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An artist's interpretation of Trajan's Bridge depicted upon a light brown surface, with bridge stretching from near shore of river on the bottom left and the far shore in the top right.
Artistic reconstruction (1907)

Trajan's Bridge (Romanian: Podul lui Traian; Serbian: Трајанов мост / Trajanov most), also called Bridge of Apollodorus over the Danube, was a Roman segmental arch bridge, the first bridge to be built over the lower Danube and one of the greatest achievements in Roman architecture. Though it was only functional for 165 years, it is often considered to be the longest arch bridge in both total and span length for more than 1,000 years.

The bridge was constructed in 105 AD by instruction of Emperor Trajan by Greek architect Apollodorus of Damascus before his Second Dacian War to allow Roman troops to cross the river. (Full article...)

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21 November 2020 – COVID-19 pandemic
COVID-19 pandemic in Serbia, Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on religion
Mourners pay respects to the former head of the Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Irinej in Belgrade following his death due to COVID-19. Many mourners did not wear face masks or practice social distancing, and some kissed the glass shield that was covering the patriarch's body despite warnings from the Serbian government and epidemiologists. (AP)

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Population statistics of Serbia (2011 census)
  • Serbia 7,186,862
    • Belgrade region 1,659,440
    • Vojvodina region 1,931,809
    • Šumadija and West Serbia region 2,031,697
    • South and East Serbia region 1,563,916
    • Kosovo and Metohija n/a

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Miodrag Tomić (Serbian Cyrillic: Миодраг Томић; 17 May [O.S. 5 May] 1888 – 20 February 1962) was a Serbian and Yugoslav military pilot who flew during the Balkan Wars and World War I.

Tomić belonged to the first class of six Serbian pilots trained in France in 1912. In August 1914, he participated in the first aerial dogfight of the war, when he exchanged gunfire with an Austro-Hungarian plane over western Serbia. In the winter of 1915, during the Serbian Army's retreat across Albania to the Greek island of Corfu, he evacuated General Petar Bojović from Scutari by plane, delivered mail by air and transported the Serbian Government's gold and hard currency reserves from Niš to keep them from falling into enemy hands. Following the occupation of Serbia by the Central Powers, Tomić went to France and flew over the Western Front, where he had one confirmed kill. He returned to the Balkans in late 1916, conducted combat missions over Bulgarian-occupied Macedonia and shot down one enemy plane. Tomić continued flying after the war and became head of the Royal Yugoslav Air Force's pursuit squadron in Novi Sad. During World War II, he was captured by the Germans and detained as a prisoner of war. Tomić left Yugoslavia following the war and settled in the United States with his wife. He died in Chicago in 1962.

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Serbian Cities

Largest cities of Serbia (2011 census)

Belgrade - 1,731,425
Novi Sad - 335,701
Niš - 257,867
Kragujevac - 177,468
Leskovac - 143,962
Subotica - 140,358
Kruševac - 127,429
Kraljevo - 124,554
Zrenjanin - 122,714
Pančevo - 122,252
Šabac - 115,347
Čačak - 114,809
Smederevo - 107,528
Sombor - 97,263
Valjevo - 95,631


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