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Welcome to the Japanese military history task force. If you have any questions about articles or are generally seeking advice, you're encouraged to ask at the main military history talk page, or you can directly approach one of the task force participants below.

The coordinators of the Military history WikiProject can be contacted here.

Scope edit

This task force covers all articles related to military history in Japan.

Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding Japanese-task-force=yes or Japanese=y to the {{WPMILHIST}} project banner at the top of its talk page (see the project banner instructions for more details on the exact syntax). This will automatically place it into Category:Japanese military history task force articles.

WikiProject Japan (Talk)

Founded: 18 March 2006
(17 years, 11 months and 9 days ago)
Articles: 90,956 (180 featured)



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Participants edit

If you approach anyone from this list for advice or help, please check their contributions first to check if they've edited recently. This list may contain people who have not edited Wikipedia in a long time.

  1. 3family6 (talk · contribs) Sengoku period, in particular ikki movements
  2. ShauryaOMG (talk · contribs) World War 2
  3. Loafiewa (talk · contribs) Meiji Restoration onwards
  4. Ominae (talk · contribs) (Mostly JSDF units. Will branch out to JSDF weapons/equipment/vehicles)
  5. Suneditor (talk · contribs)
  6. Alex Shih (talk · contribs) (Edo period, Meiji period)
  7. Ash-Gaar (talk · contribs) (World War II, U.S.-Japan Alliance)
  8. Boneyard90 (talk · contribs) (Japanese castles, esp. Azuchi-Momoyama Period; Imperial Japanese Army; WWII)
  9. Cla68 (talk · contribs) (World War II Pacific Campaign)
  10. JanderVK (talk · contribs)
  11. John Smith's (talk · contribs) (No particular speciality)
  12. Kierzek (talk · contribs) (Japanese tanks and AFV's of World War II)
  13. LordAmeth (talk · contribs) (Everything pre-Meiji)
  14. MChew (talk · contribs) (Boshin War through Second Sino-Japanese War, Imperial Japanese Army, Imperial Japanese Navy)
  15. Molestash (talk · contribs) Domestic Weaponry
  16. Nick-D (talk · contribs) (World War II)
  17. Nihonjoe (talk · contribs) (no particular specialty)
  18. TakuyaMurata (talk · contribs) (No particular period; can translate stuff in ja wikipedia)
  19. Iazyges (talk · contribs) Mostly client states, especially Manchukuo.
  20. Romanov loyalist (talk · contribs) Mostly client states, including Mengjiang, Manchukuo, Nanjing regime (WWII)
  21. Yamatograd (talk · contribs) (No particular specialty)
  22. I edit things that come to mind (talk · contribs) (Modern Japanese weapons, including military projects in development)
  23. Yokohama1989 (talk · contribs) (Sengoku jidai, Boshin to Second Sino Japanese War, limited editing related to the JSDF, Japan China relations)

If you wish to identify yourself as a participant of this task force, simply copy and paste this userbox to your user page: {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Members/User WPMILHIST Japanese military history task force}}

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Open tasks edit

Attention needed referencing and citation (4,641) • coverage and accuracy (3,612) • structure (802) • grammar (249) • supporting materials (783)
Popular pages
Full list
Cleanup needed
Imperial Japanese ArmyNanking MassacreYasuhira Kiyohara
Requested articles
23rd Field Artillery Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)65th Brigade (Imperial Japanese Army)124th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)141st Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)219th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)222nd Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)230th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)Siege of Sanada-maruBattle of WakaeBattle of ByokchekwanBattle of FujishimaBattle of Haejongch'angBattle of MifunedaiBattle of NirayamaBattle of Pusan (1597) (currently a redirect) • Battle of WadaGanritsu-ryūTota IshimaruJukishin-ryūKiraku-ryūKobori-ryūKotto ryū Koppo-jutsuKurama-ryūList of Imperial Japanese Navy flying squadronsOgasawara ryū KyūbajutsuOgawa-ryūOnko Chishin RyūOwari Kan-ryūRyoichi ShogeSeki-ryū HojutsuShinden Fudō ryū jutaijutsuShinden Fudō ryū dakentaijutsuShinmuso Hayashizaki-ryūShojitsu Kenri Kataichi-ryūSiege of GimhaeSiege of GyeongjuSiege of MinakuchiSiege of MiryangBattle of TangpoSoma Nomaoi FestivalTakeda-ryūYagyū Seigo-ryūYasushi SakaiMorikazu OsugiYamagata SeigōEndō YoshikazuSawamoto YoriōKameto Kuroshima • {{Imperial Japanese Navy air units}} (many redlinks) • List of IJA Independent Infantry Brigades (many redlinks) • List of IJA Mixed Brigades (many redlinks) • Tomio HaraCategory:Infantry Regiments (Imperial Japanese Army) (many missing articles)
Expansion needed
23rd Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)53rd Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)54th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)41st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)51st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)Battle of ChonjuBattle of LanfengFrench military mission to Japan (1884–89)French military mission to Japan (1918–19)Late Hōjō clanMochitsura HashimotoOperation Tan No. 2SeikanronShogunSiege of UlsanTracey MissionWestern New Guinea campaign (and the individual battles of the campaign) • Japanese destroyer Kaya (1944)Koshamain's Warmore...
Images needed
Organization of the Imperial Japanese ArmyTeishin Shudan
Merging needed
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Citations needed
Siege of TongnaeFrench military mission to Japan (1872–80)List of Japanese Infantry divisionsOrganization of the Imperial Japanese ArmyTeishin Shudan
Translation needed
Battle of Amami-Ōshima (expanding from Japanese)

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