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WikiProject World Rally aims to create and improve articles related to the World Rally Championship and rallying in general

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Welcome to the WikiProject World Rally! This project aims to create and improve articles related to the world of rally racing and hillclimbing, including the World Rally Championship. If you need any help or have a suggestion for a template please don't hesitate to say on the talk page. Also, don't be afraid of adding stuff to the to do list. You can join the project in the Participants section below.

  • Update and expand current rally racing-related articles
  • Start articles that haven't been already started (see list below)
  • Keep statistics up-to-date after every WRC event and create articles for individual rallies.
  • The project aims to cover all articles about rally racing and rally related pages/organisations.


If you would like to participate in the project, please add your name here. You may also want to add yourself to Category:WikiProject World Rally participants or place {{User WRC}} on your user page.

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To add or remove tasks, edit this page.


Anyone who is interested, can add World Rally-related content to Portal:Sports.


Please list related articles here.

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Free WRC-related images can be found on Flickr ( Images that can be modified and used commercially can be used on Wikipedia. These can be found through the advanced search, and should be uploaded to Commons. For deceased rally drivers, fair use images can be used if no free alternative can be found.

Rally images on Commons can be found with the search, or by browsing categories World Rally Championship and Rallye.




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Main template, for articles directly related to the World Rally Championship.
{{WRC race report}}
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Links to next and previous events in WRC.
Takes three options.
Previous event:
FIA World Rally Championship,
[[{{{year}}} World Rally Championship season|{{{year}}} season]]
Next event:


Example of {{WRC driver}} from Henri Toivonen:
{{WRC driver
| Name = Henri Toivonen
| Image = [[Image:Henri Toivonen.jpg]]
| Caption = Henri Toivonen during his [[Martini Racing]] era.
| Nationality = {{flagicon|FIN}} [[Finland|Finnish]]
| Years = 1975 - 1986
| Teams =  [[Talbot]], [[Opel]], [[Porsche]], [[Lancia]]
| Races = 40
| Championships = 0
| Wins = 3
| Podiums = 11
| Stagewins = 183
| Points = 194
| First race = 1975 [[1000 Lakes Rally]]
| First win = 1980 [[Lombard RAC Rally]]
| Last win = 1986 [[Monte Carlo Rally]]
| Last race = 1986 [[Tour de Corse]]
Example of {{WRC team}} from BP Ford World Rally Team:
{{WRC team 
|Short_name    = BP Ford 
|Long_name     = BP-Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team 
|Logo          = [[Image:BPFordLogo.jpg]]
|Base          = [[Cumbria]], [[England]], [[United Kingdom]]
|Principal     = [[Malcolm Wilson]]
|Director      = 
|Drivers       = [[Marcus Grönholm]]<br />[[Mikko Hirvonen]]
|Co-drivers    = [[Timo Rautiainen]]<br />[[Jarmo Lehtinen]]
|Chassis       = [[Ford Focus]]
|Tyres         = [[BFGoodrich]]
|Debut         = [[1996 World Rally Championship season|1996]]
|Cons_champ    = 1 ([[2006 World Rally Championship season|2006]]) 
|Drivers_champ = 0
|Wins          =  

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