Dueling at the 1908 Olympics involved wax bullets and elaborate protection

Duelling was a sport at the 1906 Olympics and 1908 Olympics.

In the 1906 Olympics, male competitors fired duelling pistols at plaster dummies from 20m and 30m.[1]

In the 1908 Olympics, duelling was a demonstration sport, and featured two male competitors firing at each other with duelling pistols loaded with wax bullets and wearing protective equipment for the torso, face, and hands.[1][2]

1906 medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
20 m duelling pistol   Léon Moreaux (FRA)   Cesare Liverziani (ITA)   Maurice Lecoq (FRA)
30 m duelling pistol   Konstantinos Skarlatos (GRE)   Johan Hübner von Holst (SWE)   Vilhelm Carlberg (SWE)


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