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WikiProject Espionage was formed on May 2, 2010 to better improve espionage-related articles on Wikipedia. It is our goal to help users of the site gain more knowledge about espionage and its history, as well as encourage community participation in editing articles on the topic of espionage. Through collaboration and team-work, we hope to play a part in improving articles within our scope, while also participating in community-wide reviews and collaborations with other WikiProjects on the website. It is our hope that this project is a net positive for the community.

Active MembersEdit

  • Adamdaley (talk · contribs) - Doing "Spy/Espionage" articles.
  • Matthewrbowker (talk · contribs) - Love to help out wherever.
  • Aboudaqn (talk · contribs) - Specialize in biographies in American and international espionage in 1930s (give or take a decade).
  • usernamekiran (talk · contribs) - Area of expertise: OSS, and CIA from 40s to early 70s, NGA, DMA, NPIC. Current status: fully active.
  • Coretheapple (talk · contribs) - Various interests, including OSS
  • SoftwareThing (talk · contribs) - Work on organized crime syndicate infiltration of governmental, law enforcement, and NGO organizations which have focus on disrupting investigations and prosecutions as well as focus on the collection and conveying of information about such agencies' criminal investigations in to organised criminal enterprises. Also extensive work in emerging infectious diseases via USAMRIID-related research facilities. Also high energy, exotic non-weaponized, friendly physics and software development for the Gluon Vector (a.k.a. Glonvec) corporation
  • Guy Macon (talk · contribs) - I design cryptographic hardware and countermeasures against hardware-based side-channel attacks.
  • Abovfold (talk · contribs) - I work on national security policy and legislative affairs, although my interests are wide ranging in the area of clandestine operations.
  • BlueD954 (talk · contribs) Interest in intelligence agencies generally.

Inactive membersEdit

Backlog and tasksEdit

Considerable effort is required to whittle down red links at

considerable effort is required to make sure that espionage project tags are done

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