Helena D'Algy

Helena D'Algy (born Antonia Lozano Guedes, 18 June 1906 – after 1991) was a Portuguese film actress. D'Algy appeared in twenty films, the majority in Hollywood during the silent era. Her career began to falter following the introduction of sound. She later starred in the Spanish-language box office hit Suburban Melody (1933), her last known film role.[1] She was the sister of actor Tony D'Algy. She was last seen in a 1991 documentary.

Helena D'Algy
A Sainted Devil - Pictures and the Picturegoer, November 1924.jpg
Antonia Lozano Guedes[citation needed]

18 June 1906
DiedAfter 1991
Years active1924–1933 (film), 1991

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