richard Thorpe Jay Wilsey, Alma Rayford Western Independent


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Eagle of the Sea Frank Lloyd Florence Vidor, Ricardo Cortez Historical Paramount
Early to Wed Frank Borzage Matt Moore, Katherine Perry, Albert Gran Comedy Fox Film
The Earth Woman Walter Lang Mary Alden, Priscilla Bonner Drama Independent
Ella Cinders Alfred E. Green Colleen Moore, Lloyd Hughes Comedy First National
The Enchanted Hill Irvin Willat Jack Holt, Florence Vidor, Mary Brian Western Paramount
The Escape Milburn Morante Pete Morrison, Bruce Gordon Western Universal
Everybody's Acting Marshall Neilan Betty Bronson, Ford Sterling, Louise Dresser Drama Paramount
Eve's Leaves Paul Sloane Leatrice Joy, William Boyd Comedy PDC
Exclusive Rights Frank O'Connor Gayne Whitman, Lillian Rich, Gaston Glass Crime Independent
Exit Smiling Sam Taylor Beatrice Lillie, Jack Pickford, Doris Lloyd Comedy MGM
The Exquisite Sinner Joseph von Sternberg, Phil Rosen Conrad Nagel, Renee Adoree Drama MGM


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The False Alarm Frank O'Connor Ralph Lewis, Dorothy Revier Drama Columbia
The Family Upstairs John G. Blystone Virginia Valli, J. Farrell MacDonald Comedy Fox Film
The Far Cry Silvano Balboni Blanche Sweet, Jack Mulhall Drama First National
Fascinating Youth Sam Wood Charles "Buddy" Rogers, Thelma Todd Comedy Paramount
Fifth Avenue Robert G. Vignola Marguerite De La Motte, Allan Forrest, Louise Dresser Drama PDC
Fig Leaves Howard Hawks George O'Brien, Olive Borden Comedy Fox Film
The Fighting Boob Jack Nelson Bob Custer, Joan Meredith Western FBO
The Fighting Buckaroo Roy William Neill Buck Jones, Sally Long Western Fox Film
The Fighting Cheat Richard Thorpe Hal Taliaferro, Jean Arthur Western Independent
The Fighting Edge Henry Lehrman Kenneth Harlan, Patsy Ruth Miller Action Warner Bros.
The Fighting Peacemaker Clifford Smith Jack Hoxie, Lola Todd Western Universal
Fine Manners Richard Rosson Gloria Swanson, Eugene O'Brien Comedy Paramount
The Fire Brigade William Nigh May McAvoy, Charles Ray, Holmes Herbert Drama MGM
The First Year Frank Borzage Matt Moore, Katherine Perry Comedy Fox Film
Flame of the Argentine Edward Dillon Evelyn Brent, Orville Caldwell Action FBO
The Flame of the Yukon George Melford Seena Owen, Matthew Betz Adventure PDC
The Flaming Forest Reginald Barker Antonio Moreno, Renée Adorée Drama MGM
The Flaming Frontier Edward Sedgwick Hoot Gibson, Anne Cornwall, Dustin Farnum Western Universal
Flaming Fury James P. Hogan Charles Delaney, Boris Karloff Drama FBO
Flashing Fangs Henry McCarty Lotus Thompson, Eddy Chandler Action FBO
Flesh and the Devil Clarence Brown John Gilbert, Greta Garbo Melodrama MGM
Flying High Charles Hutchison William Fairbanks, Alice Calhoun, Frank Rice Action Gotham
The Flying Horseman Orville O. Dull Buck Jones, Gladys McConnell Western Fox Film
The Flying Mail Noel M. Smith Joseph W. Girard, Kathleen Myers Action Independent
Fools of Fashion James C. McKay Mae Busch, Marceline Day Comedy Tiffany
Footloose Widows Roy Del Ruth Louise Fazenda, Jacqueline Logan Comedy Warner Bros.
For Alimony Only William C. de Mille Leatrice Joy, Clive Brook, Lilyan Tashman Drama PDC
For Heaven's Sake Sam Taylor Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston Comedy Paramount
For Wives Only Victor Heerman Marie Prevost, Victor Varconi, Charles K. Gerrard Comedy PDC
Forbidden Waters Alan Hale Priscilla Dean, Walter McGrail Comedy PDC
Forest Havoc Stuart Paton Forrest Stanley, Peggy Montgomery, Martha Mattox Drama Independent
Forever After F. Harmon Weight Lloyd Hughes, Mary Astor Drama First National
Forlorn River John Waters Jack Holt, Raymond Hatton, Arlette Marchal Adventure Paramount
Fort Frayne Ben F. Wilson Neva Gerber, Ruth Royce, Lafe McKee Western Independent
French Dressing Allan Dwan H. B. Warner, Clive Brook, Lois Wilson Romantic comedy First National
The Frontier Trail Scott R. Dunlap Harry Carey, Mabel Julienne Scott Western Pathé Exchange


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Gallant Fool Duke Worne Billy Sullivan, Hazel Deane, Ruth Royce Romance Rayart
The Gay Deceiver John M. Stahl Lew Cody, Marceline Day Comedy MGM
The General Clyde Bruckman, Buster Keaton Buster Keaton, Marion Mack Comedy United Artists
The Gentle Cyclone W. S. Van Dyke Buck Jones, Will Walling Comedy Fox Film
Gigolo William K. Howard Rod La Rocque, Jobyna Ralston, Louise Dresser Drama PDC
The Gilded Butterfly John Griffith Wray Alma Rubens, Bert Lytell, Huntley Gordon Drama Fox Film
The Gilded Highway J. Stuart Blackton Dorothy Devore, John Harron, Myrna Loy Drama Warner Bros.
The Girl from Montmartre Alfred E. Green Barbara LaMarr, Lewis Stone Romance First National
Glenister of the Mounted Harry Garson Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn, Bess Flowers Western FBO
God Gave Me Twenty Cents Herbert Brenon Lois Moran, Lya De Putti, Jack Mulhall Drama Paramount
Going Crooked George Melford Bessie Love, Gustav von Seyffertitz Drama Fox Film
Going the Limit Chester Withey George O'Hara, Sally Long Comedy FBO
The Golden Web Walter Lang Lillian Rich, Huntley Gordon, Lawford Davidson Mystery Gotham
Good and Naughty Malcolm St. Clair Pola Negri, Tom Moore, Stuart Holmes Comedy Paramount
The Grand Duchess and the Waiter Malcolm St. Clair Florence Vidor, Adolphe Menjou Comedy Paramount
The Great Deception Howard Higgin Ben Lyon, Aileen Pringle, Basil Rathbone Drama First National
The Great Gatsby Herbert Brenon Warner Baxter, Neil Hamilton Drama Paramount
The Great K & A Train Robbery Lewis Seiler Tom Mix, Dorothy Dwan Western Fox Film
The Greater Glory Curt Rehfeld Conway Tearle, Anna Q. Nilsson, May Allison Drama First National
The Grey Devil Bennett Cohen Jack Perrin, Tom London Western Rayart


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Hair-Trigger Baxter Jack Nelson Bob Custer, Eugenia Gilbert Western FBO
Hands Across the Border David Kirkland Fred Thomson, Bess Flowers Western RBO
Hands Up! Clarence Badger Raymond Griffith, Virginia Lee Corbin, Marian Nixon Comedy Paramount
Hard Boiled John G. Blystone Tom Mix, Helene Chadwick Western Fox Film
Hearts and Fists Lloyd Ingraham John Bowers, Marguerite De La Motte, Alan Hale Drama Independent
Hearts and Spangles Frank O'Connor Wanda Hawley, Robert Gordon, Barbara Tennant Drama Gotham
Hell-Bent for Heaven J. Stuart Blackton Patsy Ruth Miller, John Harron Drama Warner Bros.
Hell's Four Hundred John Griffith Wray Harrison Ford, Marceline Day Drama Fox Film[3]
Her Big Night Melville W. Brown Laura La Plante, Einar Hanson, Zasu Pitts Comedy Universal
Her Honor, the Governor Chester Withey Pauline Frederick, Carroll Nye, Tom Santschi Drama FBO
Her Man o' War Frank Urson Jetta Goudal, William Boyd Drama PDC
Her Sacrifice Wilfred Lucas Gaston Glass, Bryant Washburn, Gladys Brockwell Drama Independent
Her Second Chance Lambert Hillyer Anna Q. Nilsson, Huntley Gordon Drama First National
A Hero of the Big Snows Herman C. Raymaker Rin Tin Tin, Alice Calhoun Adventure Warner Bros.
The Hidden Way Joseph De Grasse Mary Carr, Gloria Grey, Tom Santschi Crime Independent
The High Flyer Harry Joe Brown Reed Howes, Ethel Shannon Action Rayart
The High Hand Leo D. Maloney Leo D. Maloney, Josephine Hill, Paul Hurst Western Pathe Exchange
High Steppers Edwin Carewe Mary Astor, Lloyd Hughes, Dolores del Río Drama First National
The Highbinders George Terwilliger Marjorie Daw, George Hackathorne Drama Independent
His Jazz Bride Herman C. Raymaker Marie Prevost, Matt Moore Drama Warner Bros.
His New York Wife Albert H. Kelley Alice Day, Theodore von Eltz, Ethel Clayton Drama Independent
Hold That Lion William Beaudine Douglas MacLean, Walter Hiers, Constance Howard Comedy Paramount
The Hollywood Reporter Bruce Mitchell Frank Merrill, Peggy Montgomery, Charles K. French Crime Independent
Honesty - The Best Policy Chester Bennett, Albert Ray Rockliffe Fellowes, Pauline Starke, Johnnie Walker Comedy Fox Film
The Honeymoon Express James Flood Willard Louis, Irene Rich, Helene Costello Drama Warner Bros.


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Ice Flood George B. Seitz Kenneth Harlan, Viola Dana Drama Universal
The Impostor Chester Withey Evelyn Brent, Carroll Nye Crime FBO
In Search of a Hero Duke Worne Ashton Dearholt, Jane Thomas, James Harrison Comedy Independent
Into Her Kingdom Svend Gade Corinne Griffith, Einar Hanson Drama First National
Irene Alfred E. Green Colleen Moore Romantic comedy First National
Is That Nice? Del Andrews George O'Hara, Doris Hill Comedy FBO
The Isle of Retribution James P. Hogan Lillian Rich, Victor McLaglen Adventure FBO
It Must Be Love Alfred E. Green Colleen Moore, Jean Hersholt Comedy First National[4]
It's the Old Army Game A. Edward Sutherland W. C. Fields, Louise Brooks Comedy Paramount


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Jade Cup Frank Hall Crane Evelyn Brent, Jack Luden Mystery FBO
The Jazz Girl Howard M. Mitchell Gaston Glass, Edith Roberts Drama Independent
Jim, the Conqueror George B. Seitz William Boyd, Elinor Fair Western PDC
The Johnstown Flood Irving Cummings George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor Drama Fox Film
Josselyn's Wife Richard Thorpe Pauline Frederick, Holmes Herbert Crime Tiffany
Just Another Blonde Alfred Santell Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall, Louise Brooks Comedy First National
Just Suppose Kenneth Webb Richard Barthelmess, Lois Moran, Henry Vibart Drama First National


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Kentucky Handicap Harry Joe Brown Reed Howes, Alice Calhoun Action Rayart
The Kick-Off Wesley Ruggles George Walsh, Leila Hyams Drama Independent[5]
Kid Boots Frank Tuttle Eddie Cantor, Clara Bow, Billie Dove Comedy Paramount
Kiki Clarence Brown Norma Talmadge, Ronald Colman Romantic comedy First National
King of the Pack Frank Richardson Charlotte Stevens, Robert Gordon, Vera Lewis Adventure Gotham
King of the Saddle William James Craft Bill Cody, Billy Franey Western Independent
The King of the Turf James P. Hogan George Irving, Patsy Ruth Miller, Kenneth Harlan Drama FBO
Kosher Kitty Kelly James W. Horne Viola Dana, Tom Forman Comedy FBO


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Laddie James Leo Meehan John Bowers, Bess Flowers, Theodore von Eltz Drama FBO
Ladies at Play Alfred E. Green Doris Kenyon, Lloyd Hughes Comedy First National[6]
The Lady from Hell Stuart Paton Roy Stewart, Blanche Sweet, Ralph Lewis Western Independent
Ladies of Leisure Tom Buckingham Elaine Hammerstein, Robert Ellis Drama Columbia
The Lady of the Harem Raoul Walsh Ernest Torrence, Greta Nissen, Louise Fazenda Adventure Paramount
The Last Alarm Oscar Apfel Rex Lease, Wanda Hawley Drama Rayart
The Last Chance Horace B. Carpenter Bill Patton, Merrill McCormick Western Chesterfield
The Last Frontier George B. Seitz William Boyd, Marguerite De La Motte, Jack Hoxie Western PDC
The Law of the Snow Country Paul Hurst Kenneth MacDonald, Jane Thomas, Noble Johnson Western Independent
Lazy Lightning William Wyler Art Acord, Fay Wray Western Universal[7]
Let's Get Married Gregory La Cava Richard Dix, Lois Wilson Comedy Paramount
Lew Tyler's Wives Harley Knoles Frank Mayo, Ruth Clifford, Hedda Hopper Drama Independent
Lightning Reporter John W. Noble Johnnie Walker, Sylvia Breamer, Burr McIntosh Drama Independent
The Lily Victor Schertzinger Belle Bennett, Ian Keith Drama Fox Film
The Little Firebrand Charles Hutchison George Fawcett, Lou Tellegen Comedy Pathé Exchange
The Little Giant William Nigh Glenn Hunter, Edna Murphy Comedy Universal
The Little Irish Girl Roy Del Ruth Dolores Costello, John Harron Romance Warner Bros.
The Lodge in the Wilderness Henry McCarty Anita Stewart, Edmund Burns, Duane Thompson Drama Tiffany
Lone Hand Saunders B. Reeves Eason Fred Thomson, Bess Flowers Western FBO
The Lone Wolf Returns Ralph Ince Bert Lytell, Billie Dove, Gustav von Seyffertitz Mystery Columbia
Looking for Trouble Robert North Bradbury Jack Hoxie, Marceline Day Western Universal
Lost at Sea Louis J. Gasnier Huntley Gordon, Lowell Sherman, Jane Novak Drama Tiffany
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Frank Tuttle Evelyn Brent, Lawrence Gray, Louise Brooks Comedy Paramount
The Love Thief John McDermott Norman Kerry, Greta Nissen, Nigel Barrie Romance Universal
The Love Toy Erle C. Kenton Lowell Sherman, Jane Winton Comedy Warner Bros.
Love's Blindness John Francis Dillon Pauline Starke, Antonio Moreno, Lilyan Tashman Drama MGM
The Loves of Ricardo George Beban George Beban, Monte Collins, Jane Starr Drama FBO
Lovey Mary King Baggot Bessie Love, William Haines, Mary Alden Comedy drama MGM
The Lucky Lady Raoul Walsh Greta Nissen, Lionel Barrymore Comedy Paramount


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Mademoiselle Modiste Robert Z. Leonard Corinne Griffith, Norman Kerry Romance First National
Made for Love Paul Sloane Leatrice Joy, Edmund Burns Drama PDC
The Magician Rex Ingram Alice Terry, Paul Wegener Horror MGM
A Man Four-Square Roy William Neill Buck Jones, Harry Woods Western Fox Film
The Man from Oklahoma Harry S. Webb Jack Perrin, Josephine Hill Western Rayart
The Man from the West Albert S. Rogell Art Acord, Eugenia Gilbert Western Universal
The Man in the Saddle Lynn Reynolds, Clifford Smith Hoot Gibson, Fay Wray Western Universal
The Man in the Shadow David Hartford David Torrence, Mary McAllister, Joseph Bennett Drama Independent
A Man of Quality Wesley Ruggles George Walsh, Ruth Dwyer, Brian Donlevy Crime Independent
Man of the Forest John Waters Jack Holt, Georgia Hale Western Paramount
Man Rustlin' Del Andrews Bob Custer, Jules Cowles Western FBO
The Man Upstairs Roy Del Ruth Monte Blue, Dorothy Devore Comedy Warner Bros.
Mantrap Victor Fleming Clara Bow, Percy Marmont, Ernest Torrence Romantic comedy Paramount
The Man Upstairs Roy Del Ruth Monte Blue, Dorothy Devore, Helen Dunbar Comedy Warner Bros.
Mare Nostrum Rex Ingram Antonio Moreno, Alice Terry Spy MGM
The Marriage Clause Lois Weber Francis X. Bushman, Billie Dove, Warner Oland Drama Universal
Marriage License? Frank Borzage Alma Rubens, Walter McGrail, Walter Pidgeon Drama Fox Film
The Masquerade Bandit Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Dorothy Dunbar, Ethan Laidlaw Action FBO
Meet the Prince Joseph Henabery Joseph Schildkraut, Marguerite De La Motte Comedy PDC
Memory Lane John M. Stahl Eleanor Boardman, Conrad Nagel Comedy First National
Men of Steel George Archainbaud Milton Sills, Doris Kenyon, May Allison Drama First National
Men of the Night Albert S. Rogell Herbert Rawlinson, Wanda Hawley, Gareth Hughes Crime Independent
The Merry Cavalier Noel M. Smith Richard Talmadge, Charlotte Stevens Drama FBO
The Midnight Kiss Irving Cummings Janet Gaynor, Doris Lloyd Comedy Fox Film
The Midnight Limited Oscar Apfel Gaston Glass, Wanda Hawley, Ashton Dearholt Action Rayart
Midnight Lovers John Francis Dillon Lewis Stone, Anna Q. Nilsson Comedy First National
The Midnight Message Paul Hurst Wanda Hawley, Mary Carr Drama Independent
The Midnight Sun Dimitri Buchowetzki Laura La Plante, Pat O'Malley, Michael Vavitch Drama Universal
Mike Marshall Neilan Sally O'Neil, William Haines Drama MGM
The Mile-a-Minute Man Jack Nelson William Fairbanks, Virginia Brown Faire, George Periolat Drama Gotham
The Millionaire Policeman Edward LeSaint Herbert Rawlinson, Eva Novak, Eugenie Besserer Drama Independent
Millionaires Herman C. Raymaker Louise Fazenda, Vera Gordon Comedy Warner Bros.
The Miracle of Life Stanner E.V. Taylor Percy Marmont, Mae Busch, Nita Naldi Drama Independent
Mismates Charles Brabin Doris Kenyon, Warner Baxter Drama First National
Miss Brewster's Millions Clarence G. Badger Bebe Daniels, Warner Baxter, Ford Sterling Comedy Paramount
Miss Nobody Lambert Hillyer Anna Q. Nilsson, Walter Pidgeon, Louise Fazenda Drama First National
Money Talks Archie Mayo Claire Windsor, Owen Moore Comedy MGM
Money to Burn Walter Lang Malcolm McGregor, Dorothy Devore, Nina Romano Drama Gotham
Monte Carlo Christy Cabanne Lew Cody, Gertrude Olmstead Comedy MGM
Moran of the Mounted Harry Joe Brown Reed Howes, Sheldon Lewis Western Rayart
More Pay, Less Work Albert Ray Albert Gran, Mary Brian, Charles "Buddy" Rogers Comedy Fox Film
Morganson's Finish Fred Windemere Anita Stewart, Johnnie Walker Drama Tiffany
Mulhall's Greatest Catch Harry Garson Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn, Henry Victor Drama FBO
My Official Wife Paul L. Stein Irene Rich, Conway Tearle, Jane Winton Drama Warner Bros.
My Old Dutch Laurence Trimble May McAvoy, Cullen Landis, Jean Hersholt Drama Universal
My Own Pal John G. Blystone Tom Mix, Olive Borden, Tom Santschi Western Fox Film
The Mystery Club Herbert Blaché Matt Moore, Edith Roberts Mystery Universal


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Nervous Wreck Scott Sidney Harrison Ford, Phyllis Haver Comedy PDC
The New Klondike Lewis Milestone Thomas Meighan, Lila Lee Romantic comedy Paramount
The Night Cry Herman C. Raymaker Rin Tin Tin, June Marlowe, John Harron Drama Warner Bros.
The Night Owl Harry Joe Brown Reed Howes, Gladys Hulette Action Rayart
The Night Patrol Noel M. Smith Richard Talmadge, Mary Carr Crime FBO
No Man's Gold Lewis Seiler Tom Mix, Eva Novak Western Fox Film
The Non-Stop Flight Emory Johnson Knute Erickson, Marcella Daly Action FBO
The Nutcracker Lloyd Ingraham Edward Everett Horton, Mae Busch, Harry Myers Comedy Associated Exhibitors


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Obey the Law Alfred Raboch Bert Lytell, Edna Murphy Drama Columbia
Officer Jim Wilbur McGaugh Gloria Grey, Josef Swickard Drama Independent
Oh, Baby! Harley Knoles David Butler, Madge Kennedy, Creighton Hale Comedy drama Universal
Oh Billy, Behave Grover Jones Billy West, Charlotte Merriam, Lionel Belmore Comedy Rayart
Oh, What a Night! Lloyd Ingraham Raymond McKee, Edna Murphy, Charles K. French Comedy Independent
Oh! What a Nurse! Charles Reisner Sydney Chaplin, Patsy Ruth Miller Comedy Warner Bros.
Old Ironsides James Cruze Charles Farrell, Esther Ralston, Wallace Beery Adventure Paramount
Old Loves and New Maurice Tourneur Lewis Stone, Barbara Bedford, Walter Pidgeon Drama First National
The Old Soak Edward Sloman Jean Hersholt, June Marlowe, Gertrude Astor Drama Universal
One Minute to Play Sam Wood Red Grange, Mary McAllister Drama FBO
One Punch O'Day Harry Joe Brown Billy Sullivan, Charlotte Merriam Action Rayart
Other Women's Husbands Erle C. Kenton Monte Blue, Marie Prevost, Phyllis Haver Comedy Warner Bros.
Out of the Storm Louis J. Gasnier Jacqueline Logan, Tyrone Power Sr. Drama Tiffany
Out of the West Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Ethan Laidlaw Western FBO
The Outlaw Express Leo D. Maloney Leo D. Maloney, Melbourne MacDowell Western Pathé Exchange
The Outsider Rowland V. Lee Jacqueline Logan, Walter Pidgeon Lou Tellegen Drama Fox Film


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Padlocked Allan Dwan Lois Moran, Noah Beery Sr., Louise Dresser Drama Paramount
The Palace of Pleasure Emmett J. Flynn Betty Compson, Edmund Lowe Drama Fox Film
The Palm Beach Girl Erle C. Kenton Bebe Daniels, Lawrence Gray Comedy Paramount
Pals First Edwin Carewe Dolores del Río, Lloyd Hughes, Rita Carewe Comedy First National
Pals in Paradise George B. Seitz Rudolph Schildkraut, John Bowers, Marguerite De La Motte Drama PDC
Paradise Irvin Willat Milton Sills, Betty Bronson, Noah Beery Romance First National
Paris Edmund Goulding Charles Ray, Joan Crawford Drama MGM
Paris at Midnight E. Mason Hopper Jetta Goudal, Lionel Barrymore, Mary Brian Drama PDC
Partners Again Henry King George Sydney, Allan Forrest Comedy United Artists
The Passionate Quest J. Stuart Blackton May McAvoy, Willard Louis, Louise Fazenda Drama Warner Bros.
The Patent Leather Pug Albert S. Rogell Billy Sullivan, Ruth Dwyer Drama Rayart
The Pay-Off Dell Henderson Robert McKim, Marcella Daly, Otis Harlan Drama Independent
Perils of the Coast Guard Oscar Apfel Cullen Landis, Dorothy Dwan Adventure Rayart
The Phantom Bullet Clifford Smith Hoot Gibson, Eileen Percy Western Universal
The Phantom of the Forest Henry McCarty Betty Francisco, Eddie Phillips, Irene Hunt Adventure Gotham
Phantom Police Robert Dillon Herbert Rawlinson, Purnell Pratt Action Rayart
Pirates of the Sky Charles Andrews Wanda Hawley, Crauford Kent Action Pathé Exchange
Pleasures of the Rich Louis J. Gasnier Helene Chadwick, Jack Mulhall, Hedda Hopper Drama Tiffany
Poker Faces Harry A. Pollard Edward Everett Horton, Laura La Plante Comedy Universal
A Poor Girl's Romance F. Harmon Weight Creighton Hale, Gertrude Short Drama FBO
The Popular Sin Malcolm St. Clair Florence Vidor, Clive Brook, Greta Nissen Comedy Paramount
The Power of the Weak William James Craft Alice Calhoun, Carl Miller, Spottiswoode Aitken Drama Independent
The Prince of Pilsen Paul Powell Anita Stewart, Allan Forrest Comedy PDC
Prince of Tempters Lothar Mendes Lois Moran, Ben Lyon Romance First National
Prisoners of the Storm Lynn Reynolds House Peters, Peggy Montgomery, Walter McGrail Western Universal
Private Izzy Murphy Lloyd Bacon Patsy Ruth Miller, George Jessel Comedy Warner Bros.
Prowlers of the Night Ernst Laemmle Fred Humes, Barbara Kent Drama Universal
Puppets George Archainbaud Milton Sills, Gertrude Olmstead Drama First National


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Quarterback Fred C. Newmeyer Richard Dix, Esther Ralston Comedy Paramount
Queen o'Diamonds Chester Withey Evelyn Brent, Theodore von Eltz Drama FBO


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Race Wild Oscar Apfel Rex Lease, Eileen Percy, David Torrence Sports Independent
Racing Blood Frank Richardson Robert Agnew, Anne Cornwall, John Elliott Drama Gotham
Racing Romance Harry Joe Brown Reed Howes, Virginia Brown Faire Action Rayart
Raggedy Rose Richard Wallace Mabel Normand, Carl Miller, James Finlayson Comedy Pathé Exchange
Rainbow Riley Charles Hines Johnny Hines, Bradley Barker Comedy First National
The Rainmaker Clarence G. Badger William Collier Jr., Georgia Hale, Ernest Torrence Drama Paramount
Ranson's Folly Sidney Olcott Richard Barthelmess, Dorothy Mackaill Western First National
Rapid Fire Romance Harry Joe Brown Billy Sullivan, Marjorie Bonner Action Rayart
Rawhide Richard Thorpe Jay Wilsey, Molly Malone Western Independent
The Reckless Lady Howard Higgin Belle Bennett, Lois Moran Drama First National
Red Dice William K. Howard Rod La Rocque, Marguerite De La Motte, Gustav von Seyffertitz Crime PDC
Red Hot Leather Albert S. Rogell Jack Hoxie, Ena Gregory Western Universal
Redheads Preferred Allen Dale Raymond Hitchcock, Marjorie Daw, Theodore von Eltz Comedy Tiffany
A Regular Scout David Kirkland Fred Thomson, Olive Hasbrouck Western FBO
Remember David Selman Dorothy Phillips, Lola Todd Drama Columbia
The Return of Peter Grimm Victor Schertzinger Alec B. Francis, Janet Gaynor Fantasy Fox Film
The Ridin' Rascal Clifford Smith Art Acord, Olive Hasbrouck Western Universal
Risky Business Alan Hale Vera Reynolds, Ethel Clayton, Ward Crane Comedy PDC
The Road to Glory Howard Hawks May McAvoy, Leslie Fenton Drama Fox Film
The Road to Mandalay Tod Browning Lon Chaney, Lois Moran, Owen Moore Drama MGM
The Roaring Rider Richard Thorpe Jay Wilsey, Jean Arthur Western Independent
The Roaring Road Paul Hurst Kenneth MacDonald, Jane Thomas, William H. Strauss Action Independent
Rocking Moon George Melford Lilyan Tashman, John Bowers Drama PDC
Rolling Home William A. Seiter Reginald Denny, Marian Nixon Comedy Universal
The Romance of a Million Dollars Tom Terriss Glenn Hunter, Alyce Mills, Gaston Glass Drama Independent
Rose of the Tenements Phil Rosen Shirley Mason, Johnny Harron Melodrama FBO[8]
The Runaway William C. deMille Clara Bow, Warner Baxter, William Powell Drama Paramount
The Runaway Express Edward Sedgwick Jack Dougherty, Blanche Mehaffey Action Universal
Rustlers' Ranch Clifford Smith Art Acord, Olive Hasbrouck Western Universal
Rustling for Cupid Irving Cummings George O'Brien, Anita Stewart Western Fox Film


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Sandy Harry Beaumont Madge Bellamy, Leslie Fenton Drama Fox Film
The Sap Erle C. Kenton Kenneth Harlan, Heinie Conklin, Mary McAllister Comedy Warner Bros.
The Savage Fred C. Newmeyer Ben Lyon, May McAvoy Comedy First National
Say It Again Gregory La Cava Richard Dix, Alyce Mills, Chester Conklin Comedy Paramount
The Scarlet Letter Victor Sjöström Lillian Gish, Lars Hanson, Henry B. Walthall, Karl Dane Drama MGM
The Scrappin' Kid Clifford Smith Art Acord, Edmund Cobb Western Universal
The Sea Beast Millard Webb John Barrymore, Dolores Costello, George O'Hara Adventure Warner Bros.
Sea Horses Allan Dwan Jack Holt, Florence Vidor, William Powell Drama Paramount
The Sea Wolf Ralph Ince Claire Adams, Theodore von Eltz Drama PDC
Secret Orders Chester Withey Robert Frazer, Evelyn Brent Drama FBO
The Self Starter Harry Joe Brown Reed Howes, Mildred Harris, Sheldon Lewis Comedy Rayart
Senor Daredevil Albert S. Rogell Ken Maynard, Dorothy Devore Western First National
The Set-Up Clifford Smith Art Acord, Alta Allen Western Universal
Shadow of the Law Wallace Worsley Clara Bow, Stuart Holmes Crime Independent
Shameful Behavior? Albert H. Kelley Edith Roberts, Richard Tucker Romance Independent
The Shamrock Handicap John Ford Janet Gaynor, Leslie Fenton Romance Fox Film
Shipwrecked Joseph Henabery Seena Owen, Joseph Schildkraut Adventure PDC
The Show-Off Malcolm St. Clair Ford Sterling, Louise Brooks Comedy Paramount
Siberia Victor Schertzinger Alma Rubens, Edmund Lowe Drama Fox Film
The Sign of the Claw B. Reeves Eason Ethel Shannon, Edward Hearn, Lee Shumway Action Gotham
Silence Rupert Julian Vera Reynolds, H.B. Warner, Raymond Hatton Crime PDC
The Silent Lover George Archainbaud Milton Sills, Natalie Kingston, Viola Dana Adventure First National
The Silent Power Frank O'Connor Ralph Lewis, Ethel Shannon, Charles Delaney Drama Gotham
Silken Shackles Walter Morosco Irene Rich, Huntley Gordon, Victor Varconi Drama Warner Bros.
The Silver Treasure Rowland V. Lee George O'Brien, Helena D'Algy Adventure Fox Film
Sin Cargo Louis J. Gasnier Shirley Mason, Robert Frazer, Gertrude Astor Drama Tiffany
Sir Lumberjack Harry Garson Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn, Kathleen Myers Drama FBO
A Six Shootin' Romance Clifford Smith Jack Hoxie, Olive Hasbrouck, William Steele Western Universal
Skinner's Dress Suit William A. Seiter Reginald Denny, Laura La Plante Comedy Universal
The Skyrocket Marshall Neilan Gladys Brockwell, Owen Moore, Gladys Hulette Romance Independent
Sky High Corral Clifford Smith Art Acord, Marguerite Clayton Western Universal
The Smoke Eaters Charles Hutchison Cullen Landis, Wanda Hawley Action Rayart
So This Is Paris Ernst Lubitsch Monte Blue, Patsy Ruth Miller, Myrna Loy Comedy Warner Bros.
A Social Celebrity Malcolm St. Clair Adolphe Menjou, Louise Brooks Comedy Paramount
The Social Highwayman William Beaudine Dorothy Devore, Montagu Love Comedy Warner Bros.
Somebody's Mother Oscar Apfel Mary Carr, Rex Lease Crime Rayart
The Son of the Sheik George Fitzmaurice Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Bánky, Montagu Love Adventure United Artists
The Song and Dance Man Herbert Brenon Tom Moore, Bessie Love Comedy drama Paramount
So's Your Old Man Gregory La Cava W. C. Fields, Alice Joyce Comedy Paramount
The Sorrows of Satan D. W. Griffith Adolphe Menjou, Ricardo Cortez, Carol Dempster, Lya De Putti Fantasy Paramount
Spangles Frank O'Connor Marian Nixon, Pat O'Malley Drama Universal
Sparrows William Beaudine Mary Pickford, Roy Stewart, Gustav von Seyffertitz Drama United Artists
Speed Cop Duke Worne Billy Sullivan, Francis Ford Action Rayart
Speed Crazed Duke Worne Billy Sullivan, Joseph W. Girard Sports action Rayart
The Speed Limit Frank O'Connor Raymond McKee, Ethel Shannon, Bruce Gordon Comedy Gotham
Speeding Through Bertram Bracken Creighton Hale, Robert McKim Drama Independent
The Speeding Venus Edward Dillon Priscilla Dean, Robert Frazer Drama PDC
Speedy Spurs Richard Thorpe Jay Wilsey, Alma Rayford Western Independent
The Sporting Lover Alan Hale Conway Tearle, Barbara Bedford, Ward Crane Sports First National
Stepping Along Charles Hines Johnny Hines, Mary Brian Comedy First National
Stick to Your Story Harry Joe Brown Billy Sullivan, Bruce Gordon Action Rayart
The Still Alarm Edward Laemmle Helene Chadwick, William Russell, Richard Travers Drama Universal
The Stolen Ranch William Wyler Fred Humes, Louise Lorraine Western Universal[9]
Stop, Look and Listen Larry Semon Dorothy Dwan, Mary Carr, Oliver Hardy Comedy Pathé Exchange
Stranded in Paris Arthur Rosson Bebe Daniels, Ford Sterling Comedy Paramount
Striving for Fortune Nat Ross George Walsh, Tefft Johnson Drama Independent
The Strong Man Frank Capra Harry Langdon, Priscilla Bonner, Gertrude Astor Comedy First National
Subway Sadie Alfred Santell Dorothy Mackaill, Jack Mulhall Comedy First National
Summer Bachelors Allan Dwan Madge Bellamy, Allan Forrest Romantic comedy Fox Film
Sunny Side Up Donald Crisp Vera Reynolds, George K. Arthur Comedy PDC
Sunshine of Paradise Alley Jack Nelson Barbara Bedford, Nigel Barrie Romance Independent
Sweet Daddies Alfred Santell George Sidney, Vera Gordon Comedy First National
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Frank R. Strayer Shirley Mason, Cullen Landis Comedy Columbia
Syncopating Sue Richard Wallace Corinne Griffith, Tom Moore Comedy First National


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Take It from Me William A. Seiter Reginald Denny, Blanche Mehaffey Comedy Universal[10]
The Taxi Mystery Fred Windemere Edith Roberts, Robert Agnew, Virginia Pearson Mystery Independent
Tell It to the Marines George W. Hill Lon Chaney, William Haines, Eleanor Boardman Comedy MGM
The Temptress Fred Niblo, Mauritz Stiller Greta Garbo, Antonio Moreno Drama MGM
Tentacles of the North Louis Chaudet Gaston Glass, Alice Calhoun, Joseph W. Girard Adventure Rayart
The Terror Clifford Smith Art Acord, Edmund Cobb Western Universal
The Test of Donald Norton B. Reeves Eason George Walsh, Tyrone Power Sr., Eugenia Gilbert Western Independent
The Texas Streak Lynn Reynolds Hoot Gibson, Blanche Mehaffey Western Universal
That Model from Paris Louis J. Gasnier Marceline Day, Bert Lytell Comedy-Drama Tiffany[11]
That's My Baby William Beaudine Douglas MacLean, Margaret Morris Comedy Paramount
There You Are! Edward Sedgwick Conrad Nagel, Edith Roberts Comedy MGM
The Third Degree Michael Curtiz Dolores Costello, Louise Dresser, Rockliffe Fellowes Romance Warner Bros.
Three Faces East Rupert Julian Jetta Goudal, Robert Ames, Clive Brook Spy drama PDC
The Thrill Hunter Eugene De Rue William Haines, Kathryn McGuire, Alma Bennett Comedy Columbia
Thrilling Youth Grover Jones Billy West, Gloria Grey Comedy Rayart
The Timid Terror Del Andrews George O'Hara, Edith Yorke Comedy FBO
Tin Gods Allan Dwan Thomas Meighan, Renee Adoree, William Powell Drama Paramount
Tin Hats Edward Sedgwick Claire Windsor, Conrad Nagel Comedy MGM
Tom and His Pals Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Doris Hill Action FBO
Tony Runs Wild Tom Buckingham Tom Mix, Jacqueline Logan Western Fox Film
Too Much Money John Francis Dillon Lewis Stone, Anna Q. Nilsson Comedy First National
Torrent Monta Bell Greta Garbo, Ricardo Cortez, Gertrude Olmstead Romance MGM
The Tough Guy David Kirkland Fred Thomson, Lola Todd, Robert McKim Western FBO
The Traffic Cop Harry Garson Maurice 'Lefty' Flynn, Nigel Barrie Drama FBO
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Harry Edwards, Frank Capra Harry Langdon, Joan Crawford Comedy First National
Transcontinental Limited Nat Ross Johnnie Walker, Eugenia Gilbert Adventure Independent
A Trip to Chinatown Robert P. Kerr Earle Foxe, Anna May Wong Comedy Fox Film
Trooper 77 Duke Worne Herbert Rawlinson, Hazel Deane Action Rayart
Trumpin' Trouble Richard Thorpe Jay Wilsey, Alma Rayford Western Independent
The Trunk Mystery Frank Hall Crane Charles Hutchison, Alice Calhoun, Otto Lederer Mystery Pathé Exchange
The Truth About Men Elmer Clifton Edna Murphy, George Hackathorne, Alice Lake Drama Independent
The Truthful Sex Richard Thomas Mae Busch, Huntley Gordon Comedy Columbia
Twinkletoes Charles Brabin Colleen Moore, Kenneth Harlan Romance First National
Twisted Triggers Richard Thorpe Hal Taliaferro, Jean Arthur Western Independent
Two Can Play Nat Ross Allan Forrest, Clara Bow Drama Independent
The Two-Gun Man David Kirkland Fred Thomson, Olive Hasbrouck Western FBO
Typhoon Love Norman Dawn Mitchell Lewis, Ruth Clifford, Katherine Dawn Drama Independent


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Under Western Skies Edward Sedgwick Norman Kerry, Anne Cornwall, Ward Crane Western Universal
The Unfair Sex Henri Diamant-Berger Hope Hampton, Holbrook Blinn, Nita Naldi Drama Independent
The Unknown Cavalier Albert S. Rogell Ken Maynard, Kathleen Collins, David Torrence Western First National
Unknown Dangers Grover Jones Frank Merrill, Gloria Grey, Eddie Boland Comedy Independent
The Unknown Soldier Renaud Hoffman Charles Emmett Mack, Marguerite De La Motte, Henry B. Walthall Drama PDC
Unknown Treasures Archie Mayo Gladys Hulette, Robert Agnew, John Miljan Horror Independent
Unseen Enemies J.P. McGowan Al Hoxie, Claire Anderson, Max Asher Western Independent
The Untamed Lady Frank Tuttle Gloria Swanson, Lawrence Gray Drama Paramount
Up in Mabel's Room E. Mason Hopper Marie Prevost, Harrison Ford, Phyllis Haver Comedy PDC
Upstage Monta Bell Norma Shearer, Oscar Shaw, Dorothy Phillips Romance MGM


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Valencia Dimitri Buchowetzki Mae Murray, Lloyd Hughes Romance MGM
The Valley of Bravery Jack Nelson Bob Custer, Eugenia Gilbert Western FBO
The Virgin Wife Elmer Clifton Pauline Garon, Niles Welch, Kenneth Harlan Drama Independent
Volcano! William K. Howard Bebe Daniels, Ricardo Cortez, Wallace Beery Drama Paramount
The Volga Boatman Cecil B. DeMille William Boyd, Elinor Fair Drama PDC


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Walloping Kid Robert J. Horner William Barrymore, Jack Richardson, Frank Whitson Western Independent
The Waning Sex Robert Z. Leonard Norma Shearer, Conrad Nagel Romantic comedy MGM
War Paint W. S. Van Dyke Tim McCoy, Pauline Starke Western MGM
The Warning Signal Charles J. Hunt Gladys Hulette, Clarence Burton, Joseph W. Girard Drama Independent
Watch Your Wife Svend Gade Virginia Valli, Pat O'Malley, Nat Carr Comedy drama Universal
We're in the Navy Now A. Edward Sutherland Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton, Chester Conklin Comedy Paramount
West of Broadway Robert Thornby Priscilla Dean, Majel Coleman Comedy PDC
West of the Law Ben F. Wilson Neva Gerber, Ashton Dearholt, Hal Walters Western Rayart
West of the Rainbow's End Bennett Cohen Jack Perrin, Pauline Curley Western Rayart
Western Pluck Travers Vale Art Acord, Marceline Day Western Universal[12]
Wet Paint Arthur Rosson Raymond Griffith, Helene Costello, Bryant Washburn Comedy Paramount
What Happened to Jones William A. Seiter Reginald Denny, Marian Nixon Comedy Universal
What Price Glory? Raoul Walsh Edmund Lowe, Victor McLaglen, Dolores del Río War Fox Film
When Love Grows Cold Harry O. Hoyt Natacha Rambova, Clive Brook Drama FBO
When the Wife's Away Frank R. Strayer George K. Arthur, Dorothy Revier Comedy Columbia
While London Sleeps Howard Bretherton Rin Tin Tin, Helene Costello Action Warner Bros.
Whispering Smith George Melford H. B. Warner, Lillian Rich, John Bowers Western PDC
Whispering Wires Albert Ray Anita Stewart, Edmund Burns Mystery Fox Film
The White Black Sheep Sidney Olcott Richard Barthelmess, Patsy Ruth Miller, Constance Howard Drama First National
White Mice Edward H. Griffith Jacqueline Logan, William Powell Drama Independent
The Whole Town's Talking Edward Laemmle Edward Everett Horton, Virginia Lee Corbin, Trixie Friganza Adventure comedy Universal
Why Girls Go Back Home James Flood Patsy Ruth Miller, Clive Brook, Myrna Loy Comedy Warner Bros.
The Wild Horse Stampede Clifford Smith Jack Hoxie, Fay Wray, Marin Sais Western Universal
Wild Oats Lane Marshall Neilan Viola Dana, Robert Agnew Drama PDC
Wild to Go Robert De Lacey Tom Tyler, Frankie Darro, Eugenia Gilbert Western FBO
The Wilderness Woman Howard Higgin Aileen Pringle, Lowell Sherman, Henry Vibart Comedy First National
The Windjammer Harry Joe Brown Billy Sullivan, Thelma Hill, Billy Franey Action Rayart
Wings of the Storm John G. Blystone Virginia Brown Faire, Reed Howes Drama Fox Film
The Winner Harry Joe Brown Billy Sullivan, Lucille Hutton Action Rayart
The Winning of Barbara Worth Henry King Ronald Colman, Vilma Bánky, Gary Cooper Western United Artists
Winning the Futurity Scott R. Dunlap Cullen Landis, Clara Horton Drama Independent
The Winning Wallop Charles Hutchison William Fairbanks, Shirley Palmer, Charles K. French Comedy Gotham
The Wise Guy Frank Lloyd Mary Astor, Betty Compson Crime First National
With Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo Robert N. Bradbury Cullen Landis, Kathryn McGuire Western Independent
Wives at Auction Elmer Clifton Edna Murphy, Gaston Glass, Arthur Donaldson Drama Independent
The Wives of the Prophet James A. Fitzgerald Orville Caldwell, Alice Lake, Violet Mersereau Drama Independent
The Wolf Hunters Stuart Paton Robert McKim, Virginia Brown Faire Drama Rayart
Wolves of the Desert Ben F. Wilson Neva Gerber, Ashton Dearholt Western Rayart
A Woman of the Sea Josef von Sternberg Edna Purviance, Raymond Bloomer Drama United Artists
A Woman's Heart Phil Rosen Enid Bennett, Gayne Whitman, Edward Earle Drama Independent
Womanpower Harry Beaumont Ralph Graves, Katherine Perry, Margaret Livingston Comedy Fox Film


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
The Yankee Señor Emmett J. Flynn Tom Mix, Olive Borden Western Fox Film
The Yellow Back Del Andrews Lotus Thompson, Claude Payton Western Universal
Yellow Fingers Emmett J. Flynn Olive Borden, Ralph Ince, Claire Adams Drama Fox Film
You Never Know Women William A. Wellman Florence Vidor, Lowell Sherman, Clive Brook Romance Paramount
You'd Be Surprised Arthur Rosson Raymond Griffith, Dorothy Sebastian Mystery comedy Paramount
Young April Donald Crisp Joseph Schildkraut, Rudolph Schildkraut, Bessie Love Romance PDC


Title Director Featured Cast Genre Note
Fool's Luck Fatty Arbuckle Lupino Lane, George Davis Comedy
His Private Life Fatty Arbuckle Lupino Lane, George Davis, Glen Cavender, Wallace Lupino Comedy
Home Cured Fatty Arbuckle Johnny Arthur, Virginia Vance, George Davis, Glen Cavender Comedy
Madame Mystery Stan Laurel Theda Bara, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson Comedy
My Stars Fatty Arbuckle Johnny Arthur, Florence Lee Comedy
One Sunday Morning Fatty Arbuckle Lloyd Hamilton, Estelle Bradley, Stanley Blystone Comedy

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