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Template:WikiProject Military history

WikiProject Military history (Rated Template-Class)
MILHIST This template is within the scope of the Military history WikiProject. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the project and see a list of open tasks. To use this banner, please see the full instructions.
Temp Templates and modules do not require a rating on the quality assessment scale.
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Project banner

The {{WikiProject Military history}} project banner template should be added (not subst:ed) to the talk page of every article within the scope of the project. While the template does not require any additional parameters, it has a number of optional ones that add various extra features to the banner. Note that task force parameters have two versions: a long form ("Fooish-task-force=") and a short form ("Fooish="), which are completely interchangeable. Note also that the template accepts "Y" or "y" instead of "yes" and "N" or "n" instead of "no". The full syntax is as follows:

{{WikiProject Military history
<!-- B-Class 5-criteria checklist -->
| b1 <!-- Referencing and citations --> = <yes/no>
| b2 <!-- Coverage and accuracy --> = <yes/no>
| b3 <!-- Structure --> = <yes/no>
| b4 <!-- Grammar and style --> = <yes/no>
| b5 <!-- Supporting materials --> = <yes/no>
<!-- Portals -->
<!-- Task forces (general topics) -->
<!-- Task forces (nations and regions) -->
<!-- Task forces (periods and conflicts) -->
<!-- Special projects -->

General parameters:

  • small – "yes" if the banner should be rendered in its miniature size; this should be used sparingly and only on crowded talk pages for the time being.
  • class – a rating of the article's quality; see the assessment department for more details.
  • list - "yes" if the article is a list and should be rated using the special list assessment criteria instead of the normal article ones; see the assessment department for more details.
  • A-Class – indicates the status of the article's A-Class review, if any; see the assessment department for more details.
  • no-task-force – "yes" if no existing task force includes the article in its scope.

B-Class checklist (available only for articles rated as "Start-Class", "C-Class", or "B-Class", and must be completed to allow a "B-Class" rating—see the assessment department for more details):


  • portalX-name – if the article has been selected for use on a portal, the name of that portal. The name should be given without any formatting or namespace prefixes; thus, Portal:Italian Wars is given as "|portal1-name=Italian Wars". Up to five different portals may be specified, via the parameters portal1-name through portal5-name.
  • portalX-link – the portal subpage location where the article may be found on the corresponding portal. This should be given as a pure unlinked subpage name; thus, Portal:Italian Wars/Selected event/3 is given as "|portal1-link=Selected event/3".

Task forces (general topics):

Task forces (nations and regions):

Task forces (periods and conflicts):

Special projects:

  • Majestic-Titan (or OMT) – 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, corresponding to the associated operation phase, if the article is part of Operation Majestic Titan.

Note: To avoid needlessly cluttering up talk pages, it is usually appropriate to remove any unused parameters from the template.