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Blade is a long-running consumer magazine about knife collecting. The magazine is based in Appleton, Wisconsin.[1]

EditorSteve Shackleford
Categoriesknives, knife collecting
PublisherGun Digest Media LLC
Year founded1973
CompanyGun Digest Media LLC
Based inAppleton, Wisconsin

History and profileEdit

First published in 1973 under the title American Blade by Southern House Publishing Co. with Blackie Collins as the editor, the magazine's title was changed to Blade in 1982 after its purchase by Jim Parker and Bruce Voyles. In the 1980s, the magazine served as the launching point for an annual convention for knife collectors, the Blade Show; established a Cutlery Hall of Fame; and spun off a trade magazine, Blade Trade. In 1994, Voyles, then the sole owner, sold the publication and its properties to Krause Publications,[2] which increased its frequency to monthly. F+W Publications Inc. purchased Krause Publications and Blade in 2002[3] and published it under its brand beginning in October 2004. In 2018, Gun Digest Media LLC acquired Blade, Blade Show and all related properties.

Coverage in the magazine ranges across the knife hobby, including military knives, kitchen cutlery, and manufacturing and legislation issues. However, Blade is much MORE than just a magazine about knives: it's a window into the entire Knife Making Community: the artisans who craft from raw materials, incredible tools of functional beauty from simple and elegant to stunningly elaborate. It's about those same artisans sharing the Passion that lives in them and bestowing their knowledge to those who follow in their footsteps. It's about that same Community coming together to aid others in need. And, it's a chronological account of the evolution of our First Tool, and how our Human History is often linked to some of those tools. The magazine publishes several identification columns and values for collectible knives.[4]

Blade sponsors two annual knife shows every year. The Blade Show, held in Atlanta, Georgia every Spring and the Usual Suspect Gathering held in Las Vegas, Nevada in September.[5][6]

Cutlery Hall of FameEdit

Every year, Blade enters a new person into the "Cutlery Hall of Fame". The Cutlery Hall of Fame is composed of knifemakers, authors and persons who promote knife making, Bladesmithing, and Knife collecting. Each year, the living members of the Cutlery Hall Of Fame nominate and vote on the latest inductee to join their ranks.[7]


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