Urban golf, also known as crossgolf[1][2] or street golf,[3] is a game based on the original game of golf in which individual players or teams hit a ball into a hole or at a specified target using various clubs.

An urban golfer in San Francisco, c. 2005.

Urban golf is played without a traditional golf course, instead using street furniture as obstacles and targets.[4] Instead of a standard golf ball, players may use leather balls,[5] plastic golf balls, or tennis balls.[3] It may be played on the street as well as in industrial brownfields, sand pits,[2] parks,[6] rooftops, and river banks, among others.[1]

Urban golf started being widely played in 1992, when German golfer Torsten Schilling started the Natural Born Golfers group in Hamburg.[1][5] It is particularly popular in Europe, where the European Urban Golf Cup has taken place annually since 2013.[7][6] It also enjoys some popularity in Portland, Oregon[8][3] as well as San Francisco[1] and some portions of Asia.[5][3]

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