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Welcome to the WikiProject Blades!

  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of knives, knife makers, bladed weapons, and steels.
  • Create guidelines for articles about knives and knife manufacturers.

  • The project covers all articles about knives, knife making, bladed weapons, and their use.


  1. Ghost Lourde (talk · contribs) (Amateur sword collector/sport swordsman, near-universal interest thereof)
  2. Mike Searson (talk · contribs) (interested in everything about knives, swords, and steel)
  3. Jumpcoach (talk · contribs) (interested in knives)
  4. MatthewVanitas (talk · contribs) (primitive pocketknives such as Opinel, Douk-Douk, Okapi)
  5. Alternativity (talk · contribs) (interested in the bladed weapons of Southeast Asia and frustrated by sparseness of existing sources)
  6. Filhistorydotcom (talk · contribs) (interested in the ethnic swords of the Philippines, and would like to write about them)
  7. Halofanatic333 (talk · contribs) (interested in anything sharp. Generally fixes grammar and other small mistakes)
  8. Mistsrider (talk · contribs) (Interested in knives of all kinds. Tries to fix up inaccuracies and improve the verifiability of articles.)
  9. ZviJ (talk · contribs) (interested in knives, and steel)
  10. Iankap99 (talk · contribs) (Interested in knives, is helping with getting articles that are within the scope into the project)
  11. Aeonx (talk · contribs) (Interested in Swords)
  12. Dellant (talk · contribs) (Interested in knives, bladed tools, and the history of knives and knife fighting)
  13. Kennethsime (talk · contribs) (Interested in steel. Knives, Swords, etc.)
  14. DJAT05 (talk · contribs) (David A: Interested in ethnographic edged weapons of all areas; a collector)
  15. Carlo71201 (talk · contribs) (interested in combat knives)
  16. Niklas Feurstein (talk · contribs) (Medieval Swords, Katanas)


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  • Just getting started! Many of these articles need cleanup: encyclopedic style, references, etc. We have at least 2 Featured articles: James Bowie and Ernest Emerson and a bunch more with the same potential!
edit·history·watch·refresh   To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Blades:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:


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Wikipedia:WikiProject Blades/Assessment

Peer reviewEdit

The Cutlery WikiProject's Peer Review process is an informal process aimed are gathering ideas for further improving a given article. You can submit an article for peer review via the project's Peer review page.

A-Class reviewEdit

The Cutlery WikiProject's A-Class review process is a more formal process for determining if an article, as viewed by the project, meets featured article criteria. Articles successfully passing A-Class review typically soon become featured article candidates. You can submit an article for A-Class review via the project's A-Class review page.


Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Blades articles by quality statistics

Notability requirementsEdit

Editors apply notability standards to all subjects to determine whether the English language Wikipedia should have a separate, stand-alone article on that subject. The primary purpose of these standards is to ensure that editors create articles that comply with major content policies.

  • We require "significant coverage" in reliable sources so that we can actually write a whole article, rather than half a paragraph or a definition of that topic. If only a few sentences could be written and supported by sources about the subject, that subject does not qualify for a separate page, but should instead be merged into an article about a larger article or relevant list.

For example, an article was once created about the Barlow knife, but the article was so short and information redundant enough that it was later incorporated into the Pocket knife article.

  • We require that all articles rely primarily on "third-party" or "independent sources" so that we can write a fair and balanced article that complies with Wikipedia's neutral point of view policy and that articles are not advertising a product, service, or organization. For this reason we should not list specific price points or retail stores to buy knives. This would not apply to links to manufacturer's sites that contain more information and happen to list prices.
  • We require multiple sources so that we can write a reasonably balanced article that complies with Wikipedia:Neutral point of view, rather than representing only one author's point of view. This is also why multiple publications by the same person or organization are considered to be a single source for the purpose of complying with the "multiple" requirement.
  • We require editors to use their judgment about how to organize subjects so that we have neither long, bloated articles nor articles so narrow that they cannot be properly developed. Editors may decide that it is better for readers to present a narrow subject as part of a broader one. For example, editors normally prefer to merge information about specific knife models into the larger subject of the original manufacturer or maker, because in their editorial judgment, the merged article is more informative and more balanced for readers and reduces redundant information in the encyclopedia. (For ideas on how to deal with material that may be best handled by placing it in another article, see WP:FAILN.) Certain individual knife models do merit their own separate articles due to historical significance, use by government agencies, or if their design was so unique that it influenced knife making or knife collecting on a large scale.

Because these requirements are based on major content policies, they apply to all articles, not solely articles justified under the general notability criteria. They do not, however, apply to pages whose primary purpose is navigation (i.e., all disambiguation pages and some lists).

Reliable sources for knife related articlesEdit

Reliable sources for knife related articles would be mainstream sources and books and magazines that specifically cover knives such as:

This list is not "all-inclusive", and the above are merely samples.

Additional notability requirements for knife makersEdit

There have been thousands of knife makers over the years, from many different cultures and time periods, it would be impossible to list them all. General notability guidelines for knifemakers include:

  • Widespread coverage in cutlery publications.
  • Individual profiles or press releases of makers limited to a page or lessmay be used as a source, but on their own can not be a single source for an entire article, the subject must be covered in a larger article about them, their knives, or their influence. However, three or more smaller articles may be sufficient in some cases.
  • Founding members and office holders of the Knifemakers' Guild, American Bladesmith Society, or similar organizations.
  • Blade Hall of Fame members, winners of awards at national knife shows such as The Blade Show, Blade West, Spirit of Steel, etc.
  • Design of a knife, process, or patent that has had significant impact or influence.


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