The following is a list of sports/games, divided by category.

According to the World Sports Encyclopaedia (2003), there are 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games.[1]

Acrobatic arts edit

Air sports edit

Lima Lima aerobatics team performing over Louisville.
Wingsuit flying

Aquatic and paddle sports edit

These sports use water (a river, pool, etc.).

Canoeing edit

Kayaking edit

Rafting edit


Rowing edit

Other paddling sports edit

GreeceHungary water polo match (World Junior Championship 2004 Naples, Italy)

Aquatic ball sports edit

Surface edit

Underwater edit

Competitive swimming edit

Kindred activities edit

Subsurface and recreational edit

Diving edit

Archery edit

Members of the Gotemba Kyūdō Association demonstrate Kyūdō.

Ball games edit

Bat-and-ball games edit

Awaiting a pitch: batter, catcher, and umpire in baseball

Invasion games edit

Sports in which the method of scoring is through goals.

Basketball family edit

Basketball player Dwight Howard making a slam dunk at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Football family edit

Tyrone try for a goal against Westmeath in a Gaelic football match

Handball family edit

A 7-meter throw in Handball.

Stick and ball family edit

Hockey edit
Ice hockey players Roman Hamrlik and Joffrey Lupul dueling for position
Hurling and shinty edit
Cillian Buckley in action for Kilkenny against Galway in a hurling league game
Lacrosse edit
Polo edit

Net and wall games edit

An international match of volleyball.

Games involving opponents hitting a ball over a net using a racket, or other piece of equipment, or merely gloved/barehanded:

A game of squash

Games involving opponents hitting a ball against a wall/walls using a racket, or other piece of equipment, or merely gloved/barehanded:

Pilota family edit

Valencian pilota.

Racket (or racquet) sports edit

Sports that use a netted racket edit

Sports that use a non-netted racket, or paddle edit

Board sports edit

Skateboard vert jump at the Sprite urban games 2006 in London.
Snowboard figure at the 2008 Shakedown
Surfing in Hawaii

Sports that are played with some sort of board as the primary equipment.

Climbing edit


Cycling edit

A track cycling Race

Sports using bicycles or unicycles.

Bicycle edit

Skibob edit

Unicycle edit

Combat sports: wrestling and martial arts edit

A combat sport is a competitive contact sport where two combatants fight against each other using certain rules of engagement.

Grappling edit

Two men compete in freestyle wrestling.

Striking edit

A kick in kickboxing.

Mixed or hybrid edit

Ground fighting in MMA.

Weapons edit

Axe throwing at the Ming Culture Village, a theme park near the Yangshan Quarry, China
Two kendōka.

Other edit

Flying disc sports edit

Australia vs Canada ultimate players WUGC 2012 in Japan. Ultimate Canada

Gymnastic edit

Trampoline gymnast Jason Burnett at 2008 Canadian National Championships

Ice sports edit

Kite sports edit

Marker sports edit

Mixed discipline edit

The three components of triathlon: swimming, cycling, running

Decathlon, heptathlon, and the pentathlons consist of ten, seven, and five-component contests that are scored together using one points system.

Motorsports edit

Sports involving the use of motorized vehicles

Auto racing edit

The start of a Formula One race in 2008

Motorboat racing edit

Motorcycle racing edit

MotoGP racing

ATV racing edit

ATV racing on a motocross track

Musical edit

Orienteering edit

Parkour/Freerunning edit

Sport Parkour and Freerunning are empirically measured competitions of skill, speed or style on an obstacle based course. Self expression, demonstration of control and power are measured.

Running edit

200 meters sprint

Sailing edit


Snow sports edit

Skiing edit

Sled sports edit

United States Air Force Major Brady Canfield, 2003 U.S. skeleton champion, shows his takeoff form.

Shooting sports edit

Sports using guns (firearms, air guns, etc.).

Individual edit

Athletic hybrid edit

Skirmish edit

Stacking edit

Street sports edit

Strength sports edit

Tag games edit

Walking edit

Weightlifting edit

North Korean weightlifter Pak Hyon-Suk performing the snatch, one of the two lifts in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

Overlapping sports edit

Sports falling into two or more categories.

Sports involving animals edit

Dog sports edit

Sports in which dogs participate.

Equestrian sports edit

Horse racing at Arlington Park, 2007

Sports using a horse.

Fishing edit

Hunting edit

Sometimes considered blood sports.

Rodeo-originated edit

Sports that have originated from rodeos in the old Western Americas.

Mind sports edit

Requiring little or no physical exertion or agility, mind sports are often not considered true sports. Some mind sports are recognised by sporting federations. The following list is intended to represent anything that is likely to be referred to as a mind sport, not to argue their validity as sports.

Card games edit

Esports edit

Speedcubing edit

Strategy board games edit

A game of mahjong being played in Hangzhou, China

Other edit

Competitive model sports edit

Remote control edit

Different classification edit

Potentially other sports are listed here.

Air sports edit

Athletics (track and field) edit

Pole vault

Electronic sports edit

Sports played using electronic devices.

Endurance sports edit

Skating sports edit

Snowsports edit

A snowboarder and a skier
A ski jumper using the V-style
Freestyle skiing

See #Skiing

Strength sports edit

Sports mainly based on sheer power.

Arm wrestling

Table sports edit

Target sports edit

Sports where the main objective is to hit a certain target.

Cue sports edit

Pool balls

Golf edit

Team sports edit

Sports that involve teams.

Match of lacrosse
Jack and Jill competition, Lumberjack World Championships, Hayward, Wisconsin, 2007.

Windsports edit

Sports which use the wind (apart from sailing):

Fictional sports edit

Fictional sports that are played in real life:

Miscellaneous sports edit


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References edit

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