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Project parentage

This is the Tokyo taskforce of WikiProject Japan.


This task force/work group deals specifically with the Tokyo Metropolis, including the 23 special wards, the western suburbs, and the islands under the jurisdiction of Tokyo.

Project templateEdit

You can mark articles as part of this project taskforce by adding {{WPJ|tokyo=yes}} to the Talk page of articles which fall under the scope of this taskforce. If the articles are already marked as part of WikiProject Japan, simply add |tokyo=yes to the {{WPJ}} template.


Please add your name alphabetically to the main WikiProject page if you have not done so already

  1. Bamse (talk)
  2. C S (talk)
  3. Fg2 (talk) - Frank "Fg2" Gualtieri died on August 23, 2009.
  4. Igloo321 (talk)
  5. Jacooks (talk)
  6. Meg4478 (talk)
  7. Nihonjoe (talk)
  8. Occhanikov (talk)
  9. Oda Mari (talk)
  10. Rasseru (talk)
  11. TafelAnatomie (talk)
  12. Torsodog (talk)
  13. Tsumik (talk)
  14. WhisperToMe (talk)
  15. Jun Kayama (talk)
  16. Wikiwildwildwest123 (talk)
  17. Claude J Turner (talk)

You can add the following userbox to your user page if you wish. To do so, add {{User Tokyo taskforce}} to your user page, which will add the following userbox:

 This user is a member of the WikiProject Japan Tokyo Task force.

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